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Steps To Buying Fishing Net

Want to be a professional fisherman? Then equip yourself with a proper fishing equipment. One of the essential things every fisherman needs to have is a fishing net. Whether for catching big or small fish, a strong and durable fishing net makes a huge difference. The chances of catching the fish are greater if you use reliable and dependable fishing net. You will find different categories of fishing nets available online. If you need a fishing net for catching bait in a livewell, a baitwell net will do the job. For seine fishing a casting net is what you need. In addition, the landing nets are ideal for capturing hooked fish. In order to buy the perfect fishing net, follow our simple guide.

Fishing Net

Landing Fishing Net

  • Netting Material – If you decide to go with a landing fishing net, then you need to pay attention to the material. You should definitely go for a landing fishing net that is made from coated nylon and rubber material. The non-coated nylon might damage the fish since the material is more abrasive and hard.
  • Mesh Size – Another thing to consider when shopping for a landing fishing net is the mesh size. If you plan to catch delicate species like small stream trout, then go with the micro mesh size. But for heavier fish like bass or walleye, you will definitely need heavier mesh with 2 centimeters holes. Since the holes are bigger, you can move the fishing net in the water easily and catch the fish without a problem.
  • Hoop Size And Shape – The hoop size of the fishing net depends mainly on the length of the fish you are planing to catch. If you are a multi-species fisherman, then one hoop will not do the job. For example, teardrop shaped nets are ideal for fishing in big waters or steep shorelines. Telescoping fishing net on the other hand, is ideal for fish like bass or crappie, and small wooden trout net for wading streams as well.
  • Handle Length And Material – Depending on the fish you are planing to catch, you can choose short handles that are easy to maneuver or long handles that perform better in big waters. The most popular fishing handles these days are the telescoping and folding handles. When you buy a fishing net, make sure you choose reliable and durable handle made of aluminum, fiberglass or wood. It is better to pay more and get a sturdy handle that will last you for years.