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No matter how expensive you Hyundai was, you’re probably going to need spare parts at some point. If you drive it every day, things will eventually start to break down one by one due to wear. But even if you drive your car on rare occasions, it still needs servicing because the parts are not used a low workload.

Whatever the reason for needing new parts, once this happens, you will need to consider which option is best for your needs and budget. So, you’re probably faced with a dilemma many car owners have had: to buy second-hand or new auto parts. The honest truth is that there are both positive and negative aspects of each option. So, let’s dive in to determine how to get a good deal on Hyundai auto parts.

Second Hand Auto Parts

Is it possible to find good second hand Hyundai auto parts? Of course, it is. But it comes with a catch – you need to learn how to identify these deals.

Getting an auto part on the second-hand market means you will have access to a big selection of parts. This is quite handy if the Hyundai model you drive is not one of the latest ones. Spare parts retailers are predominantly the place to look for any upgrade or replacement. Notably pertaining to models that are no longer manufactured. In some cases, they might be the only place you can find such parts.

The main benefit of second-hand parts, though, is the blatant fact that they are a lot cheaper. This is possibly the chief reason anyone would ever consider buying a part that was already used by someone else. But if you are careful enough in the process of buying, you can get a part that was hardly used. Second-hand auto parts are usually available on the spot. They are stocked and ready to be exchanged. This is hardly the case with original parts.

There are downsides to the spare parts equation though. If you get them from a dodgy source, the deal might not even consider extending any warranty. So, you will get what you buy without the possibility to get your money back in the deal in the event of a fault.

Another big disadvantage of second-hand auto parts is, well, the fact that they were already used. There’s no guarantee you’ll get correct data as to the degree of their previous use. Every part you come across on the second-hand market ‘has been used only once.’ So you can expect the service life of used parts to be shorter than that of a new one.

There are some specific actions you can take to protect yourself from getting into an unfavourable deal. The first buyer beware advice concerns with compatibility between the part and your own car. To avoid unpleasant surprises check the part right away. And if that is not an option try to negotiate a money-back guarantee if the part is less then a perfect fit.

Last but not least, if you go for second-hand parts, try to find reputable retailers and car parts stores, mechanics and salesman that have a good track record in the business.

New Auto Parts

Getting new Hyundai auto parts will give you confidence that they came from the same factory (or line of manufacturing) that was used to make the original vehicle. You can expect seamless integration of the new part into your car and it is highly likely it will be an exact fit. This in turn means that you will be able to get longer service life. Plus, new parts generally come with a longer warranty.

However, there are some disadvantages to going for these parts. Otherwise, the second-hand market would not be so popular. Waiting time on new parts can be quite long. The more specific the part, the longer you’ll need to wait. Especially for foreign (or foreign-made) cars. They need to be allotted and shipped, which definitely takes a lot of time.

These new parts also come with a higher price tag. They are new, never been used, and fit well, but precisely because of all that, the price point on them is high up. It is up to you to develop a buying strategy. If you need a quick fix for an inconsequential part, go for a smaller retailer of cheaper parts or buy second-hand. If you need to replace a vital part of your car, buy an original new product. It will be worth the wait.

Where to Find Auto Parts?

Just because their place of origin is different it doesn’t mean both types of parts can’t be found at one and the same shop. Actually, you will be surprised to know that many car part dealers offer both new and used parts.

You can even order Hyundai parts online and get them delivered to your home. Which in turn means that you can browse them and their particular specifications like anything else online. And with that whole pile of online customer reviews, finding a customer-oriented and reliable car parts retailer has never been as easy.

To further refine your search go for retailers that offer in-depth details on the history of the second-hand parts they sell. You want to go for recyclers that put the parts through vigorous testing and have no problem sharing the info on the mileage on the parts. Some even volunteer information on the steps they took to renovate the part (especially if they also house a mechanic on-site).

Keep your eyes and your mind open and those good deals are within reach.

offroad ford explorer
source: Bilstein Lifts

The Ford Ranger, a vehicle the US manufacturer is trying to bring back as a people’s pickup truck hasn’t always been a series of its own. The Ranger nameplate was first used by Ford in 1958 for a sedan vehicle called the Edsel Ranger. In 1967 Ford used it once again in its fifth F-series pick up trucks. This model was still not exactly what the people at Ford imagined it to be. Whilst it took Ford nearly 13 years to make the Ranger a series of its own, it was finally what it was always meant to be, a small pickup that could and did the same job as its bigger brother the F-150. 1982 was the birth year of the Ranger series and in 1985 alone Ford sold a quarter of a million Rangers. The second generation Ranger was another success as it came with features that appealed to a broader demographic.

