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Marketing creativity is nothing new. But now that digital media and eCommerce are booming, creativity is more crucial than ever. In the future, marketing’s significance and the value of innovation within it are both projected to only increase.

Businesses of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500 corporations, can benefit from creative marketing. By offering something distinctive that benefits your clients, you may set yourself apart from your opponents.

When you regularly and consistently add and publish to several channels as opposed to just one channel on its own, you’ll find that your results are far more valuable. Additionally, creativity may be a powerful tool for creating a unique brand identity and raising consumer awareness of your competitive advantages.

Try New Office Marketing Ideas

Enhance Entrance Signs with Light

One of the first things customers will notice when they enter your place of work is your outdoor signage business concept, so it’s always a good idea to ensure that your visual branding is top-notch. For that purpose, adding electric lights to your signs can be an effective method to stand out. Not all businesses that are open 24/7 need to have illuminated signage. It can be a smart idea to leave the signage up and running even for businesses that close at 5 p.m.

Interior Signage is Just as Important

office interior signage

The interior signage business ideas have the power to positively appeal to customers. If done right it can be an effective and straightforward source of information in the most alluring manner that appeals to the majority of clients. These indoor signs also serve as décor, altering how the working space appears. They can be the ideal approach to promote your company’s name and brand statement.

Any company that has inside signage promotes a professional atmosphere for both employees and customers. The use of appropriate signs has been found to maintain staff productivity and promote cooperation, comfort, and teamwork.

Get Creative With Your Personnel Name Tags

Even if they only recognize your name from your ID, it’s good to go to work in a place where everyone is acquainted with you. Badges help your staff feel like they belong in your business. Giving your staff members this confidence boost will improve their perceptions of both the firm they work for and of themselves. Badges provide a further opportunity for creative promotion of your company’s logo. So, make sure that is appropriate for the formality of your workplace.

Boost Your Online Presence

Host An Influencer Takeover

influencer takeover

The influencer marketing industry is very large. Online, there are plenty of micro-influencers with sizable followings that are available for your advertising needs. Encourage them to write a review of your business, service, or product if you can; this will help promote your offering. Make contact with influencers who are already familiar with your target market and offer to send them your goods. And before doing any of this, make sure your own social media accounts and website are up and running.

Publish Content From Guest Contributors

Invite experts who have interesting perspectives and comparable interests to write a guest post for your site. They’ll most probably share it, which could lead to new lovers of your work and company among their following. Offer to contribute and publish content on those well-read blogs or busy websites. Not only will it help you with SEO, but it will also broaden your audience and give your business more personality.

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are mini 24-hour diaries that you can add to throughout the day with images, videos, text, stickers, and other special effects. These are a common form of Instagram media where you may be spontaneous and creative without stressing over perfectionism. Being open and raw is the best way to connect with your existing and potential customer base.

Start Posting to Deal Sites

Free goods are loved by all people, however some more than others. Deal sites and forums are typically frequented by those who truly appreciate a good bargain. You can post your contest in the virtually universally-present forum section for sweepstakes and competitions. Slickdeals is a good place to start, then expand from there. This is a fantastic way to market restaurants and other customer-service customer-service-based businesses.

Take Your Presence to the Streets

Use Your Environment


Consider how you might use your urban surroundings for possible marketing business signage magic. Use your imagination. You can take advantage of nearby objects for your gain or post flyers in places where people would see and read them. Don’t be afraid to have some fun and show off your company’s personality.

Commission a Mural

Consider requesting permission to paint a sizable mural on the side of a noticeable structure. Marketing initiatives can benefit greatly from murals because they are there for everyone to see. And don’t be afraid to use humour in your campaign.

Think About Unusual and Humanitarian Sponsorships

Living in an urban area provides some distinctive marketing options that aren’t available elsewhere. The trick is that to take advantage of these chances, you must think differently. Also, helping your local community by sponsoring a humanitarian event can activate your good karma and boost your employee’s pride that they are a part of your business journey.

