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Steps to Getting a Home Makeover on a Budget

Let’s face it, not all of us greet the New Year with healthy body resolutions. I’m sure I’m not the only one when I say I greeted 2018 with the determination to make changes with my interior. It’s not every day one gets to change the abode, so the fresh year start is also the perfect start for interior décor changes.

As always, whenever deciding to get on with such a project, the first obstacle that comes along is money, but when you plan it right, there’s a way around. The way to go is by adding small changes, yet still taking the big picture into consideration. The first step I took was deciding to buy online chairs.

Using the perks of online shopping, I was able to stumble upon a variety of chairs, in terms of models, materials, sizes, as well as prices that much to my surprise, were within my budget. When you buy online chairs, you have the chance to look up detailed information, read through specs, see pictures, and need I say it – buy whenever you want, have them delivered to your door.


You may wonder why the addition of chairs as the first step; simply said, chairs are versatile. Depending on the ones you buy, you can use them all around your home, as in my case, using a pair for extra seating in the living room, turning them into an ottoman whenever I want to put my feet up and relax, use them as alternative in the dining room when hosting a party, as well as a piece of décor and comfort in the hallway.

So my advice is, if you don’t think the chair is the versatile piece you require, then decide which one it is, and the many ways you can use it – that’s what makes an interior change of value. Then you’d be ready to do a search on the internet, and find something that won’t break your bank.

The next step would be personalising the space. More often than not, we end up filing up our homes merely out of functionality, rather than taking style into account. What style means to you, it doesn’t mean the same for others, so take the time to consider how you can personalise your home, surrounding yourself with things that most speak about you.

For instance, with me it’s light. Not having the grand windows I want, I added as much brightness as I could using the charms of mirrors (affordable!) I was lucky to also buy online, positioning them strategically, of course, to reflect the window light.

I also use the beauty of decorative candles; the bonus is I get a romantic atmosphere, with the loveliest of fragrances. I’m not at all surprised the Danish Hygge lifestyle philosophy is all up for the use of candles, to create a home of comfort. It makes me wonder why I didn’t use the candle power earlier.

As a final touch, instead of the more than expensive artworks, I found some nice wall clocks that also serve as decoration in most of the rooms. This way I’m no longer the fashionably late person! This year sure started great.