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How To Install Gas Cooktop: Simple Step-by-Step Guide

A modern and functional kitchen is the one that gives you the opportunity to master your culinary skills, while offering unique feelings of fun and pleasure at the same time. To have the kitchen of your dreams, you need to make sure you dispose with the right cooking equipment and appliances. Apparently, one of such ‘tools’ is the gas cooktop.

Gas cooktops are energy-efficient and cost-effective – the two prevalent features that usually determine the buying decision of the interested shopper. Cooking with a gas cooktop ensures a great cooking experience with an excellent control over the cooking temperatures, which is surely a big “YES” for novices in cooking. If you are a potential buyer, take a look at the following steps on how to install your brand new gas cooktop properly, quickly and without effort.


Step 1: Turn off the gas

Before you even buy a gas cooktop, you need to confirm that you have the right power source. Obviously, it needs to be gas. Make sure the gas supply is turned off. To do it so, you need to find the valve of the gas-supply pipe that is usually coming out of the wall, then turn the valve in the direction for ceasing the gas supply (closed position).

Step 2: Let the ‘hidden’ gas out

Although you have shut off the gas supply, know there is still a small amount of gas trapped in the pipe that connects the valve to the gas cooktop. Do not neglect this information, because even the smallest amounts of gas can cause an explosion or fire that may lead to property damage, personal injury and even death. Therefore, to safely get rid of the ‘hidden’ gas, you need to unplug the power cord, then turn-on the burners for a few seconds. This is how you will release the so-called ‘trapped gas’ and avoid a disaster.

Step 3: Remove all the obstructions from the countertop

The cooktop needs to fit properly into the countertop, so your next task is to adjust or remove everything that may be a possible obstacle for proper gas-cooktop installation. In most cases, there is an ‘intruding’ or ‘extra’ material that needs to be cut off so that the cooktop can nicely fit into the kitchen countertop.

Step 4: Reconnect the gas supply to the cooktop

Connect the gas-supply pipe to the cooktop, then check for gas leaks at both cooktop and piping. Make a professional ‘gas-leak check’ by using a special device, called combustible gas analyzer. This will ensure that you have perfectly done the job and you are ready to start using your new gas cooktop.