Since the introduction of the second generation in 1993 and up until 1995 Ford sold about a million units more than 300,000 a year. Between the second and third generation there was an EV Ranger which didn’t sell as much – this trend continued heading into their third generation. Their latest fourth generation Ranger has brought back the small pickup people once loved with the latest in automotive technology much like the new F-150. Like any pickup the Ranger has still retained its capability to go off-road but since it has become more of an urban vehicle the reason to incorporate a suspension Ford lift kit is even more apparent.

Suspension Lift Kits

offroad ford explorer
source: RRW Off Road

A suspension lift kit is a bundle of components and tools used to lift the factory suspension higher to provide certain benefits. All suspension lift kits for Ford trucks in general help increase ground clearance which helps improve a vehicle’s off-road capability. They also increase the load carrying and towing capacity, improve on and off-road ride comfort as well as the appearance of the truck.

What Type of Lift Kit Is Best?

In the case with suspension lift kits for Ford trucks the best solution is with a rear Ford lift kit. These kits are the most popular option since they provide the best ride quality and are the most affordable solution.

How To Install A Suspension Lift Kit on Your Ford Ranger

lifted ford explorer
source: Performance Corner

Tools (What You Need)

Other than the components and tools provided in the kit you’ll definitely need certain types of tools to successfully install the lift kit. You’ll need vehicle jacks and stands, a hammer, extra nuts and bolts, safety wire, penetrating oil, pry bars, torque wrench, lug wrench, a standard 11 mm socket and wrench set. Whilst not mandatory you may want to have an impact wrench, breaker bar, torsion bar unloading tool, spring compressor, a reciprocating saw, drill and drill bits handy.


1. First you need to ensure that you will safely perform this type of installation so make sure to disconnect your Ranger’s battery. To do this, first start by disconnecting the negative battery terminal and then loosening the lug nuts (do not remove them).

2. Next, lift up the back of the vehicle with the jack to a level that will ensure that you have enough space to fit underneath the vehicle and move around during the installation. Place rated safety stands alongside the floor jacks to ensure a safe installation. Make sure you have a jack under each weight point. 

3. Once you have everything set it’s time to remove the wheels/ tires and then follow up by removing components such as the U-bolts, springs and shocks. Set the springs, shocks and U-bolts somewhere where they won’t be in your way in case you need to place them back. If you have a hard time removing old parts form your Ranger use the hammer or reciprocating saw depending on how ‘stubborn’ the part at hand is.

4. If your kit requires you to assemble the springs then look for provided instructions. When you’re finished assembling them it’s time to take your new U-bolts and mount them in the same place where your old ones were. To do this you need to have them vertical and aligned the same way the old ones were.

5. Next, you need to assemble the shocks. This is best done following kit instructions since not all Ford lift kits are made the same. Once you have them fully assembled go ahead and install them, again, following kit instructions.

6. Finish the installation by checking if every bolt and nut is tightly mounted using a torque wrench. This tool will tell you the exact torque level a bolt/ nut is at so you know you have them fastened at the correct level. Refer to the instruction manual provided in the kit for the correct torque levels.

7. Lastly, remove the safety stands and lower your vehicle whilst keeping it level. Check for loose components once again and retighten them if any. Don’t forget to reconnect the negative battery terminal and tighten the lug nuts before you close the bonnet and take your Ranger for a test run.

The ability to get out of a pickle while hundreds of kilometers away from civilization is one of the most important aspects of off-roading. There are many ways to recover your vehicle when getting stuck in a rut, such as recovery tracks, winches and snatch straps. Ideally, you should have at least two of these tools, but if you have to pick, I’d personally go with snatch straps. Snatch straps are much easier to use than winches, and they’re extremely compact and lightweight to carry.

There are a lot of good things about owning a bike in Australia. The weather is almost always perfect for you to take it out for a spin whenever you want, there are a lot of big open roads where you can really let loose and feel the wind through your hair (or at least on your helmet), and there are plenty of bike shops as well. But, there are also a few problems that can come from the way the climate interacts with the bike and its components as well.

