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Growing Your Own Food: A Major Step to a Healthier You


People have made a huge deal about GMO foods on the internet and TV and most of them automatically associate it with negativity. However, that’s not always the case. Genetically modified organisms don’t necessarily need to be negative, but the greedy mass production industries make them so. They don’t modify the vegetables and fruits to be nutritious and tasty, they modify them to be big in size, appealing to the eye and to meet the huge demand, sacrificing the healthy values and taste.


There are not many ways you can get your hands on some healthy and tasty vegetables nowadays. You need to either grow them yourself, or get them from someone in your close family. If you do take the first approach – growing them by yourself, there are a few things you should know and consider before doing so. Before you plant the seeds, you need to ensure they originate from a quality and reputable farm. You can buy vegetable seeds online from many reputable vendors that have been growing nutrient-rich and tasty seeds for over a few decades.

A lot of people that live in urban areas are discouraged and think they don’t have the means to grow their own vegetables. Wrong. You don’t need much space to grow your favourite vegetables and there are certainly modern solutions to your space limitation. There are vegetable garden planter boxes that have self-watering features and will give you the freedom to continue with your everyday responsibilities without worrying too much about the vegetables.

Vegetable Garden Planter Boxes

Furthermore, the self-watering vegetable garden planter boxes will ensure the nutrients stay inside the soil, while preventing over or under-watering of the vegetables, ensuring they grow healthy and in good conditions, which is something of great importance. The benefits of growing your own vegetables are numerous, here are a few notable ones:

  • Save money on groceries – Your grocery bills will decrease as you’ll be growing your own tasty vegetables. You can buy vegetable seeds at very affordable prices and you can dry them to use them next year as well.

  • Stop worrying about the safety of the food – Many people are concerned about the quality of the food they consume. By growing your own food you’ll no longer have that fear, knowing that your food is grown in great conditions, thus it is healthy and safe.

  • Build a sense of pride – Watching your seeds blossom under your care can give you a feeling of gratification. This is one of the most important things in life and it can take you back (mentally) to times where everything wasn’t mechanized.