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Although not a new concept, backyard garden sheds have gained great popularity in the last decade. Smaller home designs and the need for more storage space explain the fact why more and more homeowners are adding a garden shed to their backyard. While a lot of Aussies are wasting money every month on self-storage   fees, others have realized that garden sheds are a much smarter alternative.

What Is The Purpose of a Garden Shed?

A garden shed is a small building used for storage. It can be simple or more complex, small or large, store-bought or a DIY project and it can be made from different materials to match your house’s exterior. It can be used for various purposes, including:

  • Storing gardening tools, a lawnmower, and other miscellaneous items;
  • Storing bikes and winter sports equipment;
  • Greenhouse or potting shed;
  • A child’s playhouse;
  • An office or a gym room, separated from the main house.


But aside from having a place to put bikes, tools and other stuff away, sheds are not a merely clearing-backyard-clutter innovation. They are primarily designed to protect your stuff from the elements. In other words, investing in a quality shed will save you from making other investments, hence the importance to choose it right. Today, there is a wide range of materials, sizes and styles to choose from which means you will need to consider your needs and preferences and choose accordingly.


Garden sheds can be made from wood, metal or plastic. Many would say that wooden sheds are the most durable as they have been used for centuries. They are also considered the most attractive. However, wood is a natural product that is subject to warping. It is just a natural consequence of the material being exposed to different weather conditions. While it can be nice to have a natural-looking shed in your garden, make sure you are ready to treat it annually with paint or preservative to keep its good look.


Metal backyard garden sheds offer a number of advantages over their wooden counterparts. They feature an integrated locking system which prevents the door from being prised open. Some models don’t have windows to keep valuable items out of the sight of potential burglars. Metal sheds also give homeowners peace of mind that pests will be kept at bay, so the shed and its contents will remain unaffected. These units are also covered in a powder coat paint that makes them weatherproof and very durable.

Plastic sheds are the cheapest type of storage space you will come across on the market. Aside from the damp-proof membrane needed when installing them, plastic sheds require very little maintenance. However, these units are not very stylish and they can’t be repainted.


When buying, you should also consider how you plan to use the shed and what you’ll store in it. If you want to keep your garden essentials in it, such as a lawnmower, rakes and small garden tools, then a small shed will provide just the right storage space you need. If you need enough room to store a BBQ and small garden furniture, a medium-size shed would be more suitable. For multi-uses, large sheds are the ideal choice as they enable you to store a wide array of goods. With a large shed, you might have enough room to create your own workshop.

The size of your yard will also be a determining factor when it comes to the size of the shed you can fit into your space. For small gardens and patios, a small shed (4×6 or 4×8) will provide much valuable outdoor space. Medium-sized gardens can make great use of medium-sized sheds for keeping gardening tools and medium-sized furniture. If you have a large garden, you can benefit from the extra storage space that large sheds offer.


Don’t worry if your garden doesn’t have much space to offer. With the diverse range of shed styles on the market today, you are bound to find one that suits your garden. Pent or lean-to sheds, for example, are designed to be positioned on the side of a property, which means you don’t have to compromise on garden space. Corner sheds are also a great choice for small gardens. When style and size are important factors, metal sheds that feature sliding doors keep the unique compactness and tidiness while maximizing the space where they are placed.

Store-Bought or DIY Sheds?

Although building a backyard garden shed is not Quantum Science, buying a finished product is most certainly the easiest way.
But if you are interested in how to make a backyard shed by yourself, here’s a short tutorial  to help you out in the process.

There is no doubt that a garden shed is a practical addition to any home. It is a great storage solution that will help you store all your gardening tools, bikes and literally anything you cannot store inside your home. It is very natural for us people to collect a lot of things during the years. Some of them we use on a daily basis while others just seasonally. Garden sheds are the ideal solution to this never-ending problem. However, there are a few things to consider if you want to make the most out of your investment.

If you have the space and budget, there’s no reason not to splurge on a hot tub. Just imagine being able to unwind with the help of warm, bubbling water at the end of a hard day. The idea sure sound enticing. And considering how most of us have stressful and demanding jobs, we can use some pampering and relaxation more often. If you’re reading this, I’m sure you already decided to invest in a spa. But as with any expensive purchase, you want to make sure that you get the perfect deal for your money. With that being said, here are some important factors to consider when choosing the right hot tub for you.

4 person spa


When it comes to choosing the size of the hot tub, consider the location where you plan to install it. Are you looking for an indoor spa for your bathroom? In that case, you may want to look at smaller hot tubs. Besides being able to fit in most spaces, smaller spas built for two people are also more affordable to run and easier to maintain. On the other hand, if you need room for you, your partner and your kids or want to invite friends over to share the waters, you may want to look into larger models such as a four person hot tub. A four person hot tub is usually a great solution as it is small enough to fit in a bathroom or on a balcony, and large enough to accommodate several people. On the other hand, if you have a large enough space in your yard, you can look into 6, 7 or 8 person models or even a swim spa if you want the added benefit of being able to swim.