The heat for example doesn’t have a good effect on machinery in general (not just bikes), but the wind and dirt on the other hand are another matter entirely. These two can cause a problem in any vehicle or machine, but unlike a car, a bike has all of its moving parts in the open and at the mercy of the elements, which make it more susceptible to damage and corrosion. Luckily, as I said, there are plenty of shops for motorbike parts Australia residents can get replacement parts from, but only as a last resort.

Motorbike Repair

If the damage is significant enough for you to have second thoughts about your safety while driving, then by all means immediately visit one of the many shops that specialize in motorbike parts Australia has to offer and put your mind at ease. I am in no way advocating for you to keep using defective or worn out parts, but rather the importance of looking after your bike so that they don’t get that way at least for quite a while.

First of all, the things you will be changing the most frequently are the engine oil and the oil filter, and while it is recommended to do both on a monthly basis, you may be able to get away with only changing the filter after every other oil change. Frequently check for any leaks and always keep a close eye on the fluid levels. Make sure that the hydraulic systems are at the proper pressure, that the brake discs work properly and aren’t worn out and inspect the chain and belt tension. You will also need to run some tests on the electrical systems and the cables to make sure they are all functioning as they should be. For extra measure, check for any loose bolts or components, especially in the the steering stem, axle and handlebars.

It’s important to note that while these may be common inspection points and maintenance tips that are the easiest to do, not everyone‘s level of skill is the same and if you are unsure of yourself, you should take it to a mechanic and have them do it for you, as they will have to do the more advanced diagnostics anyway. Also keep in mind that not every bike is the same, nor is everyone’s style of driving, so recommended maintenance times aside, if something doesn’t seem right, don’t hesitate to take it to a garage.

Cars that have engines powered by petrol or diesel work because of a thing called internal combustion. Internal combustion works by creating and using a chemical reaction to move the engine’s mechanical parts. This chemical reaction is caused by a spark from the spark plug igniting the fuel which becomes very flammable when mixed with oxygen, thus causing an expansion of high temperatures and pressure that applies direct force to the engine components. This pressure effectively turns the chemical energy into mechanical energy. This is why an air filter is such an integral part of any car, since it has the task of cleaning the air that the engine takes in.

Every proud owner of a 4×4 knows there’s no adventure without it. Sure, you can drive around with any other car, but a 4×4 can enhance the experience, and most of all, can take you places where other cars can’t. And, since being adventurers is in our genes, these vehicles have become the leading ones in present on Australian roads. Can’t say I’m surprised!

Drivers often times neglect what’s happening under their cars in favour of what’s happening under their hoods, and little do they know that the two parts are tightly connected and relevant to each other in how they perform. This is quite a shame really, as the exhaust system which runs underneath the vehicle itself from the engine to the exhaust tip, can impact the entire vehicle. Upgrading your stock exhaust system with a well made performance aftermarket exhaust system can make a huge difference. The exhaust affects the performance of everything – from fuel economy, to horsepower and how the car sounds.

dump pipe exhaust

This especially applies to vehicles that have forced induction or turbo. When the throttle is shut in a turbo driven engine, there is a build up of very high pressure as there’s still air forced to come out of the turbo. When you pull the throttle up, it’s like you’re plugging a sink – the flow will be entirely stopped and water will just build up and cause a mess. In order to prevent the restriction of air, you should invest in a quality dump pipe exhaust and a larger exhaust system overall to allow the turbo to breath more freely and spin faster, thus allowing for more power.

To make things more simple, let’s assume the engine isn’t burning fuel, which means it’s not using oxygen. This leads to the turbo system being under pressure which will cause damage to the turbo itself or the pipes, as it can split them as it attempts to rush backwards through the turbo. This is what causes the cluttering noises which are also known as compressor surges. Compressor surges can be the cause of the turbine spinning in a reverse direction which can cause a huge strain on the bearings.

A dump pipe exhaust is fit to the waste-gate and its function is to help the exhaust system when the turbo is at full power. They’re usually quite noisy and should be looped onto the exhaust pipe system right before the cat. A quality dump pipe exhaust is usually made with a clever design in order to reduce turbo lag and keep the turbo spinning longer.

When you’re out to buy a dump exhaust, it’s advisable that you consult with an experienced mechanic. They usually require a modification of some sort to the vehicle in order to be installed and fit. It’s not a good idea to bolt them onto your stock exhaust. Also, don’t forget to pay extra attention to the size of the pipes.

