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Experienced anglers know that the key to fishing isn’t luck: it’s preparation. Having the right equipment is everything, especially if you’re using your boat for fishing, and that includes getting outfitted with the proper gear to complement your rods, reels, and tackle.

Bait boards need to be counted among those special preparation items. That’s because instead of using your cooler, tackle box, or even your expensive transom tables as a surface for cutting bait and rigging lures, they’re designed specifically to make the angler’s life easier. Only bait boards offer the durable, on-board convenience and utility that’s compatible with any size boat or budget, and they’re the most conclusive step you can make to solidify your preparation process.

Back in the days of our careless childhood, fishing was very easy: you just grab a stick, attach a line on its end with a hook and a worm as bait, and throw it in the water. Then, you just sit and wait. Ah, the beauty of childhood simplicity. However, adult reality is far from that idyllic effortless picture, and fishing is a rather hard sport. Actually, it’s not the type of activity that requires enormous physical force, it’s much more on a mental level. You need to know what you’re doing, pay a lot of attention and be actively patient. Yes, it takes a lot of work to learn how to fish successfully, because in the end, you want to catch a fish, not just spend your time sitting pointlessly, right?


While back in the days it wasn’t easy to learn anything because of the hard and rather expensive access to any kind of knowledge, today it’s really a shame to say that you don’t have the means to learn something. The Internet holds a vast treasury of knowledge in the form of online books, articles fishing funny video and guides – you name it. Here are a few ways you can learn the basics in fishing and how to get the tools you’ll need for this activity.

Fishing has over the years evolved from a weekend hobby to a world-wide acclaimed sport. It is one of the top ten most relaxing sports in Australia, as it involves no stress and provides fun. Although many would say that fishing is boring, skilled fishermen actually use various techniques to catch fish and must be mentally tough. These qualities do make a difference for successful catch, but so does owning proper fishing equipment which enables an angler (professional or recreational) to get the most out of his fishing efforts.

If you are a novice to fishing, do not look to save on money on fishing gear, especially fishing lures, if you want good catch. Successful fishermen are able to recognize high-quality lures most efficient for the fish they are targeting. But being a rookie, it will take you some time before you reach that level. Until then, you need to consider many factors in order to buy fishing lures that suit your fishing technique and the fish you are targeting, such as size and colour, time of year, water temperature, depth of river, etc. Here are three steps to help you buy the best fishing lures.


Step 1: Choose Fishing Lures Designed for the Fish You Plan to Catch

Bass is one of the most commonly pursued specie of fish usually caught with artificial lures. There are also specific lures which, when used properly at specific time of year and appropriate depth, have shown success with bass. And since bass are so common in every water, you should definitely buy artificial lures, such as plastic worms. These come in variety of colours and sizes. If you are pursuing a different fish species, buy fishing lures that are especially designed for that particular specie.

Step 2: Create a Collection of Lures

As you probably know, fishermen must be able to adapt to different fish behaviors in order to increase their strike rate. Even a slight change, like replacing a fishing lure, can turn a bad fishing day into a successful one. When purchasing a fishing lure (or bait), you need to consider the colour, cover, size, weight and action. For stained waters, choose brighter colours. For deeper and/or murky waters, larger and heavier lures are perfect, such as the crankbaits. It is highly recommended to buy fishing lures of different colours, size and weight.

Step 3: Consult With Local Fishermen

The last step is to consult with local fishermen or visit a local lure shop before you go on a fishing adventure and ask questions regarding fishing lures. More experienced anglers will be able to tell you which fish has been caught mostly in the recent period and what type of fishing lures have proven as most successful.

Despite the fact that many people consider fishing as nothing more than a hobby, today it is considered a serious sport, especially in Australia. Being the multi-billion dollar industry, fishing is among top 10 most relaxing sports, as it is a stress-free and fun. However, fishing requires specific techniques for catching fish and other aquatic animals and it also requires a lot of effort and mental toughness. Of course, being mentally tough is not enough, you must have proper equipment to get the most of your fishing hours.

