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A Few Steps to Finding the Right Hat for a Wedding Regardless the Dress Code

We all know that we, women are perfectionists, especially when it comes to weddings. This is the day when everything needs to be neatly organized and decorated, even the wedding apparelfor the guests. If you are a future bride-to-be, or simply a guest to a close wedding, and you want to radiate with uniquness, we suggest you take a look at this brief guide as to find the perfect wedding hat regardless the dress code.

You surely don’t want to upset the bride and show up wearing some ridiculous hat that doesn’t match the dress code and that will be the topic of the night. Fortunately, nowadays you can choose from a wide range of women’s hats available on the market, but the key to finding the right one is not the dress code, but your ability to match it with the outfit, as well as the store from which you will buy the hat. If the chosen store is reliable and has a plethora of different types, colours, sizes and shapes of quality women’s hats, then you can be sure that you are at the right place.

A Few Steps to Finding the Right Hat for a Wedding Regardless the Dress Code

Let us show you some of the most breathtaking hats for a wedding regardless the dress code.

Mother of The Bride

If you are the mother of the bride, this means that you need to look impeccable. There’s no doubt that you will be playing a very important role on this big day for your girl, so you will surely want to feel comfy and confident wearing your hat. You know that the burden and joy of meeting and greeting guests, and taking photos with them will be one of your main obligations, so you need to choose a hat that will show your face and eyes and still look breathtaking. For this special occasion, you need to choose a side sweep hat or a perching hat like the fancy disc and cocktail hats.

Mother of The Groom

Well, you may be the mother of the groom, but the mother of the bride is the host this night, so you should not outshine her. That is why you need to opt for a smaller hat (smaller than the mother of the bride). In case the two of you are hosting the wedding, then you can consult and choose whatever hat you like.

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Guest at A Traditional Church Wedding

If you are going to a church wedding, you need to choose a more formal and structured hat that will suit the occasion. For example, you can complement your style with a pillbox hat that will meet perfectly the occasion and purpose.

Guest at san Outdoor Country Wedding

Nothing can be more thrilling and fun than being a part of a countryside wedding party, and if it is in the summer, even better. Bohemian style outfit and a nice floppy hat will perfectly match the occasion and will grab the eyes of other guests. You must leave your hair down for a more dramatic effect, or make a messy loose braid which you can adorn with some flowers.

Evening Guests

Just like the dress, evening hats must be elegant and glamorous. In case you don’t want something big, you can opt for a nice headpiece like sparkling comb or small cocktail hat with sparkling details.