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We all want our furry friends to stay safe when we are not around to make sure of it, but at the same time, we don’t want to keep them from being happy and running freely. A smart way to keep an eye on your pet when you’re not at home is to get a GPS tracker. A GPS chip in your dog’s collar acquires your pet’s position and sends the info to your GPS. This usually entails your pet’s location on a map, but today there are also some smart collars that can track more than just your furry friend’s location – they monitor activity and sleeping patterns as well.

Usually, GPS manufacturers include different options for mounting with the original packaging. However, if the mounts included in the package you buy do not satisfy your needs, you can buy an alternative mounting kit. When determining the best way to mount the GPS device in your vehicle, there are different options.



For this type of mounting method, you will need a smooth surface, which is why a lot of times you can see the mounting accessories GPS monitors are placed on attached to windshields. If your local laws don’t allow you to have anything mounted on your windshield, then you can place it on your dashboard. Keep in mind that it won’t work if it has a textured surface. Dog accessories GPS models that make use of a suction cup won’t hold up for long in a high-humidity environment.


Velcro patches on their own won’t do a good job but a holder with adhesive backed ones will definitely position your GPS monitor more firmly. Depending on its size, you may need multiple velcro patches in order to hold the device. However, the adhesive on the patch may lose its strength over time and the holder may get wonky and eventually fall off. If you travel quite often, you might want to stay away from velcro holders, so you don’t have to get a new one every other week.



This is a mounting method with which you can place your GPS monitor holder to more than just one spot. Depending on your cars’ interior, you can position it on your sun visor, air vent or cup holder. When doing so, it all comes down to personal preferences. Some people are distracted by it when it’s placed on the sun visor, some think that placing it on the air vents blocks air from coming in, others like having it placed close to their stick.

Who would have said we’d come this time and day where electronics would mean so much to us, being our constant companions, right? Despite being so advanced as they are, durability isn’t their forte, they still need a great deal of protection so that’s got to be a drawback but one that can be taken care of with few simple steps.

The Durable Phone Case

Let’s take the example of mobile phones; There are endless options of mobile phones to choose from, both expensive and affordable, and no matter how much you pay for them you still can’t bear the thought of damaging them in any way. This is why protective cases, like the many Incipio cases well known in Australia for their features, are a must.


More and more we are starting to see solar street lights popping up in places where we usually had regular street lights. But why is that so? Why had solar street lights started taking over traditional street light systems’ role? Well, with the rapid development of solar street lights, the new technology has started to outperform the traditional lights both cost efficiency and practicality wise.
So let’s go through the two different types of solar powered street lights, and how they differ from traditional street light systems.

Buying the right batteries for a flashlight, may be as important as buying the right flashlight itself. The right batteries can make or break the flashlight, and completely change the way you use it. When it comes to buying flashlight batteries, you’ll need to pick between reusable and disposable batteries. There’s no right or wrong choice, so depending on how often and how extensively you’ll use the flashlight, your choice may vary.

If you intend on using the flashlight frequently for a fair amount of time, then rechargeable batteries are undoubtedly the better choice. First and foremost, you won’t have to spend money on new disposable batteries that often. Instead, all you’ll need to do is just purchase batteries, a battery recharger, and you’ll be good to go. Granted, even rechargeable batteries have a limited life cycle, but you’ll get a fair amount of use out of them if you use them properly.


On the other hand, if you’re using the flashlight only occasionally, then you might be better off with disposable batteries, simply because they’re more affordable, and you won’t have to buy a battery recharger for them. Instead, you should just have a few packs of disposable batteries at hand, and replace them when you see the quality of the light on the flashlight diminish.

But not all batteries are built the same, regardless of whether they’re rechargeable or disposable. There are various different types of flashlight batteries, and the two most popular types are lithium-ion and NiMh. Lithium-ion are usually the more expensive type, but they’re arguably the best type as well. What makes them so good is the fact that they contain very high energy density, little loss of charge when on stand-by, and no memory effect.

Memory effect is the batteries’ ability to lose or keep charge. It’s basically the process in which batteries lose their maximum capacity when they keep getting recharged without being properly discharged. This brings me back to what I said previously – every battery has a life cycle, even quality rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, so how long the batteries hold up depends on how you use and recharge them.

And when it comes to chargers, you’ll typically have to pay anywhere from $10 to $100. So, when you consider how inexpensive chargers and even rechargeable batteries are, I’d definitely give it a second thought if I were considering disposable ones, as it takes a few recharges of the same batteries for the charger to pay off.

As the name itself implies, cable testers serve to determine the condition of cables so that the user knows whether they are working properly. These pieces of testing equipment are generally handheld and the testing begins with a press of a few buttons, once the device is attached to the cable that requires inspection. It takes a minute or so and then the device provides feedback regarding the condition.


If there’s something that holds the great power on Earth, it’s got to be emotions (the secret of a lifetime revealed: yes, we men have emotions too). Just think about it, what makes certain people present in our lives be so dear and near to our hearts – emotions. I’m not afraid to say emotions make the world go round, love can move mountains, or at the very least relocate you to far off places for the person you love. To those of you hoping to uncover a love story further in the post, I’m sorry to disappoint you, but this is another kind of a love story I have in mind.


olight cree torch

Here’s an idea if you’re up for adventures: make your wish for travelling and experiencing new things come true by joining an expedition! If you live near a University or an organization that does scientific research and exploration in remote places, pay them a visit and ask how can you join and contribute. Just please, make sure it’s something you’re passionate about so you don’t turn out to be a complete waste of time and resources to the organization just so you can fill in some of your free time.

