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The advancements in technology, particularly in the area of printing, have made the concept of 3D printing not only possible but also highly beneficial. The incredible design flexibility, allowing you to create various designs, even those of a more complex nature, is certainly one of the most advantageous aspects of it.

But not the only one if we consider along with it there’s also the speedy prototyping, the short time between designing and production, as well as the short time needed to get the design printed out, which makes this type of printing process cost-effective and eco-friendly what with the minimal waste being some of its pros. As such, it isn’t surprising it’s made it huge in industries of various spheres, including manufacturing, construction, healthcare, robotics, automotive, aerospace, electronics industries as well as art.

As technology and innovation continue to be upgraded, so do the 3D printing essentials. Let’s take the filament for instance – although PLA and ABS have long been the two standards, the more recent addition of high-performance filament PETG varieties has gained a lot of popularity as the all-round material as of late and it’s all to do with the properties it has and the advantages it offers over the other two alternatives.

Apple’s products have a lot going on. From Macbooks and iPads to iPhones – a range of products that many would argue are awesome and have space-age design aesthetics. While all that gives these products some advantage over Windows PCs, when it comes to data loss – things are pretty similar. You can accidentally delete files, reformat the hard disk or reinstall your operating system and cause detrimental damages to your data. In cases when data is lost, you are going to need an Apple and Mac data recovery expert to help you retrieve as many files and information as possible.


When it comes to designing products, the invention of 3D technologies has opened a range of new possibilities. 3D scanner devices, in particular, offer many benefits for product development. And while the process of 3D scanning was difficult a few years ago, today the situation has improved a lot. With the range of 3D scanners available on the market today, it has become so easy that even beginners can properly use 3D scanning technologies.

If you are considering investing in a scanner 3d device, there are some steps you will need to follow in order to find the right hardware for your application. They include the following.


Accuracy is probably the most important feature of a 3D scanner as it is what ensures reliable measurements and usable data. Choosing a scanner 3d device that offers good accuracy will allow you to achieve a perfect design fit, without the need for iterations, thus saving you time and money.


This is the measurement of the smallest increment that a scanner can detect. Some tend to confuse resolution with accuracy, but just because a system is accurate, it doesn’t mean it will capture small features. So a good scanner also needs to have great resolution.


The speed of a scanner is a combination of frame rate, data acquisition, processing rate and quality of algorithms. In many scanners, their speed is described in points per second or measurements per second. Points per second can be an issue for the user, as it leaves everything, except the acquisition, up to the computer’s processor. This results in more time required to process between each step, meaning you will need a powerful computer to accompany the scanning hardware. This will add time and money to the bottom line.

Ease of Use

Although most 3D scanning technology vendors offer training classes, this doesn’t account for the time necessary to become proficient enough to see a return on your investment. So, make sure the scanner you choose is easy to use. Some models are plug-in-play and resilient while others are fine-tuned devices that are affected by many factors which affect your results. Pay special attention to this feature.


To understand the versatility of a 3D scanner you first need to consider your application. With each application come different challenges such as size, shape, colour, angles and location, all of which a scanner needs to traverse. To find out how versatile a scanner is, consider the size of your parts, if you will need to capture internal cavities and if the device will be used at the customer’s location or at your factory.

First things first, let’s explain outsourcing so we can get that out of the way. What it basically means is: delegating a business process to third parties or outside agencies in order to benefit from low cost labor, improved quality and service innovation. This is the perfect option for businesses looking to expand their range of services.


The benefits of relying on an outsource information technology solutions company to take care of your tech functions and IT related issues are countless. Let’s go over some of them, and see why you should trust someone else with your data and whether outsourcing your IT department is the right step for your business?

  • Significantly decreased IT expenses. Meaning, you don’t have to hire extra staff to deal with IT related problems. Instead you have a third party working for you, composed of highly trained and skilled individuals taking care of your IT section.
  • Clear focus on growing your own business. You don’t have to worry about IT related issues. Instead, you can focus on the main goal of your business and put more resources into it. Having a clear vision without being distracted can make all the difference between growth and decline.
  • Any necessary equipment you need will be provided by them, including commissioning, decommissioning and deployment.
  • All your data will be backed up and saved on a provided cloud platform.
  • VLAN and VPM solutions for a clear communication between different work sites.
  • You will be provided with the newest and best technology as IT companies follow the latest technology trends. They are composed of many teams that specialize in different technologies, which means that you will have access to multiple teams that are qualified for certain technologies, and deploy them effectively.
  • SEO strategies that will increase traffic and the ranking on your website, which will produce a return on your investment.
  • Forcing your employees to take care of IT issues will be a thing of the past. Just because someone can doesn’t mean they should take care of things they weren’t originally hired to do. Hiring outsourced IT will relieve workload and pressure from your employees, which will in return, increase their productivity.

On top of business IT solutions, IT companies often offer home computer repair services, laptop repairs, virus and spyware removal, software upgrade, data recovery, broadband and wireless network set-ups. Some companies that offer such information technology solutions offer the possibility to come in your home and fix the issues right on the spot, making sure you save money, time and the hassle of unplugging your personal computer and taking it to a service shop.

When you compare the high cost of network failures to the cost of installing network cabling, the difference can be thousands of dollars. So it makes sense to invest in network cables. But carefully choose the right network cable since the right network cable will make a huge difference in the performance of your network. On the other hand, wrong cable will not only decrease the performance, but also cause expensive repairs in the future.


