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I think we can all agree that camping is a great activity for the entire family. But once you’re done exploring Mother Nature and get back home, you probably know how important it is to keep your caravan away from dirt, tree sap, bird droppings, rain and any other damages that can occur. But truth be told, not all of us are lucky to have a spacious garage or suitable extension for keeping our caravans protected, and this is the moment when covers for caravans come in.

Compacts and city cars never really took off in Australia like they did in Europe or Japan. We have different roads, and a huge landmass, so the shift to larger SUVs and 4WDs is more than expected. And this shows in the model lineups of almost every brand sold down under. Carmakers are quietly axing smaller cars. Possibly because of lower profit margins or the gradual shift in driver taste. Or a combination of both. Either way, even the few models remaining have seen huge price increases.

For many of us, cars aren’t just personal possessions. They’re a part of our identity and something we rely on and use every day. Because of this, it’s no wonder that we should take good care of our cars, making sure that everything is in order, clean, that the car is parked in a safe space, and so on. Still, as is the case with many things we identify with, there is always a desire to make our car stand out from the crowd and display our uniqueness. After all, we all buy factory-made vehicles which are all the same, so the urge is completely justified.

Cars that have engines powered by petrol or diesel work because of a thing called internal combustion. Internal combustion works by creating and using a chemical reaction to move the engine’s mechanical parts. This chemical reaction is caused by a spark from the spark plug igniting the fuel which becomes very flammable when mixed with oxygen, thus causing an expansion of high temperatures and pressure that applies direct force to the engine components. This pressure effectively turns the chemical energy into mechanical energy. This is why an air filter is such an integral part of any car, since it has the task of cleaning the air that the engine takes in.

Drivers often times neglect what’s happening under their cars in favour of what’s happening under their hoods, and little do they know that the two parts are tightly connected and relevant to each other in how they perform. This is quite a shame really, as the exhaust system which runs underneath the vehicle itself from the engine to the exhaust tip, can impact the entire vehicle. Upgrading your stock exhaust system with a well made performance aftermarket exhaust system can make a huge difference. The exhaust affects the performance of everything – from fuel economy, to horsepower and how the car sounds.

dump pipe exhaust

This especially applies to vehicles that have forced induction or turbo. When the throttle is shut in a turbo driven engine, there is a build up of very high pressure as there’s still air forced to come out of the turbo. When you pull the throttle up, it’s like you’re plugging a sink – the flow will be entirely stopped and water will just build up and cause a mess. In order to prevent the restriction of air, you should invest in a quality dump pipe exhaust and a larger exhaust system overall to allow the turbo to breath more freely and spin faster, thus allowing for more power.

To make things more simple, let’s assume the engine isn’t burning fuel, which means it’s not using oxygen. This leads to the turbo system being under pressure which will cause damage to the turbo itself or the pipes, as it can split them as it attempts to rush backwards through the turbo. This is what causes the cluttering noises which are also known as compressor surges. Compressor surges can be the cause of the turbine spinning in a reverse direction which can cause a huge strain on the bearings.

A dump pipe exhaust is fit to the waste-gate and its function is to help the exhaust system when the turbo is at full power. They’re usually quite noisy and should be looped onto the exhaust pipe system right before the cat. A quality dump pipe exhaust is usually made with a clever design in order to reduce turbo lag and keep the turbo spinning longer.

When you’re out to buy a dump exhaust, it’s advisable that you consult with an experienced mechanic. They usually require a modification of some sort to the vehicle in order to be installed and fit. It’s not a good idea to bolt them onto your stock exhaust. Also, don’t forget to pay extra attention to the size of the pipes.

With the wide availability of car parts on the internet, a lot of people are interested in upgrading their vehicles to perform better and more efficiently. Most of these people opt to apply this philosophy to the exhaust system, as it provides the biggest performance and efficiency upgrade out of most other parts. You can easily find car exhaust accessories and parts online and figure out which ones will provide the biggest upgrade for your vehicle.

