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When designing and renovating your home, one of the most critical decisions is choosing the right flooring. Your choice won’t just affect the way your house looks, but also your comfort and functionality as well as the duration of the floors. The flooring is the largest surface of your home and picking the right type can be hard and sometimes expensive, but when you choose the one suited for your home, it will make all the difference. Amidst the multitude of options available, there’s one that has taken the flooring world by storm lately and that’s vinyl.

Every home can use an update from time to time. You may have an older house that needs decent work done or a newer apartment that you haven’t changed a thing in since you moved in, and it starts looking boring. Either way, a complete renovation can feel overwhelming. Or you might not feel ready to invest in a full-blown remodel. Luckily, there are some simple DIY projects for a more modern home look to avoid intimidating work and save some money, by the way. Check out these easy ideas to brighten the look of any space.

The quality, toughness, durability, ease of installation and maintenance are the essential factors that are considered when one is looking for the best option for flooring in hospitals. A hospital floor will have to stay in good shape for a long, long time and endure through quite the beating – walking with all kinds of shoes, potentially by thousands of people on a daily basis, different types of wheels, falls of different objects, a lot of stains and so on.

If there’s one area in your home that should be completely designed according to your needs and wishes, it’s the living room! Considering it’s the place where you spend most of your time relaxing, reading and watching TV whether alone or with your loved ones, there is no room for compromise. So, how can you get a living room that offers the utmost comfort and functionality? With the help of these 5 simple steps!

Get a Soft Natural Rug for Comfort Underfoot

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Along with the other elements, the right rug can tie the room together, making it feel like the perfect whole. If want to make your living room feel warm, defined and compact, try decorating with rugs. But not just any rugs you come across, though.

Natural wool rugs are what you should focus your search on. The fact that most natural rugs are hand-crafted by artisan rug makers using a high-quality wool and cotton blend makes them a durable addition. What’s more, you’d also get unmatched comfort since wool rugs are very soft to the touch because the natural fibres give them a plush texture that is comfortable for walking and sitting alike.

When it comes to style, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Wool allows for the creation of all sorts of rug styles from rustic to oriental, contemporary and coastal. If you have a minimalist or Scandi-inspired living room, you can find lovely natural rugs in pastel and earthy tones with a variety of simplistic patterns. If on another hand you want something more special and eye-catching, you can pick an ornamental floor area rug that represents the perfect mix of exotic vibes and a nomadic lifestyle. One might say that the rug itself is a work of art.

Some of the rugs also have a woven, braided or chunky construction. Seeing the intricate craftsmanship of a wool rug, one might say that the rug itself is a work of art. And while natural rugs can often be found within an affordable price range, they will significantly increase the value of your home.

No Living Room Is Complete Without a Coffee Table

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Coffee tables are a synonym of living room functionality. You can place drinks on them, put your feet up to relax, or decorate them with scented candles, magazines, books, flowers and so much more. And in addition to their functionality, they also look amazing. You can find a coffee table that is as simple as it gets or a get one that looks like it’s straight from a museum.

The wide range of colours and designs available make it very easy for you to find your ideal coffee table that will match the rest of the living room decor. And again, you can pick a coffee table that will blend in or one that will stand out. It all depends on your taste really, and what you want to create out of your living room space.

A Mini Library Makes the Perfect Decor

If you’re a bookworm or just someone that loves the vibe that home libraries bring, install one in your living room. Even if your space is small, you can find a bookshelf that will fit perfectly and bring a homey feel to space and the house too. As the saying goes – a house without books is like a room without windows.

For better functionality and to save some floor-space, instead of a bookshelf you can install floating or built-in shelves. That way you save up space while at the same time making the room look modern and edgy. You can further accessorize the shelves by placing different types of objects among the books. You can place candles, framed photos and plants. Also, bookshelves can be the perfect place for your art pieces. The more personaliz=sed your bookshelves are, the better and more intriguing they’ll look.

Get as Many Pillows as Possible

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Nothing speaks style more than a bunch of decorative pillows casually arranged on your sofa, chairs and floor. First and most important, pillows provide you with much-needed comfort and support your back, neck and shoulders while you’re sitting or lying down. But they can also be the piece of accessory that makes the room look aesthetic.

Throw pillows come in many colours and designs and can be made from a wide range of textiles like silk, leather or faux leather, cotton, linen and velvet. You can find the perfect colour and design to match the rest of your living room accessories. Throw pillows also vary when it comes to shape and size. You can find standard square throw pillows, round and triangular and pillows in the shape of a heart, star or moon. There isn’t a limitation.

