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Every dancer needs a boost of confidence from time to time and what better way to do that than with the help of your support. Whether you are looking for a unique Christmas gift or a birthday one, for your daughter or granddaughter, niece or student, a special present for your dance partner, or even something to cheer up that quiet guest artist in class who likes to sit by themselves, we have you covered! By giving one of these gifts, you’ll be sure to put a smile on the face of the dancer in your life.

Dance balance board


In life, everything is about balance – from the foods we love and eat to the jobs we have and the hobbies and dreams we pursue. Nobody knows this better than dancers. Why do I make the correlation between balance and dancers, you ask? Because they count on it to be able to master each and every move to perfection.

Whether you’re going on a short day walk or a multi-day backpacking trip, efficient, comfortable, and dependable hiking footwear is essential. While looking for a new pair of boots, you’ll come to find that some retailers specialise in hiking boots, while others specialise in hunting boots. Others are more generic and may offer a mix of the two or some hybrid models in between.

It’s a tough call and one you can never be sure you nailed correctly – getting a gift for a teenager. Growing up has significantly changed since you went through the transformation bursts typical for the early days of youth. And when you did it, there was no internet, no smartphones, and no peer pressure based on social media.

So what do teenagers want to receive as a gift? You can never know unless you can make an educated guess because you are aware of their passion. Take it into account, but by no means gear yourself to follow it blindly since there are red flags in teenager gifts too. For example, if they want to get a pet, though it might sound like a great idea to gift them one, there is a possibility they will lose interest fast. And, the care for the little creature will likely be entrusted to adults. Here are a couple of cool holiday gift ideas that we’re pretty sure teenagers will love.

Scale Model Cars

scale car model comparation



Getting hobby car models for a teenager is one of the safest bets you can make. Provided you have an idea which model of car would have the greatest appeal to them. There is a great variety you can choose from: some like model race car kits, others want nothing but off-road trucks. And there is the bunch into recreating historical plastic model cars, most of which are no longer seen on the roads.


Possibly the most important consideration when you are getting a model car kit for someone else. The most typical scale are: 1:12; 1:18; 1:25; 1:35; 1:64 and these ratios will determine the size of your model. Kids tend to go for the biggest available model, however, keep in mind that the unit will not be used at all times and dedicated storage space is a requirement. The 1:25 is one of the most popular since it’s big enough to show a satisfactory level of detail.


replica scale car model


Today, hobby car models are designed and feel more and more lifelike. Maybe you are after a specific manufacturer (like Ferrari, Mercedes, Ford) or you want the model to replicate a distinctive feature (like a removable rear top). You might be surprised to find out that good scale car models recreate real vehicles in great detail and this is one of the main reasons teenagers will welcome such a gift.

Australian Model Cars

This is a unique way to appreciate a car that holds special meaning to the country, region, or city. It can serve to establish rapport between generations since kids can have the exact model their grandpa used to drive. Those sort of connections are what extending gifts to someone is all about.

And for the bunch that is seriously into car racing sports – they can have a model commemorating a specific race that was part of a championship (both domestic and international). Not a lot of sports allow you to have a pocket size replica built in great detail on your shelf.


pro trick scooter model


Motor Skills

As it was briefly mentioned above, kids grow up in leaps. This is especially the case in the tween and teen periods where they can experience an increase in height within a month. Some kids take this naturally and can accommodate the change almost instantly. Others need some time to develop body confidence and consider themselves ‘freaks’ because suddenly their arms and feet are longer. The classic kick scooter works great in making such transitions smooth. The kid can become more comfortable with their bodies without even noticing. And the scooter is remarkable in this regard because unlike most physical sports, it takes the focus away from the increasingly self-conscious psyche of a teenager.


Speaking of sports, we have a serious issue on our hands. Performing physical activities, completing outdoor adventures, and playing sports were never more accessible to the youth, yet they spend staggering amounts of time in front of a screen. Be it their mobile phone, a laptop, or a PC; be they studying, entertaining, or socializing, most of the time they find handheld gadgets worthy of their attention. Old fashioned scooters can serve to shift their focus and introduce them to cool ways to be active (they’ll never term it ‘cool’ though, just so you know). The physical benefits of riding scooters are self-evident.


When it comes to cool aspects of riding a scooter, what can beat doing tricks on a half-pipe? It’s one of the reasons pro trick scooters were designed in the first place. Elaborate routines and stunts are guaranteed to make a teen stop whatever they are doing at the moment. While that is strikingly obvious, what is less apparent is the accompanying learning curve connected with such performance. What’s the best way to learn anything? Yes, play, and it works at any age. So when they stretch their hand to take their pro trick scooter, it’s only a matter of time before they want to take every piece of it apart. It’s ok, we are talking about mechanical maintenance and upgrade of their scooter. It gears them toward earning basic mechanical skills which can set the course for the rest of their professional (or recreational) lives.


electric-skateboard off road



Gifting an e board to a teen works along the same lines. Unlike their old fashioned equivalents, electric micro-mobility gear has many electrical components. And they are all connected in one efficient system. So owning e-skateboards can be the gateway into developing an interest in electrical engineering. E boards have batteries, motors, wheels and they are set up to move by the push of a button. If that’s not fascinating in itself, making sure the e-skateboard is well maintained will teach the kid some new skills.

