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In order to improve your health, you’ve adopted stevia and ditched refined sugar from your diet and you’ve got a lot more physically active. But what have you done about the products you use in your personal care?

Because the personal care industry in many countries is largely unregulated, many harmful chemicals, carcinogens and drying agents end up in conventional soaps, lotions, shampoos, and deodorants. Although our skin works hard to provide a protective barrier, topical skin products can be absorbed through our skin and into the bloodstream, hence the importance of using chemical-free personal care products, including natural deodorant.

Whether you’re headed for a camping trip or a sightseeing tour around the country or the world, comfort is one of the most important things you need to think about while planning. Travelling, as fun as it is, has its downs just like its ups, so expecting and being prepared for them will make your trip all the more enjoyable.

Are you ready to hit the gym? Maybe you’re just starting out and feel like you want to dedicate your free time to create the body you always wanted. But, do you feel tired or lazy after work or simply have no strength for today’s session? The great thing is you don’t have to delay your workout session. All you need to do is get the right pre-workout supplement that will help you boost some focus, energy and strength.

When it comes to achieving a smooth, glowing complexion, addressing flaky skin is the first step. Between over-exfoliation and using the wrong products for your skin type, there are many other things that aggravate dry skin. Still, that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways you can get the ultra-hydrated complexion you’ve wished for.

Modern Aussies wear Western clothing and local styles can be sorted into two categories – surfwear and bushwear. Surfwear is characteristic for the beach or coastal areas, often consist of bathing suits, surfboard shorts and printed shirts, while bushwear is typical for outdoor activities such as hiking and hunting, where people tend to wear rugged clothes, felt hats and boots.

Image has been proven to be key to businesses’ success. In the business world, first impressions last, and based on them, customers decide whether to come back or not. And while it’s undoubtedly important to create an inviting space for your potential clients, well-dressed employees can be just as vital to creating a lasting impression in your current and potential customers. It’s simple – the way we dress can tell a lot about us, and when it comes to businesses, the way the employees are dressed, speaks volumes about the business.

With summer being finally here, regular beach trips and walks in the sun are becoming part of our everyday life. The warmer and longer days call us to spend more time outdoors, sunbathing or playing with the kids in the garden. Protecting your eyes when out and about is as important as protecting your skin in summer. Experts advise wearing sunglasses every time you’re exposed to the sun, not only in summer.

As workplace norms keep adapting to modern times, so do dress codes. Proof of this is the men’s business casual code, which provides a wider and more liberating take on the type of formal attire worn by office workers just a few decades ago. Imagine mens business shirts with a cotton blazer on top of it, no tie, and you’ll get the picture. Having said that the business casual code doesn’t have defined principles and rules, and it’s still considered a somewhat blurry concept. For instance, it can be hard to know when it’s appropriate to wear business casual jackets, pants, slacks and other corporate office wear. As a result, a lot of men are left wondering what exactly the business casual dress code entails.

There is no doubt that living in the 21st century is stressful. Stress is lurking from everywhere. And it’s the result of our fast lives, but also the number 1 culprit for so many troubles we face in our everyday lives. And round and round the vicious circle goes. So, understandably, people are trying to find the best ways to fight this contemporary monster. We are looking for the answer in things that can help us relax and focus, things that can improve our mental health – consequently improving also our physical health. We turn to activities from the past, like hobbies and crafts that keep our hands busy, like jewellery making, knitting, woodwork, colouring…, or we dive deep into ancient practices and teachings, like meditation.