For a better visual appeal you can choose throw pillows in strong contrasting colours and texture in order to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Throw pillows are the perfect accessory that will tie everything up in the room.

Bring Some Nature In

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Plants can significantly improve the ambience and air quality in your house. Incorporating plants in your living room decor is a great idea especially if you’re someone that loves nature and greenery. You can pick plants that are low-maintenance and you can place them alongside the books on your living room bookshelf that I mentioned previously.

Green is the colour of peace and safety. It symbolises nature, good luck and health. A room decorated with plants and greenery has a calming effect on people. For your living room, you can get an aloe plant that requires very little maintenance but has plenty of health benefits. You can also get the snake plant with green and yellow thick and waxy leaves that looks amazing as an accessory. And if you want to add a pop of colour try with the peace lily that has gentle white flowers or coloured cactuses.

Floors are one of the most important features of any place, and even more so when it comes to the one place in the world where you feel safest and most comfortable – your home. Whatever floor you choose, it’s going to be a part of your home for a long time. And this is why it’s really hard to make up your mind when shopping for flooring.

To make things easier for you, we’re going to focus on vinyl and what makes it such a great option for everyone. If you are looking for an affordable flooring solution that’s going to look great in your home, but more importantly, will be able to withstand a lot, vinyl flooring may be the perfect option for you. There are many good reasons why you’d want to buy vinyl flooring for your home and even your business.

vinyl flooring for living room with brown sofa bed and two coffee tables

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Every great design story starts with a carefully selected base to build upon. And in your home, the the flooring is the foundation which will carry the complete interior. If you are already thinking about laminate, I wouldn’t blame you. After all, this is a type of floor easy to install as well as vinyl flooring, holds well up to wear and tear and can suit anyone’s budget.

If you love to have the traditional look of wood in your home cannot afford it, laminate a more affordable alternative that retains the same charm. And with more and more options showing up, laminate can now be made to look like ceramic tiles or slate. Without a doubt there are many things in favour of laminate, but it’s up to you to make the right pick for your home and our step by step guide is here to help.

Vinyl Floor Covering In Bathroom

Bored with your bathroom and want to update its outmoded look but renovation is impossible because of the high costs? What if we tell you that there is another way to give your bathroom a makeover by simply installing a vinyl floor covering? Yes, that’s very possible! And affordable! And trendy! And awesome!

An updated bathroom can instantly add more beauty and value to your home. A new vinyl floor covering is the most inexpensive way to get a new bathroom and you can complete this project in one weekend. Yes, that’s right!

This floor covering is very similar to sheet vinyl covering, as they have almost the same basic installation requirements. Even the same tools are used. If you are thinking about installing a vinyl floor covering in your bathroom, here are the vital steps you need to follow.

#1: Estimate How Much Covering You Need

First measure both the width and the length of the bathroom floor in square meters. Once you have the measurements, proceed and prepare the room for the vinyl floor covering.

#2: Prepare The Room For Vinyl Floor Covering

First, remove all the furniture, appliances and the toilet seat from the bathroom. Then, take the door out of the hinges. If there is a floor trim molding, remove it using a pry bar. Put the pry bar between the trim and the wall, but be careful not to damage the wall. To protect the wall, put a small wooden piece when prying the trim. If there are any nails from the wall, use a plier to remove them.

#3: Prepare The Floor For Vinyl Floor Covering

The vinyl floor covering can be installed on any type of material, including concrete. The area where the covering will be applied should be clean, smooth and dry. If there are any cracks or holes, repair them before installing the covering. Use a grinder to lower any high spots you notice and take a sledgehammer to remove any minor bumps from the concrete flooring. Once the flooring is in good condition, you can apply the vinyl floor covering with the help of an embosser. If your floor is hardwood, embossed, uneven or cushioned, underlayment will be required. Also, if you are removing the old floor or the rough area is too severe for a covering, cover it with a layer of underlayment.

#4: Fit The Vinyl Floor And Install It

To make sure your bathroom will look amazing, cut the floor to fit and fit each piece of the covering in place. You can either use a template or an installation kit to fit the covering. This will require an adhesive to the subfloor before you lay the floor in position. Then just press firmly and wait for it to lock in place. At the end, clean the excess of adhesive and you have your new bathroom.