Whether you are a professional or simply a recreational fisherman, fishing rod, fishing reel, fishing lures, fishing waders and vests are some of the most important elements of the fishing tackle. Of course, knowing what to buy is the key. Whether you plan to buy fishing tackle online or offline, make sure you buy only high quality fishing gear to suit your fishing style and needs.


Type of Fishing – To make your fishing tackle shopping easier, consider your type of fishing. Your fishing style and preferred technique can influence your decision about fishing tackle. If you prefer fly-fishing technique, a constant casting is suggested, but if trolling fishing technique is your choice, a single cast is sufficient. If you are a shoreline bass fisherman, you need a bait-cast reel for greater accuracy. However, the most important thing is to match the reel with the fishing rod. For fishing rookies, the spin-cast reel is a perfect choice, as it is really easy to use.

Choose a Fishing Rod – When buying fishing tackle online or offline, spend some extra time on choosing a fishing rod. It is the most important piece of fishing tackle and it makes the difference in fishing. There are many different types of fishing rods. If you are fishing on shore on shallow waters, your best choice is a casting rod, which is specifically designed for longer casting. Also, fishing rods are made from various materials (bamboo, plastic, metal, graphite, etc.), thus if looking for a fail-proof solution, choose a fishing rod made from graphite. Graphite fishing rods are highly durable and able to hold larger fish.

  1. Choose Alluring Baits and Lures – To attract more fish, you must have alluring baits and lures. Professional fishermen have a plenty of baits and lures in their arsenal, however, you probably don’t need as many. Look for baits and lures that meet your fishing style and your catch.

Choose a Reliable Online Source – Online shopping is the primary option of the 21st century and with the growing number of potential online shoppers there is a growing number of online retailers. However, not all online shops offer quality and genuine products, nor excellent customer support services. It is important to shop from reliable sources only. Read other anglers’ reviews and experiences to ensure enjoyable fishing tackle online shopping experience and highest quality fishing products.

Fishing is a very popular sport and a multi-billion industry in Australia. For some it is a hobby, while other take fishing very seriously. Aside from constantly working on improving fishing techniques, serious anglers own quality equipment and accessories. And not just fishing tackle, anglers also depend on the fishing clothing and shoes. Especially quality fishing shoes.

Quality fishing shoes are an ideal choice for any angler as they are practical, yet stylish footwear option and are designed to be worn during any fishing season. First introduced in the 30s, fishing shoes became very popular after manufacturers started offering features with matched the needs and demands of serious anglers, including lifestyle and personal taste.

Qulity Fishing Shoes

Getting the right shoes is important, so before buying a pair, consider how often you will wear then. If you are planing on using your shoes on relative dry conditions, then it is best to buy shoes made from canvas material. But if you are looking for quality fishing shoes to be worn on boat decks, or in rainy climates, you should opt for the leather models, which will provide the best protection from moisture.

Quality fishing shoes are traditionally made of no-marking white rubber soles. In order to create slip resistance shoes have features like siping pattern and wave shaped incisions caved into the bottom of the sole. When trying on you quality fishing shoes make sure they are tight enough to hold your feet securely without limiting flexibility. Make sure there is enough space between the top of your big toe and the end of the shoe to accommodate the moving movements.

And of course, quality fishing shoes should not only offer functionality, but also style. Luckily, there are many models available, thus you’ll be able to mach your personal style. However, above all, take in consideration versatility and practicality when shopping for quality fishing shoes. And always go for a quality. Quality fishing shoes adapt better to different weather conditions, however proper care will be essential to ensure their longevity. In order to care for your quality fishing shoes and ensure their good condition and long life, regularly clean them and always apply protection product.

Want to be a professional fisherman? Then equip yourself with a proper fishing equipment. One of the essential things every fisherman needs to have is a fishing net. Whether for catching big or small fish, a strong and durable fishing net makes a huge difference. The chances of catching the fish are greater if you use reliable and dependable fishing net. You will find different categories of fishing nets available online. If you need a fishing net for catching bait in a livewell, a baitwell net will do the job. For seine fishing a casting net is what you need. In addition, the landing nets are ideal for capturing hooked fish. In order to buy the perfect fishing net, follow our simple guide.

