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Step-By-Step Guide on How to Find The Right Juicer For You

As the online market is becoming more and more abundant with different products every day, choosing the right juicers online has become a challenging task. All retailers offer different reasons why you should opt for a certain type, including the speed, effectiveness, easy maintenance, price and quality of the juicer. Knowing the different types of juicers available on the market, their detailed specifications as well as pros and cons might truly help you shape your decision around your genuine needs and budget limits.


Centrifugal Juicers

These are the most widespread types of juicers and are known for their ability to exhibit great speed and produce juice in a time-saving manner. Another good aspect of centrifugal juicers is their inexpensiveness. However, as you might be starting to think, they do sound too good to be true. Unfortunately, these juicers do not produce the juice our bodies can truly benefit from. This is a result of the high speed that causes oxidation which in return causes loss of some essential vitamins and fiber. After using a centrifugal juicer for a few days, many people notice that only 3 seconds after the juice has been extracted, instead of being creamy and homogeneous, it separates itself into a porridge-like substance and water.

Twin-Gear Juicers

These juicers feature two gears that interlock and produce juice by pressing one against each other. If your juicing routine consists of mixing many different pieces of fruits and vegetables, than this is the right juicer for you. However, if you plan on making juices from one ingredient only, for instance, a different 100% freshly squeezed juice every morning, you should probably look elsewhere. This is because according to experienced critics and professionals in the field, twin gear juicers are not specialized for that purpose. It is no lie that twin-gear juicers can be quite an investment, but they are worth it since they do produce high-quality juices due to the low level of oxidation.

Masticating Juicers

Masticating juicers are the closest to chewing that juicers can get. Although they are not really that slow, but just a fraction slower when compared to the centrifugal juicers, the benefits of masticating juicers are endless. There is no oxidation whatsoever and the juice you get is abundant in vitamins and fiber, ready to instantly energize your body. Plus, there is no juice division. Due to the high percentage of naturalness included, these juices have a longer shelf life and are the perfect nutritional boost your body can thrive on during the day.


To conclude, choosing the right kind from the whole range of juicers online, seems like an easier task when you know what you are looking for; whether you prefer speed over juice quality and shelf life, or you want to minimize the level of oxidation and get the most of the fruits and vegetables, the choice is totally yours. After getting informed about juicers, it is quite reasonable to choose the most natural option, even though this may mean cleaning few more parts and spending a few more bucks. You can find all the above-mentioned types of juicers online or in a local kitchen appliances store and save yourself time talking to the staff and deciphering the specifications on the label when you already know what fits your needs best.