With all the daily life expenses you already have, the last thing you want on your tight budget are extra car expense. Yes, a car is still considered a luxury, regardless of the fact that we all own one. This is because there are numerous costs associated with it. Thus, if you worked hard and denied yourself certain pleasures to buy your dream car, keep it in a top condition for as long as possible in order to protect your investment. This does not include once-a-month washing, but taking your car to a reputable car service Melbourne shop for routine inspections. Also, there are many things you can do on your own to prolong the life of your car.


Here are few helpful DIY ideas to keep your car in super drivable condition.

  • Regular cleaning is important to keep the interior of you vehicle looking like new for as long as possible, especially if you have kids or pets. It will prevent clutter, odors and also stuborn stains;
  • Regular washing is also important, especially during the raining season. Sludge and pollution can cost you a body work. Washing helps protect the paint and the clear coat finish of your car. Also, dirty wipers can scratch the windshield. Thus, clean your car to prevent costly repairs;
  • Protect your the paint and interior of your car from sun damage by parking your vehicle in the shade or inside a garage;
  • Drive carefully to prevent untimely wearing out and also to boost fuel economy;
  • Very few people read owner’s manual. It contain important information about your car and will guide you and help you avoid making costly errors.

Another way to extend the life of your car is by taking it to a reputable car service Melbourne shop, regardless whether it is for a simple oil change or a serous repair. Regular maintenance performed by an experienced car service Melbourne technician will lower the safety risks, increase car dependability and boost its performance. Every reputable car servicing Melbourne shop will check:

  • Engine oil and transmission fluid;
  • Brake fluid and windshield solvent;
  • Wipers, head and signal lights;
  • Tire pressure and possible wear and tear;
  • Battery and brakes;
  • An auto mechanic exam;

Keeping up with a maintenance schedule recommended by your log book and car service Melbourne shop will save you money on costly repairs, such as cooling system, drive train, suspension, etc. At a car servicing Melbourne shop, you will not only enjoy the full benefits of the manufacture’s warranty, but will also have your vehicle running smoothly, avoid unnecessary repairs and extend the life of you vehicle.

Owning a car has become a necessity. Cars are no longer considered a luxury anymore. Finding the right model can be difficult, but keeping the car in good driving condition is even tougher. Poorly maintained cars require frequent repairs. Therefore, you need to regularly visit your local mechanic shop in order to avoid expensive repairs. Also, when your vehicle is properly maintained, you will be more confident and comfortable to travel, especially on longer destinations.

Aside from the safety issue, proper vehicle maintenance will also increase the value of your car when you decide to sell it. When you sell or buy a vehicle, you certainly want to check all major and minor parts, so that you can get the best price. A roadworthy certificate will ensure you the car is in a good driving condition. There are many roadworthy certificate Melbourne auto shops that are certified to issue roadworthy certificates for any vehicle model. The procedure of getting a certificate from a roadworthy certificate Melbourne mechanic shop is a simple process.


Before issuing the roadworthy certificate, the mechanic will check and inspect your vehicle in details. The roadworthy certificate will be done when the full inspection of the vehicle is completed, which is when the vehicle successfully passes a number of tests. This inspection is performed by licensed mechanic who works at a certified roadworthy certificate Melbourne auto shop. There are many car shops that provide such services, some of them can come to your home and do the inspection on site without you having to take your vehicle to the mechanic’s garage. However, it is better to take the car to the roadworthy certificate Melbourne auto shop of your choice as the mechanic has full equipment needed for detailed inspection. The whole process may take up to 50 minutes or less, depending on the condition of the car.

A reputable roadworthy certificate Melbourne shop generally follows a checklist and performs all the tests included on that list. This checklist includes tests that require the inspection of the brakes, tires, suspension system, outer damage and oil leaks, front and back lights, and windscreen. A vehicle has to pass all these inspection tests and the results are usually given in a report format. The vehicle may fail one or two tests. No need to panic in such situation. If so happens, you will be given certain period of time to complete all needed repairs and have the vehicle inspected again. So, whether you buy or sell a vehicle, the roadworthy certificate is a piece of document that ensures that the vehicle is properly maintained and is in a good driving condition. Before choosing a roadworthy certificate Melbourne shop, make sure the shop has needed experience and check whether it is certified to issue roadworthy certificates.

