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Sleeping in the wild, enjoying the sounds of the forest and waiting for that perfect sunrise is a dream-come-true scenario for camping enthusiasts. But one of the most overlooked things when preparing for that ideal camping trip is the light source. In order to avoid the plot of “Blair Witch Project”, you need to make sure that you are properly equipped with all essentials, including a camp lantern – a minor but necessary piece of equipment that can make or break your trip in nature.

Even though we claim to go caravanning to escape the mundaneness of the everyday city life, we’re still going to find ourselves sitting in front of the laptop or TV eventually. That being said, being unable to watch TV because you don’t have the proper antenna set up can get frustrating at times. If you’re on the market for buying a brand new caravan TV antenna, there are a couple of important things to keep in mind to ensure you don’t have a weak signal, even when traveling far away from the urban jungle. Without further ado, here are the three most important factors to consider when buying a 12 volt caravan antenna.


Whether it is the smell of freshly baked pancakes in the morning or the delight of roasting marshmallows over a campfire at night, camp cooking is probably one of the most enjoyable things to do while away in nature. If you are camping in an RV, you are lucky because you have the chance to equip your vehicle with all the needed tools for making whatever you and your family want to eat. A stove and a sink are pretty much the basic kitchen essentials that almost every RV is equipped with, but for the ultimate experience, you will certainly need much more than that.


“Sunshine, sunshine, you are the kindest friend of all the friends of mine!” I used to sing this quite a lot when I was a little girl, especially during the short but oh so sweet summer camping adventures my parents took me on. I have these unforgettable trips to thank for learning to truly love and respect Mother Nature and all of her children. They helped me become the person I am today, which is why I haven’t stopped visiting the great outdoors. Do you know what this means? Well, that I know a thing or two about camping.


Camping is the perfect way to disconnect yourself for a bit from the rat race of the city, reconnect with nature and recharge your mental batteries. It can greatly improve one’s mood and provide the much needed energy to tackle the challenges that arise on a daily basis. I consider myself to be an introvert, and my going on camping trips alone kind of proves that point. Also, I always feel reluctant to go back – if I could, I would stay forever. Well, I guess it doesn’t matter if you love being around people or not, everybody needs some time alone, eventually.


Going camping with the whole family is also a great way to bring everybody closer and make a few precious memories. A simpler, but far less convenient way to spend several nights in nature is to camp in using a tent, however, choosing to invest in a caravan is the smarter choice. You simply hook it up to your car and you’re ready to go on your trip. However, as an experienced camper, I would feel as if I’m being unfair to you if I don’t go over a few useful mistake preventing tips, that of course, arise from the beginner’s mistakes I’ve made on my first few camping trips.

How many times have you planned a trip to the nearest mountain without having much time to properly prepare for the stay? Many times, right? How many times have you regretted allowing that to happen? I assume not many. Everyone wants to be spontaneous and adventurous every once in a while, not fearing nor caring much about the consequences of their playful actions. While I completely agree that over-thinking and stressing out about every single detail never did anyone any good, I cannot say that utter recklessness is something that should be romanticized. Especially not when it can put your health and life in danger.