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In this modern age, when every drink or dish ends up on Instagram, it’s certain that drinks and food perform better when they look as good as they taste. Every bar, restaurant or hotel owner should know that besides an ideal bar fridge and a nice selection of drinks, you also need proper glassware and this is not where you want to cut corners. Well-served drinks mean more chances for gaining repeat customers.

Handmade glassware can help make your drinks stand out and if you opt for unique handmade pieces, they can surely improve your company’s image and boost your marketing plan. Handmade pieces don’t necessarily have to be expensive, especially if you buy them from a store that offers wholesale glasswares.

Glass Bottle

Glass Botle

Everyone knows that water tastes better in a glass. Everything tastes better in a glass. Glass is a more inert material than aluminium and plastic, so it’s less likely to affect the flavour of your drink. Serving water in your restaurant, hotel or bar in a unique handmade glass bottle might speak volumes about the image of your company. Reusable glass waters are used in a lot of hotels and restaurants worldwide, as the most sustainable eco-solutions.

Handmade bottles made of clear glass with a perfect organic texture are ideal for displaying pure water, sparkling or still. If you opt for a gorgeous mouth-blown glass bottle collection, each bottle will be unique, due to the handmade process. These bottles are ideal for serving not only water but also milk and juice in smaller hotels or hostels for breakfast. You can find a refined collection of wholesale glasswares to chose glass bottles and other pieces that complement each other.

Glass Drinking Straws

Glass drinking straws

If you haven’t introduced glass straws to your hospitality business yet, it might be the right time to take advantage of this type of handmade glassware. Ecologists are continually warning us that every plastic straw that was made is still on planet Earth. To save the environment, more and more people are turning to alternative materials that are reusable and recyclable. Glass straws are eco-friendly and fancy looking drinking accessories. By implementing handmade glass straws in your hospitality object, your cocktails and signature drinks will look and taste better. Whether long or short, the glass straws are easy to clean and dishwasher safe. They’re also aesthetically pleasing. Their clear colour sets them apart from any other plastic straw alternatives and can perfectly match any drinking vessel.

Glass Flute

Glass Flute

Investing in a set of handmade glass flutes might be a good choice if you sell white wine and sparkling wine. Using the right glass can make a lot of difference, especially when it comes to wine. Lighter, more delicate white wines are served in taller glassware with a more narrow bowl that allows the bouquet to concentrate. Sparkling wine also needs less surface area, as this will help preserve the bubbles and stop it from going flat too quickly. Hence, the flute glass, with its tall, thin bowl and smallmouth is an ideal choice.

The handmade process provides individuality to each glass, enabling unique experience for those who drink from it. There are many different shapes and styles, each providing a different savouring experience. And since drinking wine is art, make sure to choose handmade artistic glass flute to add to that objective.

Glass Tumbler

Glass Tumbler

This flat-bottomed glass is considered an all-purpose glass, and you can never have too many tumblers. The glass tumbler is wide enough to take in the aromatics of the drink, which makes it perfect for fresh juices, table wine and even cocktails. Many bars serve water in a glass tumbler. There’re more variations and sizes of this handmade piece of art, and you can choose your perfect fit depending on the drinks you serve. With the high-quality manufacturing process and the perfect organic texture, these glasses can be a perfect addition to your unique glassware.

Glass Jar

Glass Jar

Glass storage jars are extremely practical and versatile pieces that can find their purpose everywhere. If you are a hotel that serves continental breakfast, a set of high-quality handmade glass jars with brass lids might be a perfect solution to display the many types of cereals you serve. You can also fill them with sweets, tiny packages of sugar or mini ketchup and mayonnaise-they will look great on the Swedish table. Hotels and restaurants can also benefit from glass jars as a storage solution around the kitchen, but they also find their place in the bathrooms. You can use them to display your mini soaps with the company logo in the bathroom.

Stem Glass

Glass Stem

Although many bars or restaurant owners use stemless wine glasses for wine alone, they can be used for other purposes too. You can find stunning, modern, mouthblown stem glasses that can easily complement your commercial glassware range.

Handmade stem glasses are designed to be open to interpretation and can be used for much more than just serving drinks. You can opt for a wider model that can be used to serve wine and cocktails, as well as delicious desserts. These glasses are very practical because they allow the drinker to hold the glass without affecting the temperature of the drink.

