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Six Steps to Learning the Essentials Included in Scuba Packages

scuba-packagesYou just got your scuba diving licence? (opens a beer) Cheers mate! For a new diver there are a lot of things that need to be done before you finally go a couple of feet under the sea! But, if you have just finished your training, it’s time to buy a scuba package. You do not know what should scuba packages actually is and what it need to include? Sit back and finish that beer, because in this article we’ll go through all the items that should be included in the scuba packages that Australian retailers offer.


Your First Shopping Step – Mask

The main purpose of the mask is to create air space in front of the scuba diver’s eyes allowing them to have better focus while in the water. Also, the nose pocket helps equalize the air pressure inside the mask should you decide to go deeper. The first thing you should look for in a mask is watertight fit. This means that the mask is going to fit on the face of the scuba diver without allowing water to come through it. It also means that it’s not gong to be so tight that the user does not feel too much pressure all over the head. However, this can be easily addressed, because each mask has its own mechanism for adjustment.

Shopping Step Number Duo – The Snorkel

This simple, yet essential part of scuba diving is a curved tube that allows the user to breathe while floating face-down on the surface. You’ve seen them before in the shops, a wide range of different snorkels, with different size, colour and brand. The main purpose of the snorkel is to conserve air in our tank when you are on the water surface. Even though you can still dive with the snorkel, it is not advised for those deep divers. Another thing to consider when choosing snorkel is whether it can match and attach or not. Remember, always look for a durable, simple and easy-to-operate snorkel – that is the right snorkel formula!


Step Number Tres – Le Fins

Do you feel like a fish? Well, let me rephrase the question: do you want to swim like a fish? Buy fins and no problem. While imersing yourself deeper underwater, the fins are what can make it much easier both regarding speed and stamina. Fins transform the power from the large leg muscles into efficiency. Diver that have powerful leg and hip muscles can use larger and stiffer fins. On the other hand, petite divers with lower stamina can use smaller and more flexible fins.

Step Number… ehm Fanastic Four! – The Wetsuit

The most importing equipment for keeping your body temperature within the optimal level. You shall look like a member of the Fantastic Four – cool, elegant and protected. Material wise, all wetsuits are made from neoprene rubbers. Thanks to the insulating properties of this material, you can remain protected from the cooling effect of water, which can lower your body heat 25 time faster than air!

Step Five – BCD and Air Tank

The buoyancy compensator is the most complex piece found in a scuba package. This is not a piece suited for beginners’ use, but it is good to be included in the package. This is the part that holds all the gear into one place, allows the diver to carry a tank with you with ease, helps them float to the surface and helps achieve neutral buoyancy at any depth.

The Air Tank Has Got a Step Number 6 Rank

The size and capacity you should look for in this item depends on how much time you are willing to spend underwater. If you are not sure, you can always consult with a more experienced scuba diver or a professional.

Hopefully, this article will help you reach your scuba diving goals faster. Even though there are other pieces of equipment in the scuba package such as regulator, these are the most important ones.