Considering how a hot tub is an expensive purchase, you want it to last as long as possible. The material a hot tub is made of is usually what determines its lifespan. With that being said, acrylic and fibreglass models are considered as the most long-lasting options due to being very resistant to damage and fading. On the other hand, while a wooden shell may look like an attractive choice, it’s usually a bad idea as wood can warp when exposed to moisture and humidity.

Ease of Maintenance

The purpose of a hot tub is to let yourself unwind and relax. That being said, having to clean the hot tub very often does not quite fit the idea of relaxing. While hot tubs do need some cleaning from time to time, there are some features that can make them much easier to maintain. One such feature is the special antibacterial and anti-fungal coating called “Microban”. This type of coating is 100% non-porous which makes it hard for dirt and bacteria to stick to, thus resulting in a hot tub that gets dirty less often. Additionally, make sure to pick a good filter that can prevent particles from getting caught in the water pump and clogging it.

The hot tub, also called by the much fancier name – spa, is more than just your giant bathtub where you can unwind with a glass of wine or your partner, or best of all – both. In fact, hot tubs are a form of hydrotherapy which can have amazing benefits for your health. Using hydrotherapy regularly can help you relax, improve your sleep, alleviate muscle and joint paint, and improve blood circulation. Whether you’re planning to get a spa for pure indulgence or for a certain health reason, here are some steps that can help you decide which one to get.

Hot Tub

Set Your Budget

Let’s be honest, getting a hot tub is a major purchase. On average, hot tubs can range between $6000 – $30 000, depending on size and additional features. Extra features like entertainment systems and lighting are sure nice to have, but they can also significantly increase the price of the spa. Therefore, before considering deluxe models, you should know how much you can spend. Before you take your wallet out, browse all your available options. A good way to do so is to take a look at the wide range of hot tubs online and decide which features are essential for you and which are not. Even the most basic models still offer you the great benefits of hydrotherapy, if that’s what you’re looking for. But if you want a spa experience focused on entertainment, modify your budget to include the various bells and whistles that can make your spa exactly how you want it to be.

Decide on the Material

There are two types of materials you can choose from: all natural wood, or sturdy fibreglass and polypropylene. If you opt for the classic beauty a wooden spa can have, be ready for some high maintenance. Wood is a material that can shrink or expand when exposed for long periods to moisture. Also, some badly made wooden spas can experience leakage. On the other hand, polypropylene and fibreglass hot tubs consist of several layers which prevent leakages. Furthermore, these hot tubs require less cleaning and maintenance. The choice of material should eventually come down to your personal taste.

How Much Room Do You Need?

In the case of hot tubs – size really matters. Do you envision yourself in a cosy, little tub for two, or in a large-sized model with plenty of room for more people? Choosing a large-capacity model is a major consideration. A tub for 6 or 8 people requires plenty of maintenance and more power to run. But if you’re planning to grow your family or want to share your spa with friends, consider a model that can accommodate at least four people. But most importantly, consider whether you actually have enough space to fit a large-sized tub.

As soon as you make up your mind on wanting to create a garden, it’s needless to say you expect the best outcome. Seeing your garden thrive is part of the success, and is the encouragement you’d get to continue with the great job, and work on those green thumb skills. One of the things you learn as a gardener is how to rely on nature, which would in turn make you get in the habit to make organic choices instead of synthetic.

Of course you’d try fertilising with chemicals, but soon you’d start to wonder how to amp up the organic compounds in your garden, and do what’s best for your plants by providing them with natural solutions. That’s how you’d get to mulching.

Electric Mulcher

Mulch is the natural protective covering for your plants and soil, that won’t just serve as a coat and shield them from weather conditions, as well as provide them with the necessary nutrients, but would also prove to be the perfect way to battle unwanted weeds as it cuts down their nutrients. And all you need to start mulching is to get yourself an electric mulcher.

As you’d find out, this is a mighty power tool, reaching chipping speed of 4500 RPM, that would greatly reduce your time trying to get the garden back in order after all the leaves start falling around from your trees, and you get bonus help if you get an electric mulcher that’s also a vacuum which would save you from raking the leaves too.

Though usually you’d want to wait up for leaves to dry, there are mulchers that work just as great with wet as they do with dry leaves, including give you the option to get bushy branches chopped thanks to an oversized hopper. When the mulcher does its job and shreds the leaf material, add them in a compost bin, so that the mulching process can begin and work out throughout winter.

This would ensure you get your mulch ready for the upcoming spring season. To help out the process, it’s best to separate the material in layers, and add grass clippings over each to supply the material with the needed nitrogen so that leaves would break down easily, as well as a bit of water just to provide the compound with some moisture – mind you though, nothing too wet!

Once spring comes, you can be sure the mulch would be ready to use, so you can start applying it over the soil. The way the mulch contributes to the soil’s nutrients is through decomposing, and it would provide the soil with enough moisture and nutrients so you can cut down on the fertilising with chemicals, as well as watering frequently. Now that you know how easy it is to create mulch, hopefully you’re inspired enough to make this organic matter part of your garden.

Trees are beautiful additions to any garden. They provide a thick and cool shade to chill under on sunny days and attract singing birds that make your outdoor space even more lively. However, nothing in this world is perfect and trees have their downsides too.

