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Easy DIY Projects: 5 Steps to a Smooth Home Makeover

Every home can use an update from time to time. You may have an older house that needs decent work done or a newer apartment that you haven’t changed a thing in since you moved in, and it starts looking boring. Either way, a complete renovation can feel overwhelming. Or you might not feel ready to invest in a full-blown remodel. Luckily, there are some simple DIY projects for a more modern home look to avoid intimidating work and save some money, by the way. Check out these easy ideas to brighten the look of any space.

Change the Flooring

While first impressions of indoor space are all about the visuals, our first physical contact with it is through the flooring. It’s the foundation for your interior design that ultimately impacts the further layers of decoration.

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Since flooring is so important, it should be on top of your essential home project list. Looking old isn’t the only reason for replacing it; you can consider changing the flooring simply if you’re not happy with how it looks in one or all of your rooms.

You’re probably thinking okay but installing a new floor isn’t an easy idea. Well, installing hardwood and ceramic tiles may not be, but that’s not the case with vinyl flooring. Of all the DIY floor coverings, modern vinyl flooring is one of the simplest to install. It snaps together end-to-end and edge-to-edge, it’s simple to cut and doesn’t need you to bond it to the subfloor.

Is vinyl flooring good for home? Vinyl is a good flooring option for both residential and commercial settings. Whether you decide on LVT (luxury vinyl tile), vinyl plank or sheet vinyl, you can choose from stylish pattern options that mimic stone, wood and tile and have more long-term benefits than all of them together. Create unique, random patterns by combining solid and composite vinyl. Or consider printed vinyl to create a look of choice.

While the hottest design trends make for attractive home appeal, the durability of vinyl flooring and ease of maintenance make for functionality. Simply mopping it with a vinyl-approved detergent will make it as shiny as the day you bought it.

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If replacing the floor in your living room feels like a challenge too big for you, start small and try with smaller home areas like your laundry room or bathroom. Since it’s completely waterproof, vinyl is the best flooring option for such high-moisture spaces.

Refresh Your Walls

Cleaning the walls and applying a coat of vibrant new paint can instantly change a room’s look. Use virgin white to wash away your decorating sins, or give your drab walls a burst of brilliant depth with a pop of colour. Creating an accent wall can introduce a visual interest in an otherwise lacklustre room. Paint is a powerful tool to rearrange your reality, completely changing the look of a space. That’s why painting is one of the most oft-tackled DIY home-improvement projects.

Wallpaper is another great way to refresh your walls. Choose a nature-inspired theme to create a biophilic design that will add a sense calm and make your home more open to nature. While painting requires skills to achieve a wanted tone or colour, installing wallpaper requires only minimal crafting skills to get it done right. Whichever you choose, one thing is certain – it will make your refreshed floor vinyl design all the more noticeable!

Upgrade Fixtures and Countertops

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Older homes are more likely to have outdated brass or gold hardware and fixtures. Replacing them with modern ones can give your home a fresh look. The difference that such minor details can make will amaze you! You can choose from limitless options of styles and finishes and create a consistent look throughout the home. The best thing about changing fixtures is that it’s a super easy project everyone can do, no professional help needed.

If your budget allows for a pricier upgrade, consider new countertops. Laminate, concrete or engineered stone are some more affordable options. If you love the idea but are trying to stick to a budget, refinishing your existing countertops can provide you with a much-needed change. You can watch some YouTube tutorials on how to achieve a faux-granite or stone look using products that’ll fraction the cost. And if you like how it turns out, you can proceed to the cabinets. Good luck!

Enhance Interior Lighting

You might not see at first how updating your lighting can make a difference, but trust us on this one. Replacing that single rectangular light in the kitchen and those bedroom fan lights with strategically placed LED lights will make a huge impact. Although there’s nothing wrong with these fixtures, they tend to create a dim environment by not evenly distributing light. LED lights can dramatically change your interior and give it a fresh feel.

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Invest in Curb Appeal

Although you probably spend most of the time inside at home, especially in the winter, your home’s exterior décor is the first thing you and your guests see when they come to your house. To make a positive first impression of a modern home, you got to get it right by investing in its look.

Painting the front door, investing in a modern letterbox, adding some colourful landscaping elements and installing some outdoor lights are all interesting project ideas to enhance your home curb appeal. Decide what you like and do the math.

When a complete remodel is not a realistic option, know that little things matter too. Until a major remodel is feasible, roll your sleeves and try some of these easy DIY ideas to make changes for a more modern and stunning home.