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Steps To Testing An Ethernet Switch

Ethernet Switch

Many companies prefer connecting computers on the Internet and setting up a local wired network, simply because it is the cheaper option than installing a wireless router. To do so, they need an Ethernet switch, a specific network switch for transmitting data at Ethernet standard rates. The Ethernet switch has replaced the Arcnet models of local area networks because it allows a safer and better connection to all computers connected. The key part of local area networking is the Ethernet switch, as it splints the Internet connection from one source and shares it with three, four or more computers, depending on the type of Ethernet switch.

The most common Ethernet switch is 10/100 network switch, suitable to small offices or home network for more computers. For example, a standard 10/100 network switch allows a connection between four computers and a printer. To ensure a safe connection, you need to properly test the Ethernet switch first. Here are the steps on how to test your Ethernet switch properly.

1. First, decide whether you need a 10/100 network switch or a faster one. Then make sure you have a laptop, two working Ethernet cables and of course, a suitable Ethernet switch.

2. Once you have everything you need, connect your laptop directly to the network source (router or modem) with an Ethernet cable. Check if you have an access to the Internet and if you do, it means that your network source is properly working.

3. Connect one of the Ethernet cables from the network source to the port WAN on the Ethernet switch. Then connect the other Ethernet cable from your laptop to the port LAN 1 on the Ethernet switch.

4. Once the cables are connected, you need to restart your network source in order to reboot the device. Without rebooting, the Ethernet switch may not be recognized by the laptop.

5. After rebooting plug the adapter of your 10/100 network switch into a wall outlet.

6. Check if the lights of the ports WAN and LAN 1 are blinking. An active connection is represented if the green lights are blinking. Also, you can check the Internet connection by opening the browser.

7. To test each port on the Ethernet switch, unplug the cable from LAN 1 and plug it in all remaining ports. When connecting it to each port, check for a blinking green light and open the browser on the laptop.