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Plants Can be Your Green Steps to Better Office Environment

Spending all your working hours inside an office is not as fun as some people might think. Some offices feel like cages and you’re basically trapped inside 4 walls. But there are certain ways to break monotony, and the best way to do it is by incorporating some greenery into your working place. What’s not to love about plants? They reduce tension, anxiety and stress, and add appeal and class to your working place. But most importantly, they’re the first step towards living a greener life.


Offices and building environments look much more calming and feel like nicer places to be in when plants are present – they are colourful, interesting and relaxing. The effects plants have on us allow us to perceive our surroundings better and make us feel more comfortable. Furthermore, they’re known as great productivity boosters. Concentration, focus and cognitive tasks are all improved, and fewer mistakes are made overall. These performance enhancements are attributed to the plants’ ability to reduce carbon dioxide in the air.

Some people are afraid of having plants in their office because they think taking care of them would take up much of their time. However, modern commercial office planters are an easy solution to that problem. They have self-watering features which help keep all the nutrients in the soil, and water the plants only when necessary. The water reservoir of the planters can take care of the plants’ watering needs for about a week, and afterwards all you will have to do is fill it up.


Moreover, besides the psychological benefits plants can have on people, they can play a huge role in the overall look of your office as well. You can interconnect multiple commercial office planters and place them in a way so they can act like walls. Therefore, you don’t need expensive art on your walls to make the office look classier. You can simply put up a planter or two with a succulent or peace lily in it to make your office look more welcoming. Or, if you are into more classy and complex plant options and love the vibes that certain combinations of plants emit in a space, you can look up ways to group different plants in one planter to create a more vivid office sight.

By taking care of plants, you’re actively working on yourself to be more environment-conscious as well. The plants will increase the oxygen levels in your office and the self-watering planters will save you water. There are probably zero reasons why you shouldn’t invest into some planters and plants for your office. Just make sure the plants you pick can thrive with limited sunlight and that they are a good fit for the planters, so they don’t clamp their roots and die out. You don’t need to be a scientist to realize that there are no disadvantages of having plants in your working place. Take your office to a new level!