In a world of technology, we’re dependent on our electronics every moment of every day. As bad as it might sound, it also brings about many prospects job wise. The never fading trend of social networking has made it possible for everyone, enthusiasts and professionals alike, to show off their photography skills and share their work with the world. Some succeed, some don’t, but it’s not to say you should give up on your dream altogether. Being a successful photographer takes some planning, kind of like when developing any business idea, as well as not giving up when the first obstacle appears.


It’s certain there’s no scarcity of photographers, so how does one start off? The answer is simple, all it takes is doing the right investments. When you invest, you know you’ve made the steps in the right direction and can be prepared to expect a positive outcome. Of course, it’s logical you’d have to invest in the proper equipment, not just thinking of the camera but also all the additional requisites, such as different lenses, tripod, filters, cleaning kit, quality batteries and straps. If your fund doesn’t exactly allow such expenditure for the time being, it’s advisable to rent pieces you’d like to try out and experiment with and invest in large format photo printer instead and give large format printing a chance.


Large format printing can make a world of difference and help you stand out from the crowd as it’s an investment that can work out in the long run. Starting out with getting your large prints out in the world could land you an exhibition, have your works of art hanging in people’s homes and even get you some extra money by printing out photographs for customers. It’s also going to help you with seeing where you can upgrade your skills as you get to edit your photographs better when they’re in large formats, since the resolution is most visible then, and fix problems without the use of filter programs but with using angles, focus, and photography rules such as the one of thirds.


Another step you should take, that’s also a kind of investment, is travelling. The more travelling experience you gather up, the more you get yourself out there in the world and increase your chances of meeting people along the way who can help with your success and promote your name. Besides, who can complain being out and about discovering more of the world and the diversity of cultures; you’d notice the changes in your photographs as you get more travelling wisdom. Invest in yourself, and success would be guaranteed.

olight flashlight

If you are looking to buy a long range flashlight, what you need is a throw flashlight. Despite the name, you don’t actually throw the flashlight itself. In fact, I would strongly recommend against doing that. It doesn’t work like a boomerang, a shuriken, a chakram, or any other throwing weapon. The “throw” part refers to the light beam. Basically, the two terms that are always used to describe the beam pattern which the flashlight gives off are flood and throw.

With a flood flashlight, the beam isn’t focused, but it lights up the whole area around the flashlight and they often have more output than throw flashlights. A standard light bulb in your home is an extreme example of a flood flashlight. It lights up the whole room without any specific direction.

A throw flashlight, on the other hand, is able to shoot a focused beam at very large distances without necessarily lighting up the area around the flashlight. An extreme version of that would be a spotlight. The most common way these flashlights are created is by using a parabolic reflector with the LED perfectly positioned in the focus so that all of the light that hits the reflector travels parallel to the same direction where the flashlight is pointing. Another way to do that is with the help of lenses and TIR optics.

When it comes to long throw LED flashlights, Olight are the true masters and one of their best models is the Olight SR52 UT. The SR52 Ultra Throw Intimidator is a next generation flashlight with more power in a small body and it really lives up to its name. Weighing at 405g, the Olight SR52 UT has a maximum output of 1100 lumens and can reach a distance up to an amazing 800 meters. This is all thanks to the latest Cree XP-L HI LED and the quality focus system and the ultra clear tempered glass lens with an anti-reflective coating.

One of the most notable differences between this and the previous model is that it has no dome which results in a more focused beam. It has a built-in charging USB port for its 18650 rechargeable lithium ion batteries and an indicator that will let you know when the batteries are full or running low. It has three different settings, plus a strobe mode and can run up to 40 hours at the lowest setting. It comes in a neat plastic box and a holster. You will also get a micro USB cable, a car adapter, two spare O-Rings, a user manual and a five year warranty. This flashlight is perfect for search and rescue operations, law enforcement and outdoor use in general.

If you just got out of film college and want to get into the production industry but don’t have the necessary funds yet to buy an expensive quality camera and all the equipment that you need for it, there’s no need to worry, there is a simple, more affordable solution – renting camera equipment. Even though this is a short term solution, since renting camera equipment frequently will eventually end up costing you more than buying an actual camera, it’s a good way to start making some serious money.


Most reputable shops and online stores will rent camera equipment at an affordable price for a couple of days or weeks, so there is no need to worry if you were hired as a photographer to a wedding and you don’t have a quality camera at your disposal. Or, if you just want a quality back-up camera in case things go wrong, because people are paying you good money to do some amazing shots, and you can’t let them down if you want to uphold a good reputation for yourself as a photographer. Here are some of the benefits that come along with renting camera equipment:

  • Test the Gear – When considering to purchase an expensive camera, lens, external flashes or any other accessories, you should test them beforehand. Most stores will let you equip some lens on the camera to try them out. Furthermore, you can try two or more different items on the spot to see which one will fit you better, instead of reading online reviews or relying on the advice of the salesperson.
  • Extra Gear – Most rentals will allow you to take more camera gear if you need it for a shorter period of time. Some will even go as far as giving you a backup camera so you can equip different lenses to save time on changing lenses constantly. This will also allow you to use some accessories that you otherwise wouldn’t, which might be essential at this point.
  • Budget Friendly – You will have access to camera gear out of your budget – amazing cameras, long and specialty lenses. In other words, you will be able to use equipment way above your budget, without breaking your bank. However, you need to weigh in the factors. For example, if you intend to rent camera equipment on many occasions, you should consider buying it, as renting it far too many times will eventually surpass its price.