Fishing Net

Landing Fishing Net

  • Netting Material – If you decide to go with a landing fishing net, then you need to pay attention to the material. You should definitely go for a landing fishing net that is made from coated nylon and rubber material. The non-coated nylon might damage the fish since the material is more abrasive and hard.
  • Mesh Size – Another thing to consider when shopping for a landing fishing net is the mesh size. If you plan to catch delicate species like small stream trout, then go with the micro mesh size. But for heavier fish like bass or walleye, you will definitely need heavier mesh with 2 centimeters holes. Since the holes are bigger, you can move the fishing net in the water easily and catch the fish without a problem.
  • Hoop Size And Shape – The hoop size of the fishing net depends mainly on the length of the fish you are planing to catch. If you are a multi-species fisherman, then one hoop will not do the job. For example, teardrop shaped nets are ideal for fishing in big waters or steep shorelines. Telescoping fishing net on the other hand, is ideal for fish like bass or crappie, and small wooden trout net for wading streams as well.
  • Handle Length And Material – Depending on the fish you are planing to catch, you can choose short handles that are easy to maneuver or long handles that perform better in big waters. The most popular fishing handles these days are the telescoping and folding handles. When you buy a fishing net, make sure you choose reliable and durable handle made of aluminum, fiberglass or wood. It is better to pay more and get a sturdy handle that will last you for years.

Millions of enthusiasts all around the world enjoy fishing. This recreational sport requires patience and skills for catching different fish varieties. Professional anglers use sophisticated fishing equipment when fishing in the ocean or when competing in different fishing tournaments. Most recreational fishermen use just basic equipment which can be purchased in special fishing equipment stores. Still, finding the right fishing tackle is never easy. There are many different fishing reels and rods and hundreds of fishing accessories on the market from many different manufacturers. No matter if you are a novice or an experienced angler, here are some basic information you need to know when looking for fishing tackle for sale.

Fishing Tackle for Sale

Fishing Rods – The basic part of any fishing equipment is the fishing rod, and buying the right one is not simple. Fishing poles can range from high tech rods made from graphite to bamboo rods. The first thing you need to do before purchasing a fishing rod is to determine what you are planning to catch. If you need a fishing rod just to go on a fishing trip with your family, an ordinary inexpensive rod will be just fine. But if you want to do a more serious fishing, then you need to consider things like flexibility, material, length and the weight of the rod. Regardless of what you need, you can easily find fishing tackle for sale online and purchase the right fishing rod.

Fishing Reels – The fishing reels are another important part of your fishing equipment. Make sure you know the difference between the fly-fishing reel and the bait-fishing reel. The fly-fishing reels can be unspooled or freely reeled, which makes them a perfect choice for fly fishing, while the bait-fishing reels have catch or a button that can be pulled back before you cast.

Fishing Lures – Regardless of your fishing experience, some fish can be enticed only by a bare hook, and that is why you need to find a quality fishing tackle for sale and to select a quality fishing lure for your next fishing trip. It is important to select the right fishing lure depending on the place where you plan to fish and the fish you are planing to catch.

Fishing Vests And Waders – When going on a fishing trip, you can wear whatever you want, but waders and vests can make your fishing trip more enjoyable. Vests are designed with few pockets where you can keep different fishing tools. Waders are also helpful and an important fishing accessory. If you are fishing in the cold mountain streams, fishing waders can protect you from freezing in the water.

Other Fishing Tackle For Sale – Beside the basic fishing equipment, like the fishing rods and fishing reels, there are also some little things that can be essential or helpful as well. You need to look for fishing hooks and fishing lines. Without them you will have difficulties catching fish. You may also want to invest in some helpful fishing knives as well. The fishing knives come in many different types, from changing lures and tying knots to knives for fish cleaning. A fishing scale and a net are also needed for successful fishing.