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Did the Scandi Design Bug Bit You as Well? – Here’s How to Pull It off Quite Well

Nowadays, it is almost impossible to ignore the beauty of Scandinavian interior designs. You can see them literally everywhere, in magazines, on interior design Instagram profiles and on many other social media websites. Introduced in the 20th century or in 1950 to be exact, Scandinavian design has immediately won the hearts of many in Finland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Iceland. And the things that make it so popular is its simplicity, minimalism and functionality, as well as the amazing palette of neutral colours. So, if you are one of those people who feel completely drawn to this look, I’m sure you’d like to know something more on how to recreate it yourself.



Since the Scandinavian design is all about incorporating wood as a material, mainly through the choice of floors, dining tables and coffee tables, when it comes to the living room or Scandinavian dining room design, interior designers recommend avoiding dark and heavy types of wood like mahogany or walnut. Instead, choose light and pale ones as they can complete the whole Nordic style puzzle. The choice of wood (quality wise) is also what makes the whole difference, which is why it is recommended to go for solid timber. Furniture pieces made of solid timber are strong, heavy and of high quality. That is why when presented with the task of Scandinavian dining room design, for instance, it is good to know that a table made of such material will not only live up to the aesthetic expectations but also be more robust which means that the joints will be able to withstand greater impacts. When it comes to the coffee tables and floors, you can choose from a wide range of wood types (maple, oak, pine, teak) that are light in colour but can still show off their natural wood grain. Just remember that a little bit of contrast is crucial, otherwise, you are running the risk of turning your home into a monotonous place. This means that the shade of the floor can be lighter/darker than the one of the wooden furniture pieces.


Except for its clean lines and the amazing range of neutral colours, the thing that makes the Scandinavian design so appealing is the abundance of light. The Scandinavian style is all about using as much light as possible, both daylight and artificial out of which the latter is of vital importance mainly because of the little number of daylight hours. Speaking of which, iconic pendants and lamps made out of metals like iron, copper and brass are the most characteristic ones for this type of style, as well as candlelight. All these types of lights can help you lit your Scandi home and make it look more homey and glowy.

Warm Textile

Since Scandinavia is well-known for its colder weather, it’s not surprising that warm décor pieces like faux fur, sheepskins rugs, wool or other warm textiles are considered a part of it. Except for providing you with a feeling of warmth and comfort, these can double as exceptional pieces of décor that can make your Scandi home more stylish and modern. You can place such an item anywhere you want, over a chair and even on the floor, and regarding the colour, white, cream, and grey are the ones you should opt for.