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Need A New Freezer? Follow These Steps

Over the years, we have been seeing a lot of improvements in terms of design, performance and special features of commercial kitchen appliances, all thanks to the industry’s fast pace of progress and development.

For example, freezers from previous decades were all about utility, with no thrilling design and open-box interior to make it challenging when it comes to selecting ‘the one’. Today, things have slightly changed. Commercial kitchen appliances of the modern day come in cutting edge models, high-end designs and state-of-the-art features, that make the quest not only challenging, but complex and daunting too. And since the freezer-purchase is indeed a serious and a costly investment, you need to make sure to get the best value for your money.


Your buying decision has to be made based on few highly important features, such as size, storage capacity, storage features and energy efficiency. Here is a quick introduction to the basics of choosing the right freezer that will best suit your business requirements.

  • Size

Ultramodern freezers (chest and upright models) come in three basic sizes:

– compact small (0.16 cubic metres to 0.25 cubic metres)

– medium (0.33 cubic metres to 0.50 cubic metres)

– large (more than 0.50 cubic metres)

Your size-choice depends on the available space your commercial kitchen provides, the requirements f your business and budget, of course.

  • Location

The noise feature plays an important role in determining the location of the freezer.

  • Manual vs. Self-defrosting

Self-defrosting chest and upright freezers provide an outstanding temperature performance, particularly when it comes to temperature consistency. Usually, self-defrosting freezers feature bins and shelves that make it quite easy to organize the food, but they reduce the usable-space capacity.

Manual-defrosting freezers on the other side, are way more quieter than self-defrosting ones, but what counts the most, is the fact that they are more energy efficient. This important characteristic makes manual-defrosting freezers customers’ premium choice, despite the fact that defrosting itself can take hours.

  • Blackout Performance

Latest generations of revolutionary freezers offer the brilliant opportunity to keep the food frozen up to 24 hours in cases of no electricity, such as a blackout, as long as they remain unopened. However, several models of upright freezers have shown inability to keep the food in good condition after 9 hours of being powered off, so keep this information in mind when making your freezer selection.