So, get inspired and begin your marketing campaign today!

Musculoskeletal disorders aren’t a joke and unfortunately, they’re closely related to poorly designed workstations. Back pain, neck pain, shoulder stiffness are some of the many disorders you can get by working in an office that isn’t ergonomically designed, but fortunately, all of this can be prevented. All it takes is ditching the old workstation pieces and investing in new ergonomic ones. The first step towards setting up an ergonomic workstation is investing in an ergonomical mouse.

One of the most essential pieces of equipment that every commercial facility needs in order to be kept clean is the cleaning trolley, also known as the janitorial cart. As insignificant as it may seem, having one (or multiple, depending on the size of the facility and the number of cleaning staff) can make the cleaning process not only much easier and convenient but also significantly safer.

janitorial cart

If your job heavily relies on working on a computer, chances are you are no stranger to the toll that desk work can take on your body. Neck pain, backache, sore wrists and fingers, and eyestrain are just some of the many health issues associated with sedentary jobs. If you’re already experiencing these problems or you want to do everything in your power to avoid them, you might want to consider improving your workstation ergonomics.

It is no lie that about 15% of Australians have back problems. This statistic is based on self-reported data from the ABS, which means that the number is probably higher, as there are people, like myself, who refuse to acknowledge the pain and only see it as an inconvenience. However, after years of suffering and denying the fact that I needed help, I finally came to my senses and decided to do something to try get rid of the nagging back pain that tortured me mainly when I was sitting in the office.

Sitting for long periods of time is part of a work day for many people. Unfortunately, sitting for many hours poses numerous health risks related to pain in lower back, sore arms and shoulders, neck, headaches, fatigue in legs and more. If your work requires sitting for hours, what you ought to do is invest in quality, comfortable and ergonomic office chair that will best match your body and work environment.

Office chair Australia manufacturers offer wide range of office chairs. But, you are probably wondering how to choose the chair that will provide the best support. Truth is, there are many things to consider in order to choose the office chair that will best suit your body shape and working environment. Follow our step-by-step guide to select the best chair for you.


  • Important Ergonomic Features

Back support – Many office chair Australia retailers offer ergonomic office chairs with back rest that is specially designed to provide lumbar support. This type of chair is the best option because its design is shaped to match the natural curve of your spine providing comfort and support for your back.

Seat support – For comfortable sitting, look no further than office chair with adjustable seat. This will enable you to adjust the seat to your height. Also, make sure the particular office chair you plan to buy is firm and strong enough to support your weight.

ZEPHA "550" Elastomeric Mesh Office Chair

ZEPHA “550” Elastomeric Mesh Office Chair

Easy Adjustable Chair To Position And Height – Since you change the position of your body during the day, you need to choose a chair that can easily adjust to such changes. Majority of office chair Australia manufacturers provide chairs that can be suited to different users’ needs in terms of height and body position.

  • Types of Materials

Mesh – Office chairs made of mesh allow air passage which helps in the control of your body’s heat. These are ideal and very useful if you live and work in hot and humid climate environment.

Molded Foam – Office chairs made of mold foam are the most common type of office chair Australia stores offer. This material is perfect because it has the ability to contour the body’s natural shape.

Leather – Be it a top-grain or imitation leather, this material is considered to be the best quality material when it comes to office chairs. It’s easy to clean and maintain.

If you feel like if sitting was a sport you’d be so ready for the Olympics, welcome to the club. With the busy lives we lead, many of us spend most of their days sitting in their office chairs. But the saddest part about it is that most of these people go back home and …oh well, sit on their couch and watch TV. Such a huge mistake that could cost you your health! As you may have guessed it, sitting for such a long period of the day is definitely not a healthy choice and this habit (or necessity for that matter), slowly takes a tool on your health. In fact, aside of adding excessive stress to your spine, sitting is associated to an array of other health drawbacks.