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Not Much Into Camping? Here Are Steps to Help You Make Camping Comfortable


Camping may not be the ideal outdoor activity for everyone mainly because of lacking the kind of comfort one has at home but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to make it more comfortable. This is especially true nowadays when there’s a wide range of gear and accessories designed to provide you with the bits and pieces you require to make the most of the experience and even turn into an avid camper.


The Kitchen