Loose lay flooring is a common choice of many homeowners. Interior designers love it as it is very versatile and easy to install and maintain. More importantly, it can fit almost any style of furniture and room décor since it is available in many different colours.

Loose lay flooring also gives warmth to the room, something that marble for example, simply can’t offer. Probably the best feature of loose lay is the fact that it is very easy to install. If you choose loose lay that doesn’t require the use of adhesives or click system, than your job is even easier! The entire procedure is very simple, and it comes down to carefully following few steps.


1. Preparing the sub floors

Loose lay can be installed on wooden and concrete floors, PVC covering, ceramic tiles and on existing flooring. The important thing is to clean the surface and prepare it properly beforehand. If you have wooden flooring, the wood should be of building quality, flat and smooth. It should be swept clean and there shouldn’t be any debris before the installation of loose lay flooring. Concrete floors shouldn’t have any cement leftovers, cracks or unevenness. PVC, ceramic tiles or existing flooring should just be in good shape; if there are any holes, make sure you fill them and smooth the surface.


2. Installation procedure

  • Measure the room first to know the squareness of the walls and the width of the last row of planks. If the width of the last row of planks is less than 50 mm, you should adjust the first row as well, so you’d get even looking flooring.
  • Start placing the planks in the direction where most traffic flow is in the room. Loose lay flooring should be parallel to the longest room dimension.
  • Place the first three rows tightly together to form the foundation, and make sure they are completely straight, as these will give you guidance of direction and how should the rest of the flooring be placed.
  • If you need to cut the planks, use only a sharp utility knife.
  • After each cut, use end joints to finish the plank.
  • If you need to cut shapes, use a pattern and your utility knife to cut the flooring into the desired shape.

3. Maintenance

Loose lay flooring requires a very simple and regular cleaning:

  • Make sure you vacuum or sweep the floor regularly to remove debris and dust;
  • Wipe any spills right away to prevent stains;
  • Don’t use wax, polishers or other cleaners;
  • Use floor protector pads when moving heavy furniture to prevent scratches;
  • Don’t expose loose lay flooring to direct sunlight for long time

Additional guidelines would include to avoid scratching loose lay flooring by moving heavy furniture often. Also, make sure the doors are tightly attached and straight, because if they are loosen on the upper attachment even a tiny bit, they will lean towards the ground and scratch your floors every time you open or close them. Keep the room temperature between 14°C and 28°C and you’ll have floors that will serve you for a long time.

Tired of paying high heating bills? Wonder how you can keep your house warm this winter in the most cost-efficient way? Well, we have the right solution for you – Carpet Underlay! By laying carpet underlay your carpet will be soft and comfortable that you would rather lay on it while watching TV. The carpet underlay creates a smooth and solid foundation for any type of finishing flooring. And it prolongs the life span of your beautiful carpet. Many homeowners prefer and suggest laying carpet underlay, because the underlays offer excellent heat insulation.

Laying carpet underlay underneath your carpet gives you a lot of benefits. No more draft, no more noisy neighbors! Now, your carpet will have a softer feel. And, it’s pretty easy to install. You don’t have to hire someone to do the installation for you. You can place the underlay all by yourself, saving in this way money. All that you need to do is to follow the following simple steps:

Laying Carpet Underlay

Step 1 – Before you start doing anything, prepare the surface where you plan to put the carpet underlay. Clean your your floor by using a vacuum cleaner. It’s recommended to check your floor surface for any screws, nails, holes or any other surface defects. If there are any surface defects, try to cover or repair them before you proceed laying the carpet underlay.

Step 2 – Size matters right? Therefore, make sure you measure the room properly so you don’t get short. It’s better to leave at least 20 centimeters extra on each side, just to make sure you can cover the whole surface. You can always cut the excess later on.

Step 3 – Once you clean the surface and measure the exact size, it’s time to place the underlay from one end to another. You must be careful when laying carpet underlay. Push the sheet tightly against the wall and cut the extra underlay by using a sharp cutting tool.

Step 4 – Next, fix the underlay to the floor by using a staple gun. You can even add screws on every 10 to 15 centimeters. Laying carpet underlay is not a time consuming process. In just 1 or 2 hours you will finish the whole job. If you are using a rubber underlay, then all you’ll have to do is cut out the exact size. Some underlays come in sheets, and you need to attach one sheet to another.

Step 5 – Finally, you are getting to the end. Take a razor knife and remove the excess underlay around the corners, vents and other obstructions that you have in your room. And there you go! You have a reliable and strong foundation for your beautiful carpet.