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Camping Lanterns: Step Up Your Adventure with Proper Illumination

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Sleeping in the wild, enjoying the sounds of the forest and waiting for that perfect sunrise is a dream-come-true scenario for camping enthusiasts. But one of the most overlooked things when preparing for that ideal camping trip is the light source. In order to avoid the plot of “Blair Witch Project”, you need to make sure that you are properly equipped with all essentials, including a camp lantern – a minor but necessary piece of equipment that can make or break your trip in nature.

More Convenient than Flashlights

When packing, newbies often rely on an old flashlight as a source of light, like the one that has been stored in the junk drawer with batteries that haven’t been changed in ages. Granted, flashlights are a useful addition to your camping equipment, but you need to hold them constantly and direct them for proper lighting options. Contrary to this, lanterns are camping lights that are made to be more practical and they create a bright pool of illumination. Moreover, camping lanterns can be clipped onto tentpoles, table legs or hanged on a tree. This way, you will have your hands free for completing other tasks while still being able to see everything around you.


What to Look For

Before making the decision about which type of lantern is the best one for you, you need to think about a few details first. For instance, are you going by car, is there a lot of night hiking involved in your trip, how mаny days are you going to stay, etc. If you plan on going for hikes at night, consider opting for a more lightweight type of lantern. On the other hand, if you plan to get directly to the campsite by car, and just lounge around playing cards and staying put, then you can rely on larger lanterns as camping lights. Some of these even come with an incorporated USB power port and include the option to charge multiple gadgets off of them, like phones or action cameras.

Next, you need to think about charging and extra batteries. Regardless of the length of your trip, always include extra batteries, and you should even double that just in case you stick around longer than planned. There are also rechargeable types of lanterns or ones that instead of batteries use gas or the power of the sun. Regardless of your choice, always make sure that you are prepared for longer stays, emergencies and unplanned night adventures. And lastly, be careful to choose camping lights that are waterproof and durable. You may find yourself stuck in bad weather conditions, and having a reliable light source can be a life-saver.