With the wide availability of car parts on the internet, a lot of people are interested in upgrading their vehicles to perform better and more efficiently. Most of these people opt to apply this philosophy to the exhaust system, as it provides the biggest performance and efficiency upgrade out of most other parts. You can easily find car exhaust accessories and parts online and figure out which ones will provide the biggest upgrade for your vehicle.

Being a motorcycle enthusiast, you need to know and understand the complexity of motorcycle parts, in order to avoid being scammed when you take your bike to repairs, as well as to be able to replace some simple parts by yourself in case they malfunction in the middle of a journey. One of the most common parts you’ll need to replace are the tires. Whether they’re old or went flat during a ride, you need to have some knowledge to replace them adequately to prevent any accident. That being said, buying motorbike tubes can be an intimidating task. However, there are several steps you can go through in order to make sure you’re getting the best motorbike tubes for your bike.


Making sure that the size and the type of valve are appropriate is crucial. Motorbike tubes can be different depending on the wheel diameter and tyre width. The width is given in millimeters at the beginning of the tyre code and is measured from sidewall to sidewall when the tyre is mounted. While the width itself can be changed, the change will depend on the width of the rims. The tube is usually easily determined after you determine the size of the tyre.

Furthermore, you have to take into consideration the fabric that the tube is made from. Most tubes are a mix of synthetic and natural rubber. Natural rubber offers better resistance to punctures and is more pliable, while synthetic is cheaper. Racing tubes generally have a higher percentage of natural rubber in order to perform better and prevent flat tyres.

The valve stem is the weak point of the tube, it’s very vulnerable to leaks and damage. The valve is vulcanized to the tube and can be torn if the tyre happens to spin on the rim. For that reason, ensuring that a proper rim lock is installed is important. Moreover, it’s also essential that you don’t tighten the nut on the valve down the rim. Leaving it loose will allow the tyre to spin without ripping the valve stem.

A motorcycle tube is meant to handle the abuse of the tyre, not the outside elements. If dirt or water manages to get between the tyre and tube, it will grate against the tube. Therefore, making sure that doesn’t happen is very important. Replacing the tube should be done on regular basis, because no matter how hard you try, outside elements will still somehow manage to get their way through. This means that even though your tube hasn’t gone flat, it can still be worn out. It’s highly recommended that you change the tube every six months.

With all the daily life expenses you already have, the last thing you want on your tight budget are extra car expense. Yes, a car is still considered a luxury, regardless of the fact that we all own one. This is because there are numerous costs associated with it. Thus, if you worked hard and denied yourself certain pleasures to buy your dream car, keep it in a top condition for as long as possible in order to protect your investment. This does not include once-a-month washing, but taking your car to a reputable car service Melbourne shop for routine inspections. Also, there are many things you can do on your own to prolong the life of your car.


Here are few helpful DIY ideas to keep your car in super drivable condition.

  • Regular cleaning is important to keep the interior of you vehicle looking like new for as long as possible, especially if you have kids or pets. It will prevent clutter, odors and also stuborn stains;
  • Regular washing is also important, especially during the raining season. Sludge and pollution can cost you a body work. Washing helps protect the paint and the clear coat finish of your car. Also, dirty wipers can scratch the windshield. Thus, clean your car to prevent costly repairs;
  • Protect your the paint and interior of your car from sun damage by parking your vehicle in the shade or inside a garage;
  • Drive carefully to prevent untimely wearing out and also to boost fuel economy;
  • Very few people read owner’s manual. It contain important information about your car and will guide you and help you avoid making costly errors.

Another way to extend the life of your car is by taking it to a reputable car service Melbourne shop, regardless whether it is for a simple oil change or a serous repair. Regular maintenance performed by an experienced car service Melbourne technician will lower the safety risks, increase car dependability and boost its performance. Every reputable car servicing Melbourne shop will check:

  • Engine oil and transmission fluid;
  • Brake fluid and windshield solvent;
  • Wipers, head and signal lights;
  • Tire pressure and possible wear and tear;
  • Battery and brakes;
  • An auto mechanic exam;

Keeping up with a maintenance schedule recommended by your log book and car service Melbourne shop will save you money on costly repairs, such as cooling system, drive train, suspension, etc. At a car servicing Melbourne shop, you will not only enjoy the full benefits of the manufacture’s warranty, but will also have your vehicle running smoothly, avoid unnecessary repairs and extend the life of you vehicle.