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Also known as ‘sugar leaf’ or ‘sweet leaf’, stevia is a plant that belongs to the sunflower family. Native to Central and South America, it has been proven that it is a safe, natural, calorie-free sugar substitute which is used to sweeten a number of foods and beverages. Although stevia is said to be up to 300 times sweeter than sugar, it is considered a ‘no calorie’ sweetener.

When your blood pressure is too high, there is an additional strain on your arteries. This, consequently, can increase your chances of having a heart attack and further health complications. With these health problems becoming more common, having a blood pressure monitor at home is a smart idea. When on the market for one, you will come across a great variety of electronic blood pressure monitors, from the standard arm-band models to fingertip applications, wristband monitors, etc. The great array of choices can be confusing, so when buying, you’ll need to keep a few things in mind.


Do you need additional features?

Consider how you are going to use the monitor and your choices will greatly narrow down. Do you want a device that only measures blood pressure or you want a monitor that will record the day and time when you took the measurements? Or, maybe you want a device that will also measure your pulse and some other health pointers? Besides coming in different sizes, electronic blood pressure monitors also come in different variations to fit your specific needs. They can come in a two-person mode, can have a simple one-button design, monitor with plug-in capacity that can be connected with your phone and more.


Get the right monitor for your condition

Just like performance sports gear, there really is no “one size fits all” in the world of blood pressure monitors. They come in different sizes for kids, pregnant women and other individual circumstances, and for that very reason, when on the hunt for a blood pressure monitor, it’s important to keep yourself in mind. The measurement specifications have carefully designed adjustments in specs and modes of operation to provide the most useful information for your physique, which is of great importance as since blood pressure can be inaccurately represented if the BP monitor isn’t right for you.

Approved and tested

When measuring your blood pressure, you want a device that will provide you with accurate results. There are many health associations whose purpose is to test device capabilities and ensure they will provide customers with accuracy. So make sure you buy a tested and approved monitor – this info can usually be found in the product’s description.

Consult your doctor

It is always a good idea to consult your health professional before investing in a device of this kind. Your doctor is the only person (besides you) that truly knows your physical circumstances and needs. He/she will advise you best on which type of blood pressure monitor is right for you to get accurate results.

The fountain of youth may not exist, but your lifestyle and skin care regimen can certainly help slow down aging. You probably already know how to clean and moisturize your skin, but if it still doesn’t look the way you want it to, know that there is more that you can do to improve your skin’s appearance. Some skincare tips are obvious, but there are many other surprising ways you can enhance your complexion. Below are some steps that you can take to attain a smooth and bright complexion.

No matter how casual your style may be, having a couple of nice evening dresses in your wardrobe is always a smart idea. These will be your go-tos whenever you need to go out and want to look flawless. Night events can range from fancy parties to casual outdoor barbecues, so having a few versatile party dresses in your closet can’t hurt. There is no doubt that shopping for evening dresses becomes a little bit tricker as you get older and your body changes its shape, but with my help, you can rest assured you will find evening dresses for middle aged woman that will be comfy to wear and will make you look fabulous. Here are the steps to take to ensure you buy the right fit for your body’s proportions and age.

Wide brim hats may fall behind in the keep-you-warm department when compared to beanies, but they definitely win in the make-you-look-great field. Wide brim hats are a perfect, practical and stylish option that can save you on bad hair days and make jeans and tees look more chic and put-together. What follows are a few steps that you need to take in order to make this type of hats work.

First of all, you need to consider your face shape. Opt for a hat with a smaller brim if you are one of those people that have a diamond shaped face. Contrary to that, if you have a long shaped face, your best choice would be a hat with a larger and wider brim. And lastly, if you have a square face, you should opt for larger floppy hats or hats that come with rounded curves and edges.


Next, it is important to know that these marvelous head-wear designs can be paired with almost anything you want to wear, starting from leather jackets to plain t-shirts, jeans, suits, skirts and much more. What makes this whole process simpler is that these hats can be worn whole year round. So, regardless of the type of day – whether you are at the beach, on your way to work or having a relaxed day out, you can still include wide brim hats into your outfit.

For instance, a plain black wide brim hat would look awesome with a striped sweater which you can tuck into a black (even leather) skirt. You can complete the look with ankle boots. Another design that is quite popular with wide brim hats are the ones made of straw. These are usually worn during warmer days and can look great with a pair of white pants, flat sandals and a very stylish off-shoulder tunic. It can even look good if you opt for a long-sleeve denim shirt.

girl with blue wide brim hat on a beach

Lastly, jeans and maxi skirts (bottoms-wise) and tees with plain basic colours or abstract prints (tops-wise) also go hand in hand with wide brim hats. For chilly days, you can add a leather jacket or a cardigan and still look great. As for shoes, as already mentioned – ankle boots, flat sandals are widely used, but you can also combine them with sneakers and platform or wedge sandals as well. Finally, try and have a little bit of fun with the colours. Sure, the basic black and tan hats are timeless, but jewel tone colours and pastels are also very trendy and can be used as a fashionable accent to your entire outfit.

Bad breath is something many people deal with. In some cases, it is caused by the food they have just eaten, while in others it may be a chronical problem and a warning sign of gum disease. Regardless of the reason, it is important to keep your oral health optimal and your breath as fresh as possible. There really is nothing more repelling about a person than bad breath, and I’m sure you don’t want to leave a bad first impression. Fortunately, there are some things that can help you keep your breath fresh all day long without much effort. Of course, brushing your teeth in the morning is one of them, however, some people need more than just that. Here are a few tips to help you keep your smelly breath under control.

xylitol mints

Start with what you’re wearing right now, can you tell me what it’s made of? If you’re like most people, you probably don’t even check the label as most fabrics feel roughly the same. Well if you still share that mindset, you probably haven’t tried bamboo yet.

At the moment, womens bamboo clothing has gained a lot of attention because of being sustainable and eco-friendly. However, that isn’t the only benefit of bamboo. Here are some great reasons you should enhance your wardrobe with stylish womens bamboo clothing.

You’ve probably heard of the green trend by now, and it’s gaining popularity rightfully. After all the talks about global warming, air pollution, waste of energy, toxins in plastic and health related issues, people have started becoming more environmentally conscientious which makes sustainable living affordable more than ever.

It doesn’t take long to see going green doesn’t only help preserve the environment, but it also affects the economy and our well-being positively. If you don’t know where to start, looking closely at what you use daily could be the right step. For instance, it can be ditching the chemical based cosmetics for natural skin care.

black apron

Whether we like it or not, being constantly busy is the modern curse. We all need to have excellent organizing skills to survive the hectic daily schedule and complete all duties and chores. And since being constantly busy is the new normal, eating out has become an actual tradition for us Aussies. In the light of that fact, it is no wonder that the food industry has evolved a lot recently, which means that if you want to run a successful food business, the odds are in your favour.