To really enjoy wine, everyone who is a wine lover knows you need a really great glass. Anyone who drinks wine or knows the basics, knows that the wine glass can really have an effect on the taste and experience you have while drinking it. The wrong wine glass can really make or break the wine and the taste itself. While wine lovers could probably bicker all day over which glass makes wine taste and smell better, we are going to go over everything you need to know about the stemless wine glass. Finding the right glass for you really comes down to experience, so trying a stemless one makes sense. They have certainly become more popular over the years and you can easily buy stemless wine glasses almost anywhere.

Stemless Wine Glasses

These glasses were certainly a little bit controversial when they first came out and most wine connoisseurs thought they were a bit of a joke. Of course, after some time even the biggest wine snobs started to come around once they realized what kind of benefits you can get from drinking out of a stemless glass. Now you might even mistake these for a regular glass, but once you get a close look, the appearance is quite different. They are not as thick as a regular glass and have been designed to really bring out all the different flavours that wine has to offer.


Now for some of you newbies out there, you have to understand that the design of the glass isn’t just so it can look pretty, it does actually have a purpose. Both the stemless and stemmed wine glasses have reasons for being designed the way that they are. The stemmed kind of glass is meant to keep your hand away from the glass so you don’t warm up wine that is meant to be served chilled. The stemless variety if obviously not designed for the same reason. Your hand is wrapped around the glass or on the bottom so this kind of glass has been designed for room temperature wine or warmer wines for winter. Of course, you can still enjoy chilled wine in this glass, you just want to make sure to throw some frozen grapes in there to keep it cool.


Stemless Wine Glass


A few of the benefits you might receive when you choose a stemless wine glass is first and foremost stability. Tall wine glasses are known to spill quite easily but this doesn’t happen with the stemless wine glass which makes it a great option if you want to keep your white couch safe. They are also easier to store and handle because they take up a lot less space, unlike a traditional wine glass. Last but not least, you can use them in any setting you like being it formal or casual because they really do look great. If you are someone who wants to try something new with your glass of wine then you should consider buy stemless wine glasses for your daily glass of red or white.

As consumers, we dispose of tones of packaging materials each year, including plastic, paper, glass, tin and more. But they don’t simply disappear into thin air. Small steps are the key to living a more sustainable life and making a positive difference in protecting our environment. It’s important to realise that as long as it’s collected and disposed of properly, plastic packaging can be a green option.

The living room should be a place where we feel totally at easy-relaxed and unbothered. There’s no doubt that it’s everyone’s favourite room in the house where families spend quality time together, and friends visit for drinks and chit-chat. To always feel comfortable in it, you should keep it cosy and up-to-date.

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Some people are young their whole lives. Being mature makes you experienced, and smarter, which also gives you the freedom to trust yourself more and to pay attention only to your and the opinion of the important people in your life. Being advanced in age makes you advanced in wisdom as well. As the autosuggestion mantra of the French psychologist’s Émile Coué says: “Day by day, in every way, I’m getting better and better”.

From venomous snakes to creepy spiders and frightful crocodiles, the Australian outback comes with a great deal of threats. Even without these factors, the sun alone is a big concern and coupled with the desert, renders the outback a boiling hell. On top of all that is the Uluru climb which comes with a bag of risks of its own. Yes, the Aussie outback can be really dangerous, but people still decide to go on an adventure there, of course, not without the proper supplies and helpful tips.


A bathroom without the needed storage space can really be a bummer, more so if this happens to be the sanctuary in your home that you use for relaxation occasionally. It’s not that uncommon of a problem to be facing, especially not today when housing becomes smaller and smaller, and you’d be surprised to know even some minimalists can struggle with it so let this be some comfort for you. What I mean by this latter is that you don’t have to part with your belongings to make up the needed room. Instead, the issue would easily be solved by being more prudent with how you use the space you have at your disposal, and more specifically whether you use enough of the vertical space.

Who would have said we’d come this time and day where electronics would mean so much to us, being our constant companions, right? Despite being so advanced as they are, durability isn’t their forte, they still need a great deal of protection so that’s got to be a drawback but one that can be taken care of with few simple steps.

