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Men’s Style Guide: Step on the Streets a New-found Sass

The urban look has become the new staple all of us ought to master. The main reason why it became that much of a thing is the fact that this concept appeals to such a large variety of people, regardless of their background, vision and lifestyle. What’s more, teenagers seem to adore it, and they pretty much have the upper hand when it comes to deciding whether a certain trend is here to stay.mens-urban-clothing

Another subtle, yet quite noticeable change that amounted to the popularity of this style (or, plethora of styles with similar starting points and objective) was the new-found, big emphasis on clothes as a rather serious way to express one’s personality and appartenance to a group. Many brands have understood this tendency and made sure they can become a part of what shapes the visions of the modern urban guys and gals.

Now, although allowing for much personal preferences to shine through, the urban style still has a few unofficial, but very obvious rules to those with a sharp eye for fashion.

One of the most common things noticed on the urban scene is the tendency to go bigger and bolder than anyone else, all for the purpose of expressing one’s world-view loud and clear. This is why there are so many mens urban clothing lines that feature baggy jeans, large t-shirts, large shoes and all sorts of large prints. You’ll also find the comfortable tank tops, strong jackets and bold caps.

Instead of going big and bold, some like to express their ideas in the urban jungle with prints and patterns. And if you check what’s under “new arrivals” on most mens urban clothing stores, you’ll see that camouflage pieces are all the rage now. Urban dwellers love the clarity of the message this print communicates. Whether it’s a jacket, a vest or just a cap, this print can make for various eye-catching combos.

Contrast is yet another great technique used in order to stand out. Whether it’s just black and white or some unexpected combination featuring bright green, strong blue or strong yellow, wearing contrasting clothes can surely make your whole outfit stand out. So choose your tactic for the way and off to the urban jungle to turn heads and slay!