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Super-Easy Steps To Hide Thinning Hair

There are many different ways to hide your thinning hair. You probably know that waves, hair extensions and wigs are one of the coolest ways for camouflaging thinning hair, but aside from these there are also many other things you can do. Whether your thinning problem is reversible, result of genetic inheritance or/and age, there is always a perfect way to add volume to your hair without spending a fortune. Check out these few super-easy steps to hide your thinning hair.


Consider a change of colour – As it turns out, darker shades make thinning even more noticeable, which is why hairstylists usually recommend a hair colour change. Just go a shade or two lighter and the thinning hair areas will not be as noticeable.

Layer it – Camouflage thinning hair by adding layers. This is a great solution if you are totally not loving the colour change idea and even better if you do. The more solutions to the problem, the better. And who said you can use only one option. Try them all, if you feel like it. Therefore, visit your hairdresser and him/her to cut your hair into layers and style it. Do not forget to ask for tips on how to achieve the best possible results at home, including styling techniques and products you can use on a daily basis.

Volumize – Hair volumising is very popular today. But leave this to professional to ensure best results. If too expensive, try over-the-counter styling products that add volume. For example, thickening shampoo and conditioner are great, giving you the illusion of at least 20 percent thicker hair. You can also use volumizing mousse, root booster or a powder.

Accessorize – What if your thinning hair is not a result of genetics or age, but of some chemical treatment(s)? Now is the perfect time to give your hair a break and yes, there are few ways to hide this condition and look gorgeous. Invest in few elasticizes and you will have a trendy look. But, if you want something more, investing in hair pieces or extensions is always a great idea. You will achieve the natural look and get the volume you’ve always wanted.

Add some colour – Scalp colour is another highly effective and interesting way to hide thinning hair. Get a spray that matches your hair colour to achieve best result.

Get creative – When it comes to ways to hide your thinning hair, here is one that never goes out of style. Part your hair differently and experiment with different hairstyles until you find the one that makes critical areas less visible. And with so many different hair accessories you can use, you will definitely enjoy your new styling habits.