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Getting a horse is exciting but the thought of maintenance might scare you right from the beginning. Horses are such lovely animals not many of us know how to appreciate and, truth be told, they aren’t as high maintenance animals as we seem to think they are. Taking care of them gets easier when you have the right set of supplies to help you out.

The first few months of being a horse owner can be challenging but you have to start from something as basic as providing the proper living conditions, making your home horse-friendly. What’s more basic than food and water, right? This makes feeding and water bowls the priorities among a variety of horse equipment.

Dogs are playful, high-spirited, intelligent and exuberant beings. It is in their nature to be curious, sniff around and mark their territory. And because of their happy-go-lucky nature, it is very common for them to escape from the backyard and roam into adventures. The reasons for their escape can vary a lot – from social isolation, fear, separation and anxiety to sexual roaming. They would jump or climb fences, dig under or chew through the fence. They can even learn how to open the gate. For all of these reasons, you need a strong system which will stop such attempts and keep the dog inside the backyard where it is safe and sound. Also, you need to do it in a way that the dog won’t even realize it is being confined. I am, of course, talking about the wireless invisible dog fence. Here are the steps how to use the system in your home.


Step 1: Proper Installment

As the name suggests, the wireless invisible dog fence has no wires that need to be buried. However, there is a small inbound transmitter you can power with a standard power outlet or 3 AAA batteries with the ability to last up to for 4 days. This transmitter can be mounted anywhere you like around the house, however, you should make sure it’s 1.5 metres high above the ground. Once put, it can contain up to 2 dogs within 2 acres area or in other words within a radius of around 50 metres.


Step 2: Adjusting the Receiver

The receiver, or also known as the collar unit, is usually made of waterproof material and is rechargeable. It is placed on the dog’s neck and the contact between the two happens via two stainless steel probes. Once charged, the receiver can execute 2-4 weeks of operation. Some of the models have 4 preset levels to auto adjust between Low, Medium, Medium-High and High correction level.


Step 3: Putting the Transmitter and Receiver to Work

The electronic control unit produces radio signals for the loop-wire. The signal strength actually determines how wide the Active Zone is and this can be adjusted and monitored through the unit. And when the dog that wears the receiver walks close to the pre-set boundary, it will be alerted with a warning in the form of pre-set static correction. This will notify the dog to stay away from that boundary by beeping or vibrating. This way, the dog gets trained and learns that the warning beep and static correction happen when it gets close to the designated place.


The bottom line of using a wireless invisible dog fence is its effectiveness and success in keeping the dog in the backyard. They are very easy to install and use and even better, they are portable so you can reinstall them wherever you need. And with today’s advanced technology, you can set the perimeters and manage the operations directly from your smartphone using an app.

Moving is never easy, even more so when you have a dog as you will need to be extra careful and mindful to make this experience as smooth and less confusing for him as possible. So, as soon as you know that you are going to move, start preparing your dog for it. First and foremost, take your furry friend to a vet to get a full checkup and make sure to ask for copies of vaccination as well as some other health records you might need. Do research on the city’s pet regulations for your new home and try to fulfill those obligations. Make sure that your pet has all the paperwork and the right identification tags needed to be transferred to a new city.

As a pet owner, I’m sure you want to take your furry friend everywhere with you. Whether travelling in the country, or across the ocean – the best trips are the ones we share with our loved ones. While a car ride isn’t usually a cause of concern for pet owners, travelling on a plane with an animal is certainly something that requires a great deal of preparation. After all, whether you have a fear of flying or not, the mere fact being up in the air can make even the bravest of us anxious. So, imagine how a small and confused animal might experience the whole thing.

Picking the right collar for your dog can make a huge difference in the way you go for walks; it can improve the overall happiness for you and your dog and make walking your dog a whole lot easier. But choosing the right dog collar can actually be more difficult than most owners realize, you have to include a number of factors that could come into play like how big your dog is, what material the collar is made out of and so on. Most owners are not sure how to even fit their dogs properly which can lead to all sort of problems like your dog getting loose or even worse, your dog getting hurt. Below we will discuss all the different things to look for when choosing the right dog collars for your dog.

