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Few Steps to Follow To Choose the Best Nursery Trees

Choosing nursery trees to enhance your garden, is not all about making a list of specific tree species you need to buy. There is a wide variety of nursery trees available on the market, but not all of them have the same requirements and needs for a successful growth. If you don’t have a broad experience in gardening and feel confused from the vast range offered on the market, read on – we’ve prepared a simple guide on choosing the best nursery trees. Here are the three main steps you need to follow in the pursuit for the best trees that will best thrive in your garden.

Nursery Trees

Step One: Consider the Planting Conditions in Your Garden


Even before you make a list of specific types of nursery trees you would like to plant in your garden, you have to determine what are the planting conditions in your environment. The most important factors that you need to consider include: the type of soil, climate conditions and sun exposure. Generally speaking, the growing environment is the key factor that influences the growth of specific tree species in your garden. For that reason, learn more about what species would thrive in the environmental conditions in your garden before you choose your desired plants.


Step Two: Find a Trustworthy Nursery


A definition of a trustworthy nursery is one that is operated by qualified and experienced horticulture professionals. This is because of the fact that plants are not a typical retail merchandise that can be stored in a warehouse for as long as it takes until they are sold. On the contrary, plants need to be stored and kept with the utmost care and attention. Needless to say, professionals who have a broad knowledge in that matter provide the best care for plants. For that reason, choose a reputable nursery. So, take your time, do a good online research, or if you want ask around for opinions and recommendations from friends, neighbors or acquaintances.


Step Three: Check the Overall Condition of The Plants


Simply put, successful gardening starts with planting healthy plants. Thus, make it a point to choose plants that are in a good overall condition. Before you decide to buy a certain tree, check its overall condition. Sings that indicate that the tree is not healthy include: light-brown leafs, dark spots or structural damages on the surface of the leafs, white powdery areas on the root, sliminess, mildew and so on. Generally speaking, these visible damages speak best about the way the plant has been treated in the nursery and also, these sings might be real indicators for the presence of certain diseases and insect infestation. Beware.