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Step into Comfort: A Guide to Choosing the Best Camping Chairs

Although most camping aficionados love their chairs for a complete camping setup, besides their tent and the perfect sleeping bag, long gone are the days when they were a bulky accessory and a car-camping luxury. Nowadays, you can find a range of camp chairs, from minimalist designs that fit well into your backpacking setup to comfortable options that you can take on your multi-day camp trip. Every outdoor enthusiast deserves a comfy resting spot, as logs aren’t nearly as comfortable as they look, making chairs indispensable.

What Is a Camping Chair and Why Do You Need One?

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Specifically made for outdoor use, particularly on camping excursions, a camping chair is a foldable, portable piece of furniture. It provides a spot to sit outside for cooking, enjoying a campfire, or unwinding after a strenuous day of hiking. Since they’re lightweight and mobile, camping chairs are practical for outdoor concerts, football matches, and backyard barbeques, although their primary purpose is to accompany you on your camping adventures. Your time outside may be much more enjoyable with a sturdy, high-quality camping chair.

How to Choose a Camping Chair?

While browsing the range of lightweight yet comfortable outdoor camping chairs, you must consider several crucial factors, such as your end use, materials, and design preferences. Only that way you can pick the right option for your outdoor adventure. 

End Use: Backpacking vs Camping

Packing size and weight are crucial if you’re a backpacker or a hiker on a multi-day route. Choose how much weight you’re willing to add to your load and whether there’s space within your pack for it or if you need to lash it outside before indulging. Nothing prevents you from using a backpacking chair as a camping chair. However, since your car is doing all the heavy lifting when car camping, you can choose a high-end chair that is as large and luxurious as you wish.


What is the best material for camping chairs? Most outdoor camping chairs are made of durable materials, with the chair’s lifespan directly linked to its construction. Aluminium is an excellent choice for a camp chair’s legs because of its incredible strength-to-weight ratio. As for the fabric, there are usually two kinds of materials:

  1. Coated Nylon. Consider this fabric if you’re looking for comfort and durability. However, if not treated during the manufacturing process, it won’t be that resistant to UV rays and water. 
  2. Closed-cell Foam Padding. This material is water-resistant. A foam-padded design may be the best choice if searching for a camp chair for water-based camping activities or camping in rain.

Weight Capacity

This is one of the essential factors to consider. However, weight becomes less crucial if you opt for a regular or deluxe-style camping chair. A standard folding seat or stool weighs around a kilo, making it a practical choice for frozen or wet ground. Stools, with a weight-bearing capacity of 220 kg, outshine typical folding chairs that usually bear 115. Camp chairs vary from 1 to 2.5 kilos, so choose one based on your needs for a safe and hassle-free camping experience.


outdoor camping chairs
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Although comfort may seem an apparent factor, there are various styles of camping chairs, some of which are more comfortable than others. While some campers are more concerned with low weight and minimalism, others only want a chair that will allow them to sit comfortably around the fire. Most campers who don’t care about weight or space should seek chairs with additional comfort and support characteristics. 

That can take the form of armrests, extra padding, lumbar support, or a particular shape that fits your body type and is comfortable for extended amounts of time. While comfort may not be the top consideration for backpackers, most car campers will want to find a chair that meets their comfort requirements. Nothing is more satisfying than having a lovely place to unwind after a harsh day of exploring or trekking!


The portability determines how easily you can carry or move this piece of equipment. Lightweight chairs are easier to transport, and size and foldability are crucial factors. If your expedition involves extensive travel and adventure, opt for a portable chair you can easily carry anywhere.

Ease of Use

Consider the complexity of a chair before purchase, focusing on its setup, use, and carrying ease. Chairs with simple designs are preferable, as complex structures can lead to delays during your rest periods on your adventure days. Ensure your chosen chair is user-friendly and won’t pose challenges during outdoor activities.

Design Preference

These chairs come in various designs, including classic, two-legged, three-legged rocker, scoop, suspended chairs, stools, built-in canopies, and camping loveseats. You should choose based on your preference, budget, and comfort requirements. Also, don’t forget your choice should align with your intended use and the environmental conditions of your camping locations.