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Now that we have plenty of sources for inspiration, and motivation for that matter, on how to properly deal with interior décor makeovers, it’s not surprising we want to add some changes in our abodes. The windows are no exception either, taking into account window coverings make for an impression on the inside of the home, as much as on the outside.

Speaking of windows, it’s more often than not curtains, and draperies are the primary choices, however, blinds aren’t to be overlooked either, particularly not the ingenious double roller blinds. Available in a wide range of fabrics, as well as colours, and designs, to be combined together, they are sure to wow you with how easily they blend in with your home’s style. Be wary though, to get a seamless result, you have to know how to measure for double roller blinds.

Let’s face it, not all of us greet the New Year with healthy body resolutions. I’m sure I’m not the only one when I say I greeted 2018 with the determination to make changes with my interior. It’s not every day one gets to change the abode, so the fresh year start is also the perfect start for interior décor changes.

Contemporary Tv Unit

You know what my favourite pastime is when I come home from work? No, it’s not cooking, and definitely not exercising or yoga. Although, I do take great care of my body and the things I nourish it with. Just like most of you, I’m guilty of enjoying to slouch on the sofa, watching a good TV show together with a warm cup of tea. And this is why having a quality HDTV is so important to me. Oh, and of course, a nice looking entertainment unit to support it.


When choosing a contemporary TV unit for the living room, it’s not always a smart idea to go with something very large and imposing. After all, your living room is meant for lounging and not bumping into furniture pieces. Therefore, in most cases, something elegant and simple can do the job really nicely. And since we’re living in the incredible era when space saving flat screen TVs are a common sight in every home, there really is no need for a unit with a large surface area. In fact, a sleek, narrow model leaned against the wall looks very clean and refreshing.


However, since technology has evolved so much there might be a few more cables that you’d need to store. A good entertainment unit should be able to organize and hide all of your various media equipment, cables, cords, satellite or cable receiver, CDs and DVDs, 3D glasses and everything else you might need for the ultimate entertainment experience. This is why it’s so much important to find a piece that has a good amount of drawers.


The key to the ideal viewing comfort is screen height. Logically, how tall the TV unit is will affect the height of the screen. For that reason it’s important to measure the unit so that you’re sure it’s height is at a comfortable eye level. You can do so by sitting on your couch, sofa, chair, or whatever seating option you use while watching TV, and measure the distance from your eyes to the floor. Next, determine half of your TV’s height and subtract the number from the floor-eye-level height. The result is what the ideal height of your TV stand should be.


And finally, don’t forget to find a piece that compliments your living room’s look while also being good match for your TV. A contemporary TV unit that’s made of wood and has a subtle, unobtrusive design is always the best decision. Not only can a simple design look good in every room, but most importantly, it won’t be of any distraction to your TV marathons. And always make sure that the TV stand is robust enough to support the weight of anything you place on it. Hardwoods like oak and maple can be exceptionally strong and durable.

The hot tub, also called by the much fancier name – spa, is more than just your giant bathtub where you can unwind with a glass of wine or your partner, or best of all – both. In fact, hot tubs are a form of hydrotherapy which can have amazing benefits for your health. Using hydrotherapy regularly can help you relax, improve your sleep, alleviate muscle and joint paint, and improve blood circulation. Whether you’re planning to get a spa for pure indulgence or for a certain health reason, here are some steps that can help you decide which one to get.

Hot Tub

Set Your Budget

Let’s be honest, getting a hot tub is a major purchase. On average, hot tubs can range between $6000 – $30 000, depending on size and additional features. Extra features like entertainment systems and lighting are sure nice to have, but they can also significantly increase the price of the spa. Therefore, before considering deluxe models, you should know how much you can spend. Before you take your wallet out, browse all your available options. A good way to do so is to take a look at the wide range of hot tubs online and decide which features are essential for you and which are not. Even the most basic models still offer you the great benefits of hydrotherapy, if that’s what you’re looking for. But if you want a spa experience focused on entertainment, modify your budget to include the various bells and whistles that can make your spa exactly how you want it to be.

Decide on the Material

There are two types of materials you can choose from: all natural wood, or sturdy fibreglass and polypropylene. If you opt for the classic beauty a wooden spa can have, be ready for some high maintenance. Wood is a material that can shrink or expand when exposed for long periods to moisture. Also, some badly made wooden spas can experience leakage. On the other hand, polypropylene and fibreglass hot tubs consist of several layers which prevent leakages. Furthermore, these hot tubs require less cleaning and maintenance. The choice of material should eventually come down to your personal taste.

How Much Room Do You Need?

In the case of hot tubs – size really matters. Do you envision yourself in a cosy, little tub for two, or in a large-sized model with plenty of room for more people? Choosing a large-capacity model is a major consideration. A tub for 6 or 8 people requires plenty of maintenance and more power to run. But if you’re planning to grow your family or want to share your spa with friends, consider a model that can accommodate at least four people. But most importantly, consider whether you actually have enough space to fit a large-sized tub.