Nowadays, Ethernet networks strive for high reliability and performance, so finding the right network cable is a must. But installing cables in the office is easier than installing them in industrial facilities. Cables, connectors and switches must be perfectly connected to the machines in order to avoid hazardous situations. One mistake can cost you thousands of dollars. Thus, follow our simple 5-step guide to help you choose the right network cables.


Flex And Environmental Factors – In order to find the right network cable you need to consider environmental factors. Cables with high bandwidth capability are required for enclosed environments where vibration is restricted. But if you plan to use the cables for factory floors or for the machines with high to very high vibration, then make sure you buy flexible network cabling with high level of connectivity protection against liquids and torsion.


Shielded Vs Unshielded – The search is not over yet. You have to choose between shielded and unshielded network cables as well. Unshielded cables are the most common network cables used in most environments. Unlike the unshielded network cable, the shielded ones are especially designed for high noise environments. In order to protect the strength of the signal and reduce interference, a foil or a braid is used to wrap the cable. To increase noise protection, a combination of a foil and braid is also used.


Twisted Or Bonded-Pair Conductors – Bonded-pair network cables deal better with the rigors of installation by using specific manufacturing techniques, in order to attach the insulation of the cable pairs along their longitudinal axes. Twisted pair network cable construction on the other hand is prone to pair-gaping during installation as well as impedance mismatches. Keep in mind that if twisted pair conductors have gaps, then they will decrease the performance of the cable. The bonded-pair ones will continue to perform well, even if the cable is pulled or twisted.


Data Rate Requirements – You will find various types of cables that transmit data at a certain speed. For example, Cat5e is an ideal network cable for connections up to 100 Mbps. Compared to cat5 and cat5e, cat6 delivers faster speed and smoother connection. Usually people buy it for connections up to 10 Gb. Even though cat5 and cat 5e work well with Gigabit Ethernet routers, cat 6 deals better with gigabit speeds, allowing faster and more reliable connection.


Jacket Options – If you want to improve the performance of the network cable, then choosing the right jacket material is a must. Cables with PVC jacket are known as general purpose cables. These cables are used for installation with no specific fire safety requirements. Cables with PUR jacket are far more resistant to abrasion and have high level of tolerance to solvents, while the network cables with TPE jacket have greater oil and coolant resistance.


Ethernet Switch

Many companies prefer connecting computers on the Internet and setting up a local wired network, simply because it is the cheaper option than installing a wireless router. To do so, they need an Ethernet switch, a specific network switch for transmitting data at Ethernet standard rates. The Ethernet switch has replaced the Arcnet models of local area networks because it allows a safer and better connection to all computers connected. The key part of local area networking is the Ethernet switch, as it splints the Internet connection from one source and shares it with three, four or more computers, depending on the type of Ethernet switch.

The most common Ethernet switch is 10/100 network switch, suitable to small offices or home network for more computers. For example, a standard 10/100 network switch allows a connection between four computers and a printer. To ensure a safe connection, you need to properly test the Ethernet switch first. Here are the steps on how to test your Ethernet switch properly.

1. First, decide whether you need a 10/100 network switch or a faster one. Then make sure you have a laptop, two working Ethernet cables and of course, a suitable Ethernet switch.

2. Once you have everything you need, connect your laptop directly to the network source (router or modem) with an Ethernet cable. Check if you have an access to the Internet and if you do, it means that your network source is properly working.

3. Connect one of the Ethernet cables from the network source to the port WAN on the Ethernet switch. Then connect the other Ethernet cable from your laptop to the port LAN 1 on the Ethernet switch.

4. Once the cables are connected, you need to restart your network source in order to reboot the device. Without rebooting, the Ethernet switch may not be recognized by the laptop.

5. After rebooting plug the adapter of your 10/100 network switch into a wall outlet.

6. Check if the lights of the ports WAN and LAN 1 are blinking. An active connection is represented if the green lights are blinking. Also, you can check the Internet connection by opening the browser.

7. To test each port on the Ethernet switch, unplug the cable from LAN 1 and plug it in all remaining ports. When connecting it to each port, check for a blinking green light and open the browser on the laptop.

Most people have the same problem when it comes to the IT equipment – either not enough storage space, or entangled cables or other common network problems which can easily be resolved with the new rack accessories available on the market these days. These new server rack accessories find their use in both large offices and IT departments and in home networks. They all have the same puropse which is to solve the storage problem.


The demand for new server rack accessories grows at an enormous speed, due to the fact that new and innovative electronic devices are constantly introduced on the market. However, it is important to carefully consider which rack accessories you need to buy. Always buy rack accessories that properly fit and match the configurations of the network equipment you utilize. Here are some of the things you need to consider before you buy rack accessories.

Size Of The Equipment – Whether you need to buy a server rack or other type of new server rack accessories, it is important to check the size of the chosen model, not end up with one that you won’t even use. If you buy rack accessories that are not able to store your network equipment, then you have not only wasted your money, but time as well. To avoid such situations it is always better to buy rack accessories according to the size of the devises you already use.

Versatility – Due to the increased demand for the new server rack accessories, manufacturers produced a great number of versatile rack accessories, in order to meet the demands of each customer. Today, you will find efficient new server rack accessories that come in different size, height, easy side entry and other useful and practical features.

Customized vs. Universal Rack Accessories – Most IT companies prefer to buy universal server rack accessories instead of the custom made ones. Instead of splurging money and time on custom made racks, you can find a great number of new server rack accessories that come in different heights and sizes that will ideally store the equipment you have.

Rack Add-Ons – One of the latest trend is to buy rack accessories that can include additional add-ons. Instead of throwing money on custom made or expensive universal rack accessories, you can simply buy the ones that include the features you need at the moment but can be upgraded with other features in the future.