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I think we can all agree that camping is a great activity for the entire family. But once you’re done exploring Mother Nature and get back home, you probably know how important it is to keep your caravan away from dirt, tree sap, bird droppings, rain and any other damages that can occur. But truth be told, not all of us are lucky to have a spacious garage or suitable extension for keeping our caravans protected, and this is the moment when covers for caravans come in.

Just like lanterns are camping lights made to be more practical, so are swag tents. They are a much more convenient and reliable option that can be set up in seconds and also offer greater comfort than a standard tent.

Many camping enthusiasts have a tough time choosing between a tent and a swag. While each system has its pros and cons, a swag tent can offer much more benefits. It not only evokes a feeling of nostalgia but it’s also extremely portable. And over the years, the basic canvas swag with a mattress inside has evolved greatly. Nowadays, you can find swags with lots of advancements in design and material.

The modern for sale swag tents can keep you dry and off the ground during a camping trip and even act as a spare bed during the kid’s sleepover parties. Let’s take a look at the benefits you can enjoy by choosing a swag tent for your next camping trip.

Easy to Set and Pack Up

man making fire when camping

One of the greatest advantages of using a swag tent is that it is easy to set up. Especially if you’re a beginner at camping, a swag can save you a lot of time and energy. Most of the for sale swag tents set up within seconds, allowing you to sit back and relax while your friends are still struggling with their cumbersome tents.

When it comes to how to use a swag, all you have to do is turn up at your chosen campsite, place the swag on the floor and unroll it. Most swags only require two pegs to set up, but you can even skip this step if you tie it to a tree or vehicle. You can also throw your sleeping bag or blanket inside the swag while travelling and you’ll have a quick and efficient system on hand.

And when your trip is over, packing it up is as simple, if not easier. Simply roll it up and hit the road – it barely takes a minute. When it comes to comfort, a swag provides a similar level as compared to a small canvas tent but with a lot of ease.


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For simple overnighters, a swag is all you need. Simply roll in your sleeping bag, pillow, blanket and you’ll only have a single piece of luggage to carry around and in your vehicle. The fact that a swat takes lesser room than a tent and is lightweight too, makes it ideal for hiking through Australia.

Better Temperature Control

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Whether it’s for camping during summers or winters, a swag tent will be your best bet for a comfortable night’s sleep. On a cold night, a swag will stay warmer than a standard tent as its heavy canvas help retains body warmth. The PVC vinyl floor also helps in trapping the heat inside while keeping the coolness of the ground at bay. Furthermore, the inbuild foam mattress of a swag is much more effective than an air mattress at keeping you warm and cosy.

But all these features don’t mean you will be let sweating during the hot summer days either. On a hot summer night, all you have to do is to throw back the top canvas layer and open the ventilation windows to allow airflow in. The mesh windows ensure the creepy crawlies are kept away while allowing the cool wind to flow inside.

No Need for Pegs

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While most swags come with pegs, it’s totally up to you whether you decide to use them or not. In case you forgot the pegs, or face difficulty in hitting them in, then you can simply skip the step. The unique swag design allows it to hold its own weight. However, if you are at the risk of coming across some strong winds, then consider tieing the swang’s head of foot string to your car or a tree for extra protection.

Increased Durability

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Manufacturers make sure that swags are made from materials that can survive even the toughest environmental factors. Due to their durability, you don’t need to be gentle when handling them. Simply toss them in your car’s trunk and keep them in the attic when not in use. Whether used during stormy weather or hot desert safaris, your swag will last you years to come.

Comfortable Sleep

getting ready for comfortable sleep

The heavy canvas material used on a swag allows little sunlight to sneak in after sunrise. This means you won’t have to wake up before you want to. The heavy canvas also ensures you stay safe all night long while also deadening sounds from the outside. In other words, a swag promises you an incredibly comfortable good night’s sleep after a tiring day.

Enjoy Stargazing With Your Loved One

stargazing when camping

Swag tents are available in three sizes: single, double and king size, so they can accommodate up to two persons at once. This makes these tents ideal for a couple looking for a romantic gateway. It even comes with a bug net to keep you protected while you enjoy a scenic view of the stars with your loved one for a memorable experience. So, if you are looking to watch a starry sky with your loved one, a swag tent won’t disappoint you.

Someone once said: “ A bad day camping is still better than a good day working” and most of the people out there would agree. Even though camping trips don’t provide the luxury of a four-star hotel, reconnecting with nature and getting away from everyday traffic and full agendas is a rewarding experience. And with today’s modern camping gear and accessories, camping isn’t really that uncomfortable. From perfecting the cooking accepts of camping and dining area, to the creation of a nice “bedroom” and relaxation spots, there’s a lot of accessories designed to make your camping trip a blast. In the backcountry, your luxury starts with portable hiking chairs.

From venomous snakes to creepy spiders and frightful crocodiles, the Australian outback comes with a great deal of threats. Even without these factors, the sun alone is a big concern and coupled with the desert, renders the outback a boiling hell. On top of all that is the Uluru climb which comes with a bag of risks of its own. Yes, the Aussie outback can be really dangerous, but people still decide to go on an adventure there, of course, not without the proper supplies and helpful tips.


Camping may not be the ideal outdoor activity for everyone mainly because of lacking the kind of comfort one has at home but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to make it more comfortable. This is especially true nowadays when there’s a wide range of gear and accessories designed to provide you with the bits and pieces you require to make the most of the experience and even turn into an avid camper.

As multitools have become an essential part of everyday carry, the need to pack more in one small and compact piece of metal has been growing increasingly. With functionality becoming more and more versatile, the durability factor of a multitool has also seen a major upgrade especially now as Leatherman and other manufacturers are starting to offer a 25-year warranty on their products. But since nothing can withstand the test of time, it’s important to keep your trusty pocket friend in shape.


Camping is a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of modern life and reconnect with nature. However, for some, it can be a not-so-comfortable experience, especially for those who can’t live without the luxuries and convenience of modern life. Typically, when camping, most people don’t have the luxury of taking a warm shower, the convenience of a microwave, or the coziness of a memory foam mattress bed. But, luckily, it is not all bad news. Today, there is a wide range of outdoors camping equipment on the market that’s designed to make life in the woods a lot easier and more fun. Here are some steps you can take to ensure a comfortable camping experience and a more memorable adventure out in the wild.

camping lights 2

Sleeping in the wild, enjoying the sounds of the forest and waiting for that perfect sunrise is a dream-come-true scenario for camping enthusiasts. But one of the most overlooked things when preparing for that ideal camping trip is the light source. In order to avoid the plot of “Blair Witch Project”, you need to make sure that you are properly equipped with all essentials, including a camp lantern – a minor but necessary piece of equipment that can make or break your trip in nature.

Even though we claim to go caravanning to escape the mundaneness of the everyday city life, we’re still going to find ourselves sitting in front of the laptop or TV eventually. That being said, being unable to watch TV because you don’t have the proper antenna set up can get frustrating at times. If you’re on the market for buying a brand new caravan TV antenna, there are a couple of important things to keep in mind to ensure you don’t have a weak signal, even when traveling far away from the urban jungle. Without further ado, here are the three most important factors to consider when buying a 12 volt caravan antenna.