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Organize Under Your Kitchen Sink In Few Easy Steps

What’s the worse thing about cleaning kitchen? If your answer is the clutter under your kitchen sink cabinet, we hear you. That area often resembles a fraternity house after a party rather than a storage place.

When it comes to organizing the cabinet under your kitchen sink, one of the biggest problems is having too much stuff in a small space; a place where things are just getting jammed inside and you can’t find what you need, when you need it.


Following are few easy steps that will help you organize under your kitchen sink and keep only the things you really need to clean the kitchen and few other things.

  • Install a slide-out drawer – Available in various types and models, try to choose a gliding drawer with a water resistant finish, so it can stand up to any moisture that may occur under your kitchen sink. When measuring, do not forget to leave clearance for the pipes and hoses from the sink. Easy to install, gliders will allow you to pull supplies out, and reach them easily.
  • Use cabinet inserts to double your storage – A small, elevated shelf is a great thing that you can use to maximize the vertical space of your under kitchen sink cabinet. Choose one tall enough to place bottles underneath or boxes or anything that can be ruined if leak occurs.
  • Install a small curtain rod under your sink – For an instant organization, install a small curtain rod under your sink and use it to suspend all your spray bottles. If you don’t have too many bottles, a heavy-duty tension rod should be sufficient. For heavier loads, opt for a screw-mounted model. You can add labels to the back of each bottle to make easier to see what’s what.
  • Use coffee cans or plastic storage box to stop rolls of trash bags from unraveling under your kitchen sink – Cut a hole in the top of the plastic box and pull the bags through one at a time. If you tend to buy coffee by the can, simply cut a slit in the top of the can lid and pull the bags through.
  • Consider a rotating solution – Place a rotating solution in your under-sink cabinet and organize you bottles and cans on it. Next all you will need is to spin your supplies around to find what you need.

Try one of these easy steps and really transform your under-sink storage. Which one will work best for your space? Consider the size of your under-sink cabinet and the things that you really need to keep in there. This will help you choose a solution that will suit your needs the most.