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Steps to Opening a Bakery: How to Choose the Essential Equipment

When you are opening a new business, regardless of the industry, it is crucial to know that you are getting the right equipment for your start. When it comes to food preparation, the equipment can get quite complicated, and it can be difficult to narrow down your options, with so many different machines available on the market. You might need bakery equipment, consisting of a lot of different types of machines if you are just opening a bakery, or you are replacing your machines because business is growing, or you are simply upgrading. In any case, buying the commercial baking equipment to help you with the entire process, is very important for the success of your business, in many different ways.

One of the key steps, one that should come before even starting to look for the products you need to purchase, is knowing as much as you can about what you want to achieve and everything about your future business. This essentially means that you need to have a clear and sustainable. Moreover, make sure that you know how much product you will make. You can determine this by making research, which will give you an insight into how much you will be selling at the beginning and in the near future. And then the next step is to buy the necessary equipment for all the elements of the process, from flour to bread or pastry, so to speak.

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Preparing the Dough

Probably the most delicate and complicated choice you will need to make when choosing the equipment for your new bakery is the equipment that will help in the process of mixing the ingredients to get the dough, as well as prepare the dough for baking. Now, depending on the bakery – the size, the approximate number of goods you will be making, etc., there are several different machines you may need to purchase. Nevertheless, the most important one, the one that you need regardless of everything we mentioned, is the dough mixer.

For a business, you will need to buy a dough mixer commercial model because the ones for home use wouldn’t be able to prepare enough dough in time and in the wanted quality. Plus, they don’t have the same power. You can even opt for mixing the dough by hand, but that would go even slower. And since for a successful business you are most likely aiming for quality food products and good and fast service, this is definitely not ideal.

Aside from the commercial dough mixer, you can also get devices for dividing, moulding and rounding, depending on what type of pastries you are planning on baking. However, if you are starting small, you don’t need to buy all of these from the start. Your goal is to find the equipment that will help you save time and money while giving you the best quality.

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All of the equipment for the preparation of the dough comes in a wide range of different models, which work in different ways, offer different capacities, provide different quality, etc. When it comes to dough mixer commercial models are typically spiral mixers. This type is usually considered to be the best option because it is more powerful, so it can take being used for long periods of time, and it can have a much bigger capacity.


There is no wonder why these businesses are called bakeries – simply because the goods you are selling, are baked. And that is exactly why a good commercial oven is another key ingredient of a good and successful bakery. Finding the perfect one is just as important and as difficult as finding the ideal commercial dough mixer for sale.

Just like when you are buying for your home kitchen, or even more so, there are many different models, and they came in a variety of sizes, capabilities, features, etc. To narrow down the search, you will have to turn to your business plan. Once you know what kind of things you want to bake, at least at the beginning, it should get easier.

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There are several types of ovens – a conveyor oven, deck oven, combi oven, convection oven, etc. They all have their advantages, especially in terms of what you are going to use them for. For instance, the conveyors or deck ovens are typically used for pizzerias, while for baking pastries or bread, combi ovens and convection ovens are preferred.

Displaying the Final Delicious Products

Once you have made and prepared the dough, you have baked it and you now have your perfect pastry or bread, you need to display it appropriately. Even though the smell of freshly baked pastry is intoxicating, when we are buying from a bakery, we also use our eyes. This is why a good display can be as crucial for the success of your business as the flavour and deliciousness of your products and the quality of your customer’s service.

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From shelves with nice designs all the way to professional glass display counters, there are many ways in which you can show off the goods to your customers so that you have as many sales as possible. Aside from displaying the food, display counters are designed to keep the products fresh for a longer time, protecting the flavour and the texture.