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Why the NLT Bible Will Enrich Your Home Library

While many of us are trying to make a sense of life and figure out our purpose, the essence of death leaves all of us perplexed. Though we might think we are alone in this, the wish to grasp and understand the meaning of death certainly comes to mind to everyone and even ancient people were no exception to it. While the burial rites and opinions of after life differed, from the ancient Egyptian mummification process, the Mesopotamian fear of the dead interfering with the lives of the living, the Romans giving special details to tombs to the ancient Chinese who believed death was just a prolongation of earth life, the core wish to understand death was the same. The secrets to these questions can be found in God.

New Living Translation

Lucky as we are to be part of today’s world, it is easy to be in touch with the holy scriptures of the book of all books, the Bible. What makes it all the more impressive and fascinating is the fact it has been passed on from generation to generation, spreading the word of God. Of course having in mind language is a living matter and has changed considerably with time, it would not be so much of an easy task to read older versions which is what brought to the use of translations. The purpose of every translation is to get the Bible closer to everyone by making it more understandable so people could grasp the meaning of the word of God and use its wisdom on a daily basis. This is why the NLT Bible (New Living Translation) leaves such an impact on modern believers.


Watching Morgan Freeman’s “The Story of God” we realize we are much alike with one another since it is human nature to have beliefs. It is through God that we learn how to differentiate between right or wrong as we learn of miraculous stories through the scriptures. The NLT Bible is the result of the extensive revision work of 90 evangelical scholars that was published in 1996. The reason this version is simplified is because of the use of the common language of today.

The dynamic equivalence in which this version is written conveys the messages of the Bible in the closest way to the natural equivalent of the original version. Keeping the pace with modern day, the New Living Translation differs from other versions by the lack of male-oriented language, making it universal, meant for everyone, from grown-ups to children alike, and not just the male believer. Getting this translation will enrich your home library as much as your life.