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Stealing Some of the Scandinavian Steps for Creating Simple & Bright Space

The implementation of the ingenious simplicity invented by the Scandinavian countries of Sweden, Denmark and Norway in homes all around the world isn’t even close to coming to an end. It may have morphed in several different ways, but that has only rendered the design that much more adaptable and applicable. If you are yet to hop on this design’s bandwagon, here are some tips on how to implement it right, and if you want to stray away a bit, you can choose to do it relying on one of the currently popular twists.


Keeping Clutter at Bay

The first and most important rule for setting the basis for this design is the necessity for getting rid of all unnecessary items. Keeping knickknacks to a minimum is a must if you want to dare to call your space worthy for that dandy scandi scan. If you don’t feel like getting rid of some items, but you are aware that displaying them will do no good regarding the clean look to are aiming to achieve, look for furniture pieces that seamlessly allow lots of storage without it being noticeable. For instance, a Scandinavian chest with lots of drawers that are positioned asymmetrically can ensure you store all your items without it seeming overwhelming. The asymmetrical feature can obscure the drawer’s lines and prevent them from being what draws the eye. Decor-wise, you can put one or two well-chosen items on the Scandinavian chest for adding a bit of charm while keeping it all to a bare minimum.

Light All the Way

Scandinavian homeowners tend to use a lot of white in every way they can due to those long, cold winters when the sun barely rises in the sky. Their white floors and walls paired with large windows are able to bring to life even the smallest of spaces and since white is the least risky colour, it goes with everything. All of these homes seem to follow one general guideline that’s based on keeping main furnishings white or pale neutral. The only thing that gets to see a little bit of switching up are accents and that occurs seasonally. In winter, for instance, you can add warm knits, candles and fairy lights.

Add to the Atmosphere with a Vibrant Cheer

The all white interior, or black and white combo is the main characteristic of this design, however there are ways in which you can break from the routine without losing too much of the unity. Adding an accent chair in a bit bolder colour, such as pink would make a great addition to an all-white interior. Or you can make an even bigger and more permanent change and have one wall painted in a more vibrant colour.