Technical Thinking

Having a radio-controlled device is bound to make you learn a thing or two about sending wireless signal. And not just that. A teen with an e board has to adopt a way to keep on top of the capabilities of their gadget. For example, they have to manage power banks if they want to continue using the board till their intended destination. On that note, their consumption of the power in the batteries should be in line with the calculating range. All of these ways of thinking come naturally and are not forced on them. If they dig it, it will be useful for them later in life.


Nothing speaks a lesson in balance like a good e-skateboard does. This aspect of skating remains unchanged, even if you don’t kick your skate with your leg to move forward. It’s good for their core muscles, it’s good for learning how traffic works and it’s good for nurturing good decision making and fast reaction to outside stimuli. They can benefit in all these regards while commuting to their high school.

As consumers, we dispose of tones of packaging materials each year, including plastic, paper, glass, tin and more. But they don’t simply disappear into thin air. Small steps are the key to living a more sustainable life and making a positive difference in protecting our environment. It’s important to realise that as long as it’s collected and disposed of properly, plastic packaging can be a green option.

Over the years, sneakers have become the most universal type of footwear everyone has in their closet. Still, as universal as they may be, it’s easy to make the mistake of buying an inadequate pair that might turn out to be not only a waste of money but also a cause of foot related issues. In order to avoid all that, you need to consider the following aspects.


Being improperly dressed and being cold while hitting the slopes is a sure way to make your experience less enjoyable. Your first line of defense from the cold weather is your outerwear, which is why it is of the essence to choose quality pieces that will protect you from the elements without restricting your movement. However, choosing the best from the best can be tricky, as there are quite a few factors to consider when shopping online or from your local brick-and-mortar store. For that very reason, here are some of the most important things to consider when buying mens outwear.


First things first, you’ll need to find a jacket and pants that have good breathability rating as you are going to sweat even if it’s cold outside, due to the nature of this sport. Quality mens outerwear for snowboarding is MVTR (Moisture Vapour Transmission Rate) tested, which means that the amount of moisture that can escape your jacket or pants in a 24 hour period is predetermined. If you are casually sliding down the slopes, then breathability of about 5,000 to 10,000 grams will do the trick, but if you are someone who likes to go a bit more extreme then you should aim for a rating closer to the 15,00 mark or above.

Waterproof Rating

While a breathability rating shows how much moisture can escape the jacket or pants, a waterproof rating shows just how much moisture can the jacket or pants keep out. Here the rating is measured in mm with the lowest recommended rating being 5,000 – you can go lower than that but it’s not a good idea. The same rating applies here – the range between 5,000mm and 10,000mm is suitable for the regular snowboarder, while the adrenaline junkies should look for 15,000 and above. Remember that the price increases together with the rating.


While waterproof and breathability ratings protect against the cold and keep you dry, what will actually make these properties last longer is the material of the clothing. Durable mens outerwear is made of tightly woven polyester or nylon, which offer the highest form of performance even in the most extreme of conditions. You should also check for the type of seams in order to get the best protection possible. The durability and quality of the waterproofing rating are reinforced with fully taped seams as they are made using waterproof materials both on the inside and outside. A jacket or pants with critically taped seams typically have this material only on the most vulnerable spots.


Whether you’re a professional chef, a construction worker, or anything in between, the pants you wear to work can be a huge difference maker in how your day goes, and how safe you are in the workplace. The importance of pants for work men is greatly underrated. Unlike standard pants, work pants are made of high-quality, heavy-duty materials that provide more protection. Work pants are typically made from a blend of polyester, cotton, and denim, and they usually feature double stitching and strong pockets that are also reliable to ensure they don’t rip easily.

When it comes to pants for work men can pick from a wide range of styles. But the entire point of work paints isn’t style, but comfort and safety. However, that’s not to say that a pair can’t be comfortable, stylish and offer optimum safety for your workplace. By wearing the right pair of pants, you can reduce the odds of injury to your knees and legs from workplace hazards. Some of the most common workplace risks that work pants can protect you against are the following.

Lacerations & Cuts

Lacerations and cuts are the most common injuries that can easily be prevented by wearing work pants. As aforementioned, work pants are made from heavy-duty materials that make it tough for sharp objects to pierce the skin. These injuries are extremely common in construction environments, as there’s an abundance of sharp objects such as blades, splinters, nails, etc. For that reason, you seldom see construction workers that wear cargo work pants instead of long pants.


Did you know that most skin burns happen as a result of the clothing melting and burning the skin, and not the open flames itself? There are fire redundant work pants that can help you prevent that, and if you’re working in a workplace where there’s a fair chance of getting burned, you should definitely look for pants that have this property.

Muscle and Knee Pain

If your workday involves spending a lot of time kneeling, you’re probably putting a ton of pressures on your knee joints and leg muscles without realising. And while you may not be feeling the effects of that yet, trust me, you will in a couple of years. Electricians and plumbers are some of the most affected people by kneeling, which is why they should wear pants that have built-in knee pad pockets. Some people opt for knee pads, but those can be inconvenient and cumbersome.