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Is Logistics Manager The Right Career Path For You?

Logistics is an important industry sector that has an indispensable role in the expansion of the global economy. Also, it is one of the fields that offer the most luring career options. Some of the most noteworthy reasons why many individuals from different age groups see their future career path in logistics are the advanced opportunities for all education levels as well as the high pay scales and flexibility, meaning that your location can’t be a limitation for starting a career in logistics.????????????????????????????????????????

Logistic manager is one of the hottest yet one of the most challenging job positions. Earning a diploma in logistics management will definitely open many opportunities for you. But, the question that rises is: How do you know that logistic manager is the right career path for you?

Before you say that a diploma in logistics management is all you need to start your career or for the sake of making a career change, you ought to have a clear understanding of the position of being a logistic manager. In other words, you need to understand what responsibilities are included in this position so that you can decide whether this job will truly fulfill you rather than making you anxious and stressed all the time.


As a logistics manager, some of your everyday job duties will include:

  • Planning and developing a strategy for controlling the overall supply chain, from making orders to receiving, organizing and distributing the goods;
  • Managing and directing the whole order cycle;
  • Ensuring that the goods are delivered on time and in the exact quantity and quality as predetermined;
  • Ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction by providing effective communication and making sure that all of customer’s needs and requirements are met;
  • Resolving potential problems and coping with unexpected situations that might arise before, during or after the transportation of the goods;
  • Training the personnel involved in the shipping department operations for an efficient performing of their tasks;
  • Supervising the work of the shipping department personnel;
  • Negotiating with business partners and bargaining transportation prices.

diploma-logisticsWorking Hours

Due to the fact that most of the companies involved in the logistic sector offer 24/7 service, it is more than probable that you will have to work in shifts and sometimes during weekends. As a logistics manager you have to accept the fact that you might work for more than 40 hours weekly. But this is not something that bad if you do love what you are doing, right?

What You Should Expect

  • Taking into account the specific nature of this job, some of the things that you should expect include:
  • Working in different environments – in an office, a warehouse or on the shop floor; you’ll have to navigate throughout all these locations in order to make sure that everything is under control;
  • Gender imbalance – Although the number of women in management is constantly on the rise, this is an area to which most men are attracted;
  • Frequent traveling – in most cases you will need to move from your stationary point in order to complete your role in the whole transportation process.