When trees start shedding their leaves, not only are you left with a bare tree, but also with a mess that’s destroying the perfect balance of your landscape. It doesn’t even have to be your tree, thanks to the wind, leaves from trees hundreds of metres away can find their way to your yard. Therefore, leaf blowers are a must-have tool that can help any garden owner clean his windblown walkways, front porch or garden beds from debris as well as some light snow. If you are looking for a leaf blower, here are a few steps to help you make a smart purchase.

Spending all your working hours inside an office is not as fun as some people might think. Some offices feel like cages and you’re basically trapped inside 4 walls. But there are certain ways to break monotony, and the best way to do it is by incorporating some greenery into your working place. What’s not to love about plants? They reduce tension, anxiety and stress, and add appeal and class to your working place. But most importantly, they’re the first step towards living a greener life.


Offices and building environments look much more calming and feel like nicer places to be in when plants are present – they are colourful, interesting and relaxing. The effects plants have on us allow us to perceive our surroundings better and make us feel more comfortable. Furthermore, they’re known as great productivity boosters. Concentration, focus and cognitive tasks are all improved, and fewer mistakes are made overall. These performance enhancements are attributed to the plants’ ability to reduce carbon dioxide in the air.

Some people are afraid of having plants in their office because they think taking care of them would take up much of their time. However, modern commercial office planters are an easy solution to that problem. They have self-watering features which help keep all the nutrients in the soil, and water the plants only when necessary. The water reservoir of the planters can take care of the plants’ watering needs for about a week, and afterwards all you will have to do is fill it up.


Moreover, besides the psychological benefits plants can have on people, they can play a huge role in the overall look of your office as well. You can interconnect multiple commercial office planters and place them in a way so they can act like walls. Therefore, you don’t need expensive art on your walls to make the office look classier. You can simply put up a planter or two with a succulent or peace lily in it to make your office look more welcoming. Or, if you are into more classy and complex plant options and love the vibes that certain combinations of plants emit in a space, you can look up ways to group different plants in one planter to create a more vivid office sight.

By taking care of plants, you’re actively working on yourself to be more environment-conscious as well. The plants will increase the oxygen levels in your office and the self-watering planters will save you water. There are probably zero reasons why you shouldn’t invest into some planters and plants for your office. Just make sure the plants you pick can thrive with limited sunlight and that they are a good fit for the planters, so they don’t clamp their roots and die out. You don’t need to be a scientist to realize that there are no disadvantages of having plants in your working place. Take your office to a new level!

If there’s one thing today’s world needs more of it’s got to be greenery. Knowing the importance of plants, we still fail to give them as much attention as they need and even focus more on creating new and enlarged cityscapes. Considering the ratio of the amount of greenery and pollutants in a city, parks alone aren’t enough. This is a worthy reason to make you think of becoming a gardener. It doesn’t matter how small you go so long as you contribute to the preservation of the environment. With the trend of tiny gardens nowadays, gardening has never been easier because you can have plants just about anywhere, be it your balcony, patio, deck, or even inside your home by your kitchen counter or living room bookshelves (where there’s a will, there’s a way!).


People have made a huge deal about GMO foods on the internet and TV and most of them automatically associate it with negativity. However, that’s not always the case. Genetically modified organisms don’t necessarily need to be negative, but the greedy mass production industries make them so. They don’t modify the vegetables and fruits to be nutritious and tasty, they modify them to be big in size, appealing to the eye and to meet the huge demand, sacrificing the healthy values and taste.


There are not many ways you can get your hands on some healthy and tasty vegetables nowadays. You need to either grow them yourself, or get them from someone in your close family. If you do take the first approach – growing them by yourself, there are a few things you should know and consider before doing so. Before you plant the seeds, you need to ensure they originate from a quality and reputable farm. You can buy vegetable seeds online from many reputable vendors that have been growing nutrient-rich and tasty seeds for over a few decades.

A lot of people that live in urban areas are discouraged and think they don’t have the means to grow their own vegetables. Wrong. You don’t need much space to grow your favourite vegetables and there are certainly modern solutions to your space limitation. There are vegetable garden planter boxes that have self-watering features and will give you the freedom to continue with your everyday responsibilities without worrying too much about the vegetables.

Vegetable Garden Planter Boxes

Furthermore, the self-watering vegetable garden planter boxes will ensure the nutrients stay inside the soil, while preventing over or under-watering of the vegetables, ensuring they grow healthy and in good conditions, which is something of great importance. The benefits of growing your own vegetables are numerous, here are a few notable ones:

  • Save money on groceries – Your grocery bills will decrease as you’ll be growing your own tasty vegetables. You can buy vegetable seeds at very affordable prices and you can dry them to use them next year as well.

  • Stop worrying about the safety of the food – Many people are concerned about the quality of the food they consume. By growing your own food you’ll no longer have that fear, knowing that your food is grown in great conditions, thus it is healthy and safe.

  • Build a sense of pride – Watching your seeds blossom under your care can give you a feeling of gratification. This is one of the most important things in life and it can take you back (mentally) to times where everything wasn’t mechanized.