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A Step Into the Future: Solar vs Regular Street Lights

More and more we are starting to see solar street lights popping up in places where we usually had regular street lights. But why is that so? Why had solar street lights started taking over traditional street light systems’ role? Well, with the rapid development of solar street lights, the new technology has started to outperform the traditional lights both cost efficiency and practicality wise.
So let’s go through the two different types of solar powered street lights, and how they differ from traditional street light systems.


There are two types of primary solar street lights: off-grid and grid-connected. The off-grid type are completely self-sustaining and don’t require any additional power from the power grid. They work by collecting power during the day and at night use it to illuminate the streets with each pole being its own system and they don’t come with any additional costs. The grid-connected systems work by feeding power to the grid during the day, and at night they use the grid to power themselves. These systems work by producing enough power during the day to offset the electrical usage of the lights at night. Both systems take into account multiple factors, such as: available sunlight, required lighting level, spacing, wattage of fixture and backup power.

Traditional street lights, on the other hand, have proven to be quite inefficient since their process does not take the aforementioned considerations into account. They typically use a 250-400 watt metal halide lamp inside a traditional Cobrahead fixture. What’s more, traditional lights don’t take into account any of the essential factors for optimal output such as, spacing light levels, power consumption and so on. Now, with the installation of solar street lights, even traditional street lights can be a part of what the solar industry has been doing for years. That is why solar street lights for sale are thought to take the world by a storm in near future.

Because of these reasons, traditional old style street lights are sure to be replaced with this newer, more efficient technology, provided by solar powered lamps. So what does all this mean in comparison? Well, since solar street lights for sale are becoming more and more prominent on the market, it’s obvious what technology is going to make the cut. Traditional lights don’t stand a ghost of a chance given the efficiency of the solar lamps. The only fixtures that make the cut as somewhat decent comparison are the LEDs as they are more cost effective.