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Easy Steps to Gaining Weight and Muscle

If you’ve never had a weight problem, yet would want to change the shape of your body to look more sculpted, doing certain exercises (that target specific muscles) will increase your muscle mass. However, this requires time and devotion. To furthermore speed things up, you can try incorporating specific eating habits into your diet such as consuming mass gainers, eating carb-rich foods and getting enough fluids.


Protein is King

Protein is important, and healthy. As a general rule of thumb, you should intake 1.5g of protein for every kg you weight. While I understand that the number you should reach might seem impossible with food alone, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t drink mass weight gainer protein to complement your diet. Mass weight gainer protein is easily converted into lean muscle mass and is essential to gaining mass. Some natural foods that are protein-rich include seeds, nuts, lean meats and low-fat dairy.

Carbs Matter

Carbs are a food group that can help you gain healthy weight. Carbohydrates are stored in the muscles, and when you go about your day, they’re the first thing to get used. In other words, your body first uses carbs, then the stored fat. However, not all carbs are good, so you should look to mostly consume the good ones, such as multi-grain, beans, lentils, brown rice, sweet potatoes, rye, pumpernickel breads, etc.

Be Physically Active

Being physically active ensures you get enough resistance training to build muscle tissues that will help you get a healthy weight gain. Doing resistance training two or three times a week is enough, and if you combine it with some strength training (two exercises per muscle group), and some cardio, then you’re on a great way to reaching your goals as fast and healthily as possible.

Don’t Forget the Fluids

Drinking 100% fruit juices, smoothies and protein shakes can provide calories, as well as protein, minerals and vitamins. Foods like low-fat yogurt, bananas, peanut butter or strawberries can be made into some of the most delicious protein shakes in the world. You can drink these between meals, or drink them as meal replacements. Also, avoid alcohol and sodas and stick to water!

It might be hard at first, but the key to reaching every goal is discipline. You won’t need more than a couple of weeks to get used to a healthy routine. And once you do, your body will be very thankful, and you won’t be able to stop. You can easily turn your life around in a couple of months by following these simple steps to gaining healthy weight!