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Start with what you’re wearing right now, can you tell me what it’s made of? If you’re like most people, you probably don’t even check the label as most fabrics feel roughly the same. Well if you still share that mindset, you probably haven’t tried bamboo yet.

At the moment, womens bamboo clothing has gained a lot of attention because of being sustainable and eco-friendly. However, that isn’t the only benefit of bamboo. Here are some great reasons you should enhance your wardrobe with stylish womens bamboo clothing.

black apron

Whether we like it or not, being constantly busy is the modern curse. We all need to have excellent organizing skills to survive the hectic daily schedule and complete all duties and chores. And since being constantly busy is the new normal, eating out has become an actual tradition for us Aussies. In the light of that fact, it is no wonder that the food industry has evolved a lot recently, which means that if you want to run a successful food business, the odds are in your favour.

Whatever type of restaurant you are planning to open, one of the most important things you need to take care of from the very beginning is choosing the right uniform for the staff. It all depends on what type of first impression you want to make on your customers. If formal, professional and elegant is what you have your mind set on, waistcoats and pants are the right types of uniform to choose. On the other hand, casual cafes require a more casual look so going with t-shirts, pants and bib aprons would be just fine. This way your staff will look casual but still professional. You can also opt for collared shirts like polo shirts as they are also great for achieving balance between the professional and casual look.
black bib apron

Once you have decided what the general style would be, the next important step to take is to choose the right material and colour. The material has to be durable, washable and stain resistant. Regarding the colours, each one has the power to convey a different message which means that you need to be really careful with this as well. When looking for the ideal colour for a professional establishment, it is best to stick to darker colours like black, midnight blue and navy paired with white or beige. And the best way to achieve that is by pairing a white/beige shirt with a black bib apron. A quality cotton, polyester, poly-cotton or denim black bib apron would instantly give your staff a more professional look while giving them the freedom to choose any type of accessory or shoes. And if you want to go with something more eye-catching, you can choose aprons with tan or black straps. These type of bib aprons offer effortless sophistication and are ideal for achieving a smart and clean finish while providing comfort and ease of movement.

Blue and green, on the other hand, are considered as serene colours and are mainly chosen as uniform colours in hospitals or assisted living homes, while red and even yellow are considered as more fun and are ideal for invigorating environments like fast-food or children play restaurants. Once again, depending on the staff’s responsibility, mixing and matching the colours of the shirts and aprons is a great way to create balance and send the right message to your customers.

The urban look has become the new staple all of us ought to master. The main reason why it became that much of a thing is the fact that this concept appeals to such a large variety of people, regardless of their background, vision and lifestyle. What’s more, teenagers seem to adore it, and they pretty much have the upper hand when it comes to deciding whether a certain trend is here to stay.

Wide brim hats are all the rage in the summer time, since not only do they look great but they protect your skin and eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. They are large with a flexible rim and usually made from straw but can also be made from other materials. France really started this trend a long, long time ago and has come and gone through the ages since. Of course, every time ladies wide brim hats have a come back they are being updated appropriately as to fit the current times. The French also showed the rest of the world just how versatile these hats are. You could see ladies wearing them at the beach, in cafes, or just going for a stroll. Below we will be going over all benefits you can get from choosing to wear ladies wide brim hats this summer.

wide brim hats for women

They are timeless

This trend has no doubt proven itself to be one of those trends that comes and goes and will always stick around. Not only is it timeless, but it can also make your whole outfit and appearance look significantly classier. They are a piece that every woman must have when the warmer months come around.

Protection from the sun

Not only do they look great and go well with any wardrobe but they offer you great protection from the sun. The sun’s rays not only age your skin but put you at risk of developing skin cancer. While any hat is better than none a wide brimmed hat will cover you more so than others. A wide brimmed hat will cover your face, neck, and parts of your shoulders keeping you protected.

Matches most outfits

A great trick that you can use when buying ladies wide brimmed hats is choosing a neutral colour that goes with most of your clothing already. When you want to make it special or match it with a formal or casual colourful outfit you can tie a matching coloured ribbon around it. A scarf or a ribbon in the colour of your outfit will tie the whole thing together.

Mould them to your liking

Most models are easy to mould meaning you can shape them to fit the way you want them to. The brims will usually be fit with something so they can stay a certain shape that you can easily change with your hands. This allows you to take control of the way you wear it so you can enhance certain features on your face that you like most.

The travel well

Which is something that you might think that they don’t do. These hats even though they are large are usually easy to fold and put away. You don’t have to worry about crushing them either because they retain their shape quite well. So you can take as many hats as you want in your luggage and not worry about taking up too much space.

Wear them anywhere

Not only can you wear them in your day to day activities but you can also wear them for formal events or fancy brunches. They can be dressed up and dressed down to suit any outfit which is probably what makes them one of the fashion world’s most timeless pieces.