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Step Up Your Camping Game With These Two Flashlight Brands

EDC Flashlight with light on

If you’ve never been camping, we recommend going as soon as possible. It’s a fantastic adventure you can share with your friends and family. Sleeping out in the wild and feeling mother nature’s calming effect is something every human should experience at least once in their life. To make things easier, always make a list of all the things you’ll need for the trip, starting with the essentials.

Pack up your sleeping bag, tent, stove, first aid kit, knives, a fire starter and a light source. Besides bringing a lantern, you could also take torches and flashlights with you. They’ll be an excellent light source that’ll last a long time and illuminate your way. But what are the best flashlight brands on the market? How can you ensure you’re buying a quality piece that will last you for years to come? Let’s explore.


Fenix is one of the best companies when it comes to manufacturing lighting sources. Their torches, headlamps, lanterns and bike lights are created with undeniable quality. The high-performance Fenix lamps offer a flawless design and impeccable lighting. Their customers know that they’ll get the same quality and durability every time they buy their products. Fenix has a good reputation for being reliable and consistent in its manufacturing process. The high standards they’ve set for themselves lead the way to an even more successful company and happier customers.

Fenix UC35 V2 flashlight EDC light LED 18650 battery lumens
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The durability of the Fenix torches is guaranteed by the high-quality materials they’re made of, such as aircraft-grade aluminium. They’ll last for a long time and withstand any weather conditions they come across. Each of their models is guaranteed to perform under different conditions. Their E series flashlights are lightweight, small, and for daily use, and the TK series is designed for professional application because of their power and many features.

If you’re looking for EDC (everyday carry) flashlights, Fenix has many options. The UC35 has rechargeable lithium-ion batteries powered by a micro-USB cable. It has an excellent design and a lumen power of 1000 lumens. It’s 14cm long and weighs only 88g. The E30R is also rechargeable and has an output of 1600 lumens. It became one of their most popular products for a short period because of its practicality. It’s 10cm long and weighs 50g. The E28R is 11cm long and weighs 66g, but it’s very powerful. It has an aluminium frame, and it’s water-resistant. Another great feature is its impact resistance, making it more durable than the rest of EDC light.

Fenix UC01 keychain light
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The UC01 is an excellent choice if you intend to buy a practical keychain flashlight. It’s rechargeable and has 45 lumens output with three levels, low (1 lumen, 50h), central (20 lumens, three h) and high (45 lumens, one h 20min). It’s rain and splash resistant and can stand up to 1m of falls, making it sturdy. The UC02 is a customer favourite. You can get it in 3 colours, purple, blue and black, made from stainless steel. It has an output of 130 lumens and a length of 5cm. It has high (130 lumens, 25min) and low (10 lumens, 50min) lighting levels you can turn on by twisting.

The tactical flashlights are one of the best Fenix lamps on the market. The PD32 is only 12cm long and has a 900 lumens output. A great thing about it is its five levels of brightness Turbo (900 lumens), high (400 lumens), mid (150 lumens), low (50 lumens) and eco (5 lumens). It has a rear tail switch and remembers the last brightness it was on. The PD35 has 1000 lumens, a rear and a side switch and the same brightness levels as the PD32. It has a broad beam that can reach 200m. These products come with a warranty, even though you won’t need one because of the high-quality materials.

Fenix PD32 beamshots
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All of RovyVon’s designers are avid outdoor enthusiasts who put in a lot of effort to produce high-quality products to meet the demands of its clients. The business, which has its headquarters in Shenzhen, China, was founded at the end of 2017. Because of the senior designer Chen, who has around ten years of experience designing outdoor products, we now have outstanding, affordable, and cutting-edge EDC gear.

Respect for one another, effective communication skills for resolving any issues that may come along the way and putting their greatest ideas into action from the company’s foundation. They are motivated to be more creative and expand their business while satisfying their clients with the things they offer and the rate at which they sell them. A win-win scenario will result in happy customers and stable business growth.

RovyVon A1 to A11 series
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RovyVon’s keychain lights are efficient and lightweight. Their A1 to A11 series are the perfect addition to your camping trip. Each is lightweight, and colourful keychain lights were added to the last few versions. Their lumen output varies between 650-700 lumens and produces incredibly accurate colours. You can use the bright light on four different brightness levels with a single button. Also, you have a strobe light available. These keychain lights have a Micro USB charging cable that completes the job in 90 minutes. They’re durable, can take a fall of 1.5m and won’t get damaged by snow, rain or direct sunlight.

Rovyvon Aurora A23 and A25
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If you’re practical and want to be prepared for every situation, we recommend buying the EDC light. It offers a sturdy, wide, long beam that reaches 120-150m. The Aurora A25 and A23 have an output of 1000 lumens. The A23 has a strobe light, and the A25 has a red or UV light, which can be a lifesaver in some situations. Their bike lights are ultra-bright and rechargeable. They’re perfect for the city and outside of it as well. The lumen capacity is 1600, and the light beam reaches 160m. One great thing is the 100-degree wide-angle that will help you pass any obstacle ahead of you. These lights can go through around 65h of riding and are dust and waterproof.