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Why You Should Consider Buying Stemless Wine Glasses

To really enjoy wine, everyone who is a wine lover knows you need a really great glass. Anyone who drinks wine or knows the basics, knows that the wine glass can really have an effect on the taste and experience you have while drinking it. The wrong wine glass can really make or break the wine and the taste itself. While wine lovers could probably bicker all day over which glass makes wine taste and smell better, we are going to go over everything you need to know about the stemless wine glass. Finding the right glass for you really comes down to experience, so trying a stemless one makes sense. They have certainly become more popular over the years and you can easily buy stemless wine glasses almost anywhere.

Stemless Wine Glasses

These glasses were certainly a little bit controversial when they first came out and most wine connoisseurs thought they were a bit of a joke. Of course, after some time even the biggest wine snobs started to come around once they realized what kind of benefits you can get from drinking out of a stemless glass. Now you might even mistake these for a regular glass, but once you get a close look, the appearance is quite different. They are not as thick as a regular glass and have been designed to really bring out all the different flavours that wine has to offer.


Now for some of you newbies out there, you have to understand that the design of the glass isn’t just so it can look pretty, it does actually have a purpose. Both the stemless and stemmed wine glasses have reasons for being designed the way that they are. The stemmed kind of glass is meant to keep your hand away from the glass so you don’t warm up wine that is meant to be served chilled. The stemless variety if obviously not designed for the same reason. Your hand is wrapped around the glass or on the bottom so this kind of glass has been designed for room temperature wine or warmer wines for winter. Of course, you can still enjoy chilled wine in this glass, you just want to make sure to throw some frozen grapes in there to keep it cool.


Stemless Wine Glass


A few of the benefits you might receive when you choose a stemless wine glass is first and foremost stability. Tall wine glasses are known to spill quite easily but this doesn’t happen with the stemless wine glass which makes it a great option if you want to keep your white couch safe. They are also easier to store and handle because they take up a lot less space, unlike a traditional wine glass. Last but not least, you can use them in any setting you like being it formal or casual because they really do look great. If you are someone who wants to try something new with your glass of wine then you should consider buy stemless wine glasses for your daily glass of red or white.