As you probably know, a pre purchase vehicle inspection is a must. It can be very beneficial in many terms. To make the right choice when buying a used car, it is recommended to use the help of pre purchase car inspection services. Many first-time car buyers believe that a test drive is the only way they can check the condition of a car. This is far from the truth. Your best option is to take the car to a pre purchase car inspection Melbourne shop for a detailed inspection of all major and minor car components.


Although you can perform a car inspection on your own, it is highly recommended to take the car to a reputable pre purchase car inspection shop and have skilled professional do the job. Car mechanics deal with such things on a daily basis and have, not only the knowledge and experience, but required tools and equipment. Every car inspection Melbourne shop is able to provide you with a detailed report of all minor and major issues the car might have at the moment. The report usually includes and potential issues that may cost you a lot in the future. Here are few steps to ensure best vehicle inspection.

Ask For A Log Book – If you are buying a used car, feel free to ask for a log book, as it is a must-have for any car. The log book contains vital information on the vehicle, such as number of services performed, the date of every service and which parts have been replaced or repaired. The log book will give you a better picture of the current condition of the vehicle and help you decide whether you should or shouldn’t buy the car.

Exterior Overview – The exterior is always the first thing you need to check. Check the tires, windows, windshield, signal lights, etc. Typically, every car inspection Melbourne shops does the exterior overview as a curtsey check. However, if you believe the seller is trying to hide a major repair work, ask the mechanic do thoroughly inspect the body and the paint work of the vehicle you plan on buying.

Check Under The Hood – Usually, here is where rust, corrosion, damages and similar issues are well hidden. Thus have the car inspected by a licensed mechanic. Every reputable pre purchase car inspection shop uses special software and latest equipment to check for possible damages. You certainly do not want to buy a car that will bring you more expenditures and headaches than pleasures.

Interior Overview – The interior of the car is also very important and should be inspected. The interior overview includes checking the odometer which indicates the car age and the kilometers driven. Also, the mechanic will inspect the seats, control panel, cooling and heating system, radio tuning, upholstery, etc. You do not have to take the vehicle to a reputable car inspection Melbourne shop for interior overview, however, every mechanic will inspect the interior before giving you the green light.

If you are not satisfied with the quality of the work, pricing or how certain repair work has been done by your car mechanic, know you are not alone. Reports show that one out of four car owners is not satisfied with the quality of work performed by their chosen mechanic. And this seems to be the biggest problem these days. With the bad reputation this industry is getting, finding an ideal car mechanic Melbourne shop is tough. It may seem almost unbelievable, but finding an experienced and trustworthy car mechanic Melbourne shop is no easy task. However, it is not impossible.


An ideal car mechanic Melbourne shop is the one that will not try to rip you off by charging extra for repairs or unnecessary work. Every car mechanic Melbourne shop should really take the necessary time to find out what is wrong with your vehicle and perform only the needed repairs. Here are few steps to help you find the ideal car mechanic Melbourne shop.

  • Ask your friends, family and colleagues to recommend a good car mechanic Melbourne shop. See how they feel about the car mechanic Melbourne they take their vehicles for routine checks and repair. Also, try to get an advice from professional drivers such as taxi and limo drivers. They will recommend a good and honesty car mechanic Melbourne shop, the one they visit more frequently.
  • Always choose a car mechanic Melbourne shop which has required automotive certifications, indicating the areas it is proficient in. Also have their credentials and business policies checked.
  • Check out the facility. Look for a clean and organized work areas and make sure workers are engaged in the work.
  • Talk to the car mechanic Melbourne about the work he and his technicians have done.
  • Ask what kind of a guarantee the car mechanic Melbourne shop provides for all the work they do.
  • Look for car services which do not belong to car dealers networks, although they are real experts in auto repair, they also charge high prices.
  • First test the car mechanic Melbourne shop. Go with an easy oil and filter change to see how it goes before your car needs a big repair.

It is a fact that all car mechanic Melbourne shops should put honesty above profit. Going to a more expensive car mechanic Melbourne shop doesn’t guarantee you will get a better service. On contrary, a convenient location, spacious and fancy shop means more expenses that will be reflected on your bill.

In order to find the ideal car mechanic Melbourne shop, you will have to balance the price and convenience.