The first thing you need to determine is the length of the collar. A collar that is too long will have too many extra holes and you don’t want this. You also don’t want it to be too short, if it’s too short chances are it’s too small. Do not try to add any extra holes as this can damage the collar and it will have a shorter lifespan than a collar without added holes. A good way to determine which collar is great for your dog is to take him to the pet store and try some on. If you can’t do that, grab a measuring tape and measure around the circumference of where the collar is supposed to go, you can use these measurements as a rough guideline.


You should also make sure that the collar is fitted comfortably around your dog’s neck which can sometimes be a bit tricky to do. If your dog’s collar is too loose, your dog can easily slip it off which will leave you chasing your dog around for hours trying to catch him. If your dog’s collar is too tight, it can hurt your dog by rubbing the skin too much, cutting into their neck or even restricting your dog’s ability to breathe comfortably. You want to be able to easily put 2 fingers between your dog’s neck and the collar.

The general rule of thumb when choosing the thickness of the collar is the bigger the dog, the bigger the collar and vice versa. You don’t want to use a small collar on a big dog for the obvious reason – it could easily break from all that weight and also, the dog can easily break it and run off. You do not want an overly large collar on a small dog as it can run against their skin and be uncomfortable. Real leather dog collars are usually an exception to this rule as they are more durable and comfortable, so if you want to spoil your dog maybe you should invest in a leather collar. There are no real rules when it comes to the thickness; just try to use your best judgment and buy one like you would buy clothes for yourself and compare it to the size of your dog.

There are many different types of dog collars with all different parts and features. The first thing you should look at are the different buckles. The most common buckles include snap buckles and loop buckles just like a belt buckles. Snap buckles are easier to put on and take off, but that means that someone or another dog can easily take your dog’s collar off as well. There are also collars that are made with a reflective material if your dog tends to run off so you can spot him or her in the dark (this will also make cars more aware of you and your dog while walking).


There are also collars that are used for training purposes like chain collars, pinch collars, and shock collars. Most people, however, view these as inhumane. Whether you agree with that or not is your own personal choice, but these collars shouldn’t be kept on all day as they are dangerous if your dog is left unattended. Whichever type you feel will best suit your dog, make sure you put quality over price; you can buy quality dog collars online or in you local pet store.

If you consider your own bed a necessity rather than a luxury, the same applies to your dog. It is true that your dog can sleep on the floor, or on your bed or sofa without complaint, but your dog would be very thankful if you provided him with his own bed. With that being said, here are steps to choosing the right bed for your dog.

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This is more than just considering construction and quality factors; your dog’s personally is what will actually determine which dog bed is the right one. Hence, select a dog bed style that best matches your pet’s temperament, age and lifestyle.

Pay Attention on the Construction

Dogs beds fill determine the support and durability. While basic models use only polyfil, more expensive models tend to combine polyfil with foam and box springs support for a superior comfort. So compare and select which construction is best for your pet.

  • Polyfil beds: Polyfil beds contain high-loft fibers made from recycled plastic bottles. With these beds you can fluff and refill them again and again.
  • Baffled beds: These beds feature a raft of interlocking poly-filled tubes where your dog lays on. Separate chambered design allows for uniform comfort and superior comfort.
  • Foam beds: Foam beds offer solid support, depth and durability. Available in classic as well as in orthopedic foams in mats, box and cuddlers dogs beds, they are the best choice if your dog is older.

Dogs Beds

Set a Budget

Dogs beds come in different designs and price range as well. Since there are some models that are built to last, investing in such is better than investing in a low quality dog bed which you will have to replace again soon. But regardless of what is the price range you are looking for, staying within your budget is easier when you shop online. Online you will be able to select and view only the dogs beds in your target range.

Patterns & Personalization

If you like to make any item part of your home, look for the perfect fabric choice and optional personalization. There are some online stores that even allow you to view what your new dog bed will look in a specific space by using a special software.

Providing your pet with the right bed will allow him to sleep comfortably; plus, you will provide him with a sense of security and at the same time protect your home.