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A Few Steps to Take to Make Sure You Get the Right Fork for Your BMX

There are a few very different types of bicycles, and all of them have a design and components that are usually pretty different from each other both in terms of appearance and performance. What this means is that there are specific bikes that are much more fit for tasks such as mountain biking and then there are others that are more suitable for just a leisurely spin around the block. Out of all of these, the type that is probably the most adaptable to a large number of situations is the BMX bike, and that is due in no small part to the large number of different accessories and replacement parts that it can be fitted with.
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The easiest to get are probably the tires, the seat and the different add-ons you can put on your frame. Unfortunately, even though there are many different types of BMX fork that can be incredibly useful, most people don’t know what to watch out for when choosing between them, so they just avoid changing them at all unless it’s unavoidable. Fortunately, there isn’t all that much science to learning how to pick out a BMX fork that’s just right for you and it can basically be boiled down to the following few things.

First things first, yes money does play a vital part in it. If you look long enough and hard enough I’m sure you could find a second-hand fork for a fraction of the price that’s about as good as an average priced new one. However, if you ride your bike frequently or on rougher roads, then I wouldn’t recommend it. When you spend a bit more money on an item such as this, you aren’t paying for a brand, but for a product made from better materials that is more durable and longer-lasting than the cheaper alternative.

Speaking of durability, you should opt for something that will be able to reliably support your weight and not give you any problems while steering, even after long riding sessions. The fork doesn’t only control the steering completely, but it will also be the place where your body’s centre of gravity will be balanced if you ever decide to take it mountain biking or if you are going down a steep slope. This makes it the most vital part of the entire bike after the wheels.

And finally, there will be times when you will not choose, but will rather be forced to get a new BMX fork as a result of the one you currently have getting damaged or developing problems. Getting damaged is straight forward enough, but what constitutes a problem for the frame? Well, the most frequent one would be corrosion. The good news is this is easy to detect and easy to prevent, since all you have to do is clean your bike at least semi-frequently (preferably right after you get back from a ride), and give it a visual once over. The bad news is if the corrosion has progressed past a certain point, the material will get more brittle and changing the frame will not only be the smarter choice, but sometimes the only one if you want to ride your bike ever again and not have to worry about every squeak and noise.