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For Your Viewing Pleasure: Steps to Finding the Ideal TV Unit

Contemporary Tv Unit

You know what my favourite pastime is when I come home from work? No, it’s not cooking, and definitely not exercising or yoga. Although, I do take great care of my body and the things I nourish it with. Just like most of you, I’m guilty of enjoying to slouch on the sofa, watching a good TV show together with a warm cup of tea. And this is why having a quality HDTV is so important to me. Oh, and of course, a nice looking entertainment unit to support it.


When choosing a contemporary TV unit for the living room, it’s not always a smart idea to go with something very large and imposing. After all, your living room is meant for lounging and not bumping into furniture pieces. Therefore, in most cases, something elegant and simple can do the job really nicely. And since we’re living in the incredible era when space saving flat screen TVs are a common sight in every home, there really is no need for a unit with a large surface area. In fact, a sleek, narrow model leaned against the wall looks very clean and refreshing.


However, since technology has evolved so much there might be a few more cables that you’d need to store. A good entertainment unit should be able to organize and hide all of your various media equipment, cables, cords, satellite or cable receiver, CDs and DVDs, 3D glasses and everything else you might need for the ultimate entertainment experience. This is why it’s so much important to find a piece that has a good amount of drawers.


The key to the ideal viewing comfort is screen height. Logically, how tall the TV unit is will affect the height of the screen. For that reason it’s important to measure the unit so that you’re sure it’s height is at a comfortable eye level. You can do so by sitting on your couch, sofa, chair, or whatever seating option you use while watching TV, and measure the distance from your eyes to the floor. Next, determine half of your TV’s height and subtract the number from the floor-eye-level height. The result is what the ideal height of your TV stand should be.


And finally, don’t forget to find a piece that compliments your living room’s look while also being good match for your TV. A contemporary TV unit that’s made of wood and has a subtle, unobtrusive design is always the best decision. Not only can a simple design look good in every room, but most importantly, it won’t be of any distraction to your TV marathons. And always make sure that the TV stand is robust enough to support the weight of anything you place on it. Hardwoods like oak and maple can be exceptionally strong and durable.