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The Case of a Coffee Mug: Get Your Daily Caffeine Fix in Style

I hate mornings. I so honestly do, even though I enjoy the morning freshness, first sun rays and the deafening silence. But, when my alarm clock goes on with its squeaky sound and interrupts my dreaming all of a sudden, everything turns black. It’s the time of the day when it’s best that no one approaches anyone. And in that condition, all sleepy with eyelids half closed, I move to the kitchen like a zombie and look for my coffee.

Coffee Mugs

Now, while preparing coffee is one thing, putting it in the right coffee mug is another. Just after me hating mornings, is me hating drinking coffee in a mug that’s not mine.

Everyone has their own coffee mug. I have three, to be exact. One small for morning coffees with a quote on it. It’s not an inspiring one, but something that represents my Monday desire to bring the weekend back. It kind of stimulates me to work my ass off during the week and plan the weekend right, so it’s so good I actually want to live through it again. My second mug is a little bigger and definitely wider, and serves for my midday coffee when I need an energy boost. That one has a rather suitable quote on it and a nice coffee-loving design. And my last one is a gift from a dear friend and it’s more like a tea mug, but I use it for coffee when I need a really large and strong dose of it.

My point is, you need a special mug for your coffee moments. It’s a piece of glassware you’ll carry with you no matter where you work and look at it every day and morning. So, start searching the coffee mugs for sale offers and choose the one that most suits you and your character.

Coffee Mugs

I don’t stay at home much, which doesn’t allow me to have guests very often. That’s why I only have a few different coffee mugs for when someone occasionally comes. But, for people that often host friends gatherings at their homes, having a nice collection of mugs for serving coffee is a sign of a good and organized host. If you’re one, make sure you search for your fancy collection through the coffee mugs for sale offers and welcome your guests for a stylish and fancy coffee time.

It’s actually very interesting how people develop a connection with their coffee mugs. Apparently, the package matters a lot, or in this case, the mug from which you drink your coffee can easily augment the entire sensation, since people have evolved to respond to visual presentation. That being said, it’s worth the try for people who simply aren’t that fond of coffee (hard to understand, but still) to experience it on a whole other level in a fancy, coffee-specialized mug.

To wrap it all up, the mug I drink my coffee from matters a lot to me. It’s the only moment of the day when I’m allowed to daydream and drift away and I definitely want to do it with a fancy cup in my hands.