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Steps to Achieving a Vintage Vibe for Your Next Dance Performance

Having the time of your life when on stage takes a lot of practice, however being flawless is also about giving the audience the whole package. The makeup, the hair, the shoes, the accessories and especially the outfit is what can really turn an ordinary dance performer into extraordinary. And sometimes, it takes only a few details or a change of hairstyle, so next time you have salsa, latino or swing dance performance, try to set yourself apart from others by giving off a lovely vintage vibe.

crop tops

Dance Crop Top & Skirt

Instead of the traditional salsa bright coloured and shiny costumes, opt for a dance crop top and skirt. Lace dance wear crop tops, for example, can add the needed vintage vibe to your outfit while allowing you freedom of movement. You can also opt for ones with or without open backs, ones that have an open criss-cross back, tops with or without sleeves and so on.

Since salsa is an extremely popular type of dance, adored by both children and adults, these versions of dance wear crop tops are available in a wide range of sizes. This is ideal for those dance performances when the need of a child dance performance support is needed. When it comes to the skirt, you can opt either for lace or for a simple non-textured fabric in one colour. The type of skirt can play a huge role in how you will present yourself, so keep in mind that this type of crop top outfit can go perfectly with an open front maxi skirt. Skirts with shorter front and longer back can also do the job, just make sure you choose matching fabrics. The colour is all up to you, but the rule of thumb is that you can never go wrong with black, white or red.


Adding a vintage vibe to your dance performance is also possible to achieve with makeup. The next time you go performing, dare to be bold by applying a darker eye makeup and wine coloured lipstick. You can add a hint of black lip liner to the lips to achieve that vintage look. Except for using darker eye shadows, the use of black eyeliner is a must, as vintage makeup is all about using a black eyeliner in many different ways.


When it comes to the hairstyle, you have plenty of options to choose from. Loose wavy vintage hairdo, updo or loose half-updo are just some of the hairstyles you can choose in order to give your look a vintage vibe. However, a look like this cannot be completed without the right head accessory. Bows, vintage-inspired headbands, bow combs and bobby pins are just some of the many hair accessories you can choose from.

Tip: To add volume to your hairstyle, you can add hair extensions that match your hair colour.