The Durable Phone Case

Let’s take the example of mobile phones; There are endless options of mobile phones to choose from, both expensive and affordable, and no matter how much you pay for them you still can’t bear the thought of damaging them in any way. This is why protective cases, like the many Incipio cases well known in Australia for their features, are a must.


If you have the space and budget, there’s no reason not to splurge on a hot tub. Just imagine being able to unwind with the help of warm, bubbling water at the end of a hard day. The idea sure sound enticing. And considering how most of us have stressful and demanding jobs, we can use some pampering and relaxation more often. If you’re reading this, I’m sure you already decided to invest in a spa. But as with any expensive purchase, you want to make sure that you get the perfect deal for your money. With that being said, here are some important factors to consider when choosing the right hot tub for you.

4 person spa


When it comes to choosing the size of the hot tub, consider the location where you plan to install it. Are you looking for an indoor spa for your bathroom? In that case, you may want to look at smaller hot tubs. Besides being able to fit in most spaces, smaller spas built for two people are also more affordable to run and easier to maintain. On the other hand, if you need room for you, your partner and your kids or want to invite friends over to share the waters, you may want to look into larger models such as a four person hot tub. A four person hot tub is usually a great solution as it is small enough to fit in a bathroom or on a balcony, and large enough to accommodate several people. On the other hand, if you have a large enough space in your yard, you can look into 6, 7 or 8 person models or even a swim spa if you want the added benefit of being able to swim.


Considering how a hot tub is an expensive purchase, you want it to last as long as possible. The material a hot tub is made of is usually what determines its lifespan. With that being said, acrylic and fibreglass models are considered as the most long-lasting options due to being very resistant to damage and fading. On the other hand, while a wooden shell may look like an attractive choice, it’s usually a bad idea as wood can warp when exposed to moisture and humidity.

Ease of Maintenance

The purpose of a hot tub is to let yourself unwind and relax. That being said, having to clean the hot tub very often does not quite fit the idea of relaxing. While hot tubs do need some cleaning from time to time, there are some features that can make them much easier to maintain. One such feature is the special antibacterial and anti-fungal coating called “Microban”. This type of coating is 100% non-porous which makes it hard for dirt and bacteria to stick to, thus resulting in a hot tub that gets dirty less often. Additionally, make sure to pick a good filter that can prevent particles from getting caught in the water pump and clogging it.

Contemporary Tv Unit

You know what my favourite pastime is when I come home from work? No, it’s not cooking, and definitely not exercising or yoga. Although, I do take great care of my body and the things I nourish it with. Just like most of you, I’m guilty of enjoying to slouch on the sofa, watching a good TV show together with a warm cup of tea. And this is why having a quality HDTV is so important to me. Oh, and of course, a nice looking entertainment unit to support it.


When choosing a contemporary TV unit for the living room, it’s not always a smart idea to go with something very large and imposing. After all, your living room is meant for lounging and not bumping into furniture pieces. Therefore, in most cases, something elegant and simple can do the job really nicely. And since we’re living in the incredible era when space saving flat screen TVs are a common sight in every home, there really is no need for a unit with a large surface area. In fact, a sleek, narrow model leaned against the wall looks very clean and refreshing.


However, since technology has evolved so much there might be a few more cables that you’d need to store. A good entertainment unit should be able to organize and hide all of your various media equipment, cables, cords, satellite or cable receiver, CDs and DVDs, 3D glasses and everything else you might need for the ultimate entertainment experience. This is why it’s so much important to find a piece that has a good amount of drawers.


The key to the ideal viewing comfort is screen height. Logically, how tall the TV unit is will affect the height of the screen. For that reason it’s important to measure the unit so that you’re sure it’s height is at a comfortable eye level. You can do so by sitting on your couch, sofa, chair, or whatever seating option you use while watching TV, and measure the distance from your eyes to the floor. Next, determine half of your TV’s height and subtract the number from the floor-eye-level height. The result is what the ideal height of your TV stand should be.


And finally, don’t forget to find a piece that compliments your living room’s look while also being good match for your TV. A contemporary TV unit that’s made of wood and has a subtle, unobtrusive design is always the best decision. Not only can a simple design look good in every room, but most importantly, it won’t be of any distraction to your TV marathons. And always make sure that the TV stand is robust enough to support the weight of anything you place on it. Hardwoods like oak and maple can be exceptionally strong and durable.