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Steps to Choosing the Right Bed for Your Dog

If you consider your own bed a necessity rather than a luxury, the same applies to your dog. It is true that your dog can sleep on the floor, or on your bed or sofa without complaint, but your dog would be very thankful if you provided him with his own bed. With that being said, here are steps to choosing the right bed for your dog.

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This is more than just considering construction and quality factors; your dog’s personally is what will actually determine which dog bed is the right one. Hence, select a dog bed style that best matches your pet’s temperament, age and lifestyle.

Pay Attention on the Construction

Dogs beds fill determine the support and durability. While basic models use only polyfil, more expensive models tend to combine polyfil with foam and box springs support for a superior comfort. So compare and select which construction is best for your pet.

  • Polyfil beds: Polyfil beds contain high-loft fibers made from recycled plastic bottles. With these beds you can fluff and refill them again and again.
  • Baffled beds: These beds feature a raft of interlocking poly-filled tubes where your dog lays on. Separate chambered design allows for uniform comfort and superior comfort.
  • Foam beds: Foam beds offer solid support, depth and durability. Available in classic as well as in orthopedic foams in mats, box and cuddlers dogs beds, they are the best choice if your dog is older.

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Set a Budget

Dogs beds come in different designs and price range as well. Since there are some models that are built to last, investing in such is better than investing in a low quality dog bed which you will have to replace again soon. But regardless of what is the price range you are looking for, staying within your budget is easier when you shop online. Online you will be able to select and view only the dogs beds in your target range.

Patterns & Personalization

If you like to make any item part of your home, look for the perfect fabric choice and optional personalization. There are some online stores that even allow you to view what your new dog bed will look in a specific space by using a special software.

Providing your pet with the right bed will allow him to sleep comfortably; plus, you will provide him with a sense of security and at the same time protect your home.