Looking for ways to refresh your exterior and make a grand first impression of your home? How about simply switching out the plain, old cereal box you call a letterbox with something a little more contemporary and fresh? Although it’s a small exterior element, the humble letterbox is an important ingredient in your home’s curb appeal. Opposed to changing your siding, or have a landscape makeover, adding a well-designed letterbox is a cheap and easy refresh. And when it comes to making a statement about who lives in the house, the letterbox can speak louder than words.

Consider your letterbox a scaled-down version of your house. The ideal piece for your exterior is the one that can reflect the essence of your house in a charming, small package. So, if your house’s exterior is unique enough, try considering some creative custom made letter boxes to complement the design. For instance, if you’re proud to be living as eco-friendly as possible by using renewable energy and recycle regularly, then you should also get yourself an eco-friendly letterbox to match your lifestyle. You can try your DIY side and re-purpose some of your old things, or you can choose from the range of custom made letter boxes that feature environmentally-friendly materials such as Accoya wood. Adorning your letterbox with some charming succulents always gives it a nice, organic touch.

Customizing your letterbox to your home means making it the perfect size and shape to compliment the lines and architectural features of the house. It also means choosing the right mounting option. For large homes with plenty of features, a letterbox looks best when it smoothly blends in the house’s walls or door, whereas for smaller homes with a front garden you should consider a post mounted letterbox that pops right out and visually enhances the presence of the house. If you have a stunning fence and want to bring attention to it, you can have your letterbox integrated right within its design.

Having a letterbox also gives you a chance to try out your own unique decorating ideas involving plants. For instance, you can have your letterbox post mounted and adorn it with some beautiful climbing plants swirling around it. This way you get to have a functional letterbox and a stunning plant display. Assorting some gravel and pebbles around it and planting colourful flowers can make it look like a wonderful, mini letterbox garden. Just try thinking outside the standard letterbox and transform yours into something unique!

Due to the major technological advancements in the last few decades, modern office work is often based on spending a lot of time in front of a computer. While the invention of fancy gadgets like computer has made every aspect of daily life easier, it has also made leading a sedentary lifestyle a very common thing in today’s society. Spending a lot of time hunching over your computer, whether that be due to work or entertainment, can have a detrimental effect on your heath. Many office workers suffer from back pain which is often the result of spending 6-8 hours each day working in front of a computer in a position that promotes bad posture. When coming home with backache becomes a reoccurring thing, it’s a clear sign that your desk job has started to take a toll on your health. Symptoms often last a few days and are characterized by a reduced range of motion and a nagging pain that can extend down the legs. Back pain can also be a chronic condition where symptoms like aching sensation down the spine can last for months.massage chair australia

A relaxing massage is one of the most popular treatments for mild back pain. That’s why many people who suffer from back pain decide to invest in massage chairs which are designed to deliver soothing massages to different parts of the body, thus enhancing blood flow and providing instant pain relief. The main reason for the popularity of an advanced massage chair Australia wide is its ability to loosen strained and tight muscles and improve their flexibility. Massage chairs with advanced features can also provide a soothing leg massage, reduce pressure on the spinal nerves and provide enhanced back and neck support. With all that being said, it’s no surprise the popularity of a massage chair Australia wide is on the rise. It can provide optimal relaxation and help you minimise the negative effects back pain has on your everyday life.

Although on the pricier side, massage chairs are a worthy investment when you think about all the benefits they provide. To get the best value for your money, there a few things you should keep in mind before making a purchase.

Choose the Correct Size

There are various types of massage chairs that come in different sizes. Smaller models are designed to provide back massage only, while larger chairs can deliver a soothing massage to different parts of the body. It’s important to choose a model that fits your body type, so you can properly adjust your body and unwind after a long and busy day. Also make sure the dimensions of the chair are suable for the room where you want to put it.

Massage Techniques

Standard massage chairs have simple vibration and kneading feature, while more advanced models are designed to provide various massages styles such as rolling, tapping, kneading and shiatsu. Some high end models in addition to massage therapy can also deliver heat therapy, which can be very beneficial for back pain.

Other Essential Features

In addition to size and massage techniques, there are some other feature to look for as to make sure you are getting a quality and efficient massage chair. Most massage chairs make use of either special airbags or rollers to provide a therapeutic massage. The best thing about rollers is that they can stimulate a variety of massage styles and provide enhanced blood flow. Airbags are designed to inflate and deflate, which is a great feature that allows you to adjust the intensity of the massage according to your specific needs.

Every great design story starts with a carefully selected base to build upon. And in your home, the the flooring is the foundation which will carry the complete interior. If you are already thinking about laminate, I wouldn’t blame you. After all, this is a type of floor easy to install as well as vinyl flooring, holds well up to wear and tear and can suit anyone’s budget.

If you love to have the traditional look of wood in your home cannot afford it, laminate a more affordable alternative that retains the same charm. And with more and more options showing up, laminate can now be made to look like ceramic tiles or slate. Without a doubt there are many things in favour of laminate, but it’s up to you to make the right pick for your home and our step by step guide is here to help.

Yes, I’m sure the title has drawn you to read through the article simply because you are sure your bedroom is already comfortable as is, and you wonder what could possibly be done to increase it. Truth is, most of us usually give all our decorating and arranging attention to the living room, however, our bedroom deserves the same share (if not more). Home and comfort are inseparable, but when it comes to the bedroom, sadly, a bed isn’t enough to turn this room into the stress-free zone that’s supposed to provide us with the rest and beauty sleep.

As soon as you make up your mind on wanting to create a garden, it’s needless to say you expect the best outcome. Seeing your garden thrive is part of the success, and is the encouragement you’d get to continue with the great job, and work on those green thumb skills. One of the things you learn as a gardener is how to rely on nature, which would in turn make you get in the habit to make organic choices instead of synthetic.

Of course you’d try fertilising with chemicals, but soon you’d start to wonder how to amp up the organic compounds in your garden, and do what’s best for your plants by providing them with natural solutions. That’s how you’d get to mulching.

Electric Mulcher

Mulch is the natural protective covering for your plants and soil, that won’t just serve as a coat and shield them from weather conditions, as well as provide them with the necessary nutrients, but would also prove to be the perfect way to battle unwanted weeds as it cuts down their nutrients. And all you need to start mulching is to get yourself an electric mulcher.

As you’d find out, this is a mighty power tool, reaching chipping speed of 4500 RPM, that would greatly reduce your time trying to get the garden back in order after all the leaves start falling around from your trees, and you get bonus help if you get an electric mulcher that’s also a vacuum which would save you from raking the leaves too.

Though usually you’d want to wait up for leaves to dry, there are mulchers that work just as great with wet as they do with dry leaves, including give you the option to get bushy branches chopped thanks to an oversized hopper. When the mulcher does its job and shreds the leaf material, add them in a compost bin, so that the mulching process can begin and work out throughout winter.

This would ensure you get your mulch ready for the upcoming spring season. To help out the process, it’s best to separate the material in layers, and add grass clippings over each to supply the material with the needed nitrogen so that leaves would break down easily, as well as a bit of water just to provide the compound with some moisture – mind you though, nothing too wet!

Once spring comes, you can be sure the mulch would be ready to use, so you can start applying it over the soil. The way the mulch contributes to the soil’s nutrients is through decomposing, and it would provide the soil with enough moisture and nutrients so you can cut down on the fertilising with chemicals, as well as watering frequently. Now that you know how easy it is to create mulch, hopefully you’re inspired enough to make this organic matter part of your garden.

The outside of our homes is constantly exposed to harsh elements, which over time attack the surfaces leading to discoloration, degradation and oxidization. As a result, our properties start to look awful and can even lose their value.

You will notice over time if you haven’t power washed your house before, that the harsh elements as well as birds, insects, spiders, mold, mildew and tree sap, will make your house look like a down right mess. Pressure washing is considered one of the most effective, yet affordable ways to maintain your property looking clean and in good condition, hence keep its value.

But before you head to your computer or to the local home improvement store to buy a high-pressure water cleaner, you will need to find out whether the surface of your house can handle the intense spray of the machine as well as consider how dirty your house is.


An electric-powered high pressure water cleaner is the best choice for washing small homes that require mainly cleaning instead of stain removal. The models are often relatively quiet and light, and require little maintenance. Plus they create no exhaust emissions. Gas-powered pressure machines deliver high-pressure water which cleans large houses without the need for chemicals. However, they are relatively heavy and noisy, and require tune-ups.

Getting Prepared to Pressure Wash Your Home

1. When to Use Soap

Depending on how dirty your home is, water alone might not be enough to get its exterior clean. If there is mildew or mold, using a specialty house cleaner designed to kill mildew might be necessary.

2. Selecting the Right Nozzle

Pressure washer nozzles are measured in degrees. Zero degree is the strongest and shoots water in a very narrow area, so it should be used very cautiously. For most homes, a nozzle with a 40-degree should do the work. So, start there and if necessary work your way down to a 25-degree nozzle.

3. Securing Your Home and Pets

Make sure your pets (which can become curious about the spray) and your kids are inside the house, and that all windows and doors are closed before getting started. And don’t forget to wear quality safety goggles to protect your eyes from dirt and debris.

4. Use Common Sense when Dealing with Your Pressure Washer

Like any power tool, a pressure washer can be potentially dangerous. The spray that comes out of the machine is concentrated so much that it can slice through the skin. So never direct the pressure washer at a person. Also avoid washing the windows because the force of the spray can break the glass, especially in older homes.

5. Spray at a Downward Angle

Always direct your sprayer downward and never spray onto cracks and seams in the surface where water can get trapped and damage your house. Also, use a consistent side-to-side sweeping motion as you wash your house (spraying for too long in one spot can lead damage). Before getting too far along, consider washing a small section. If there is any evidence of damage, use less pressure or consider switching to a regular hose. If it looks good, continue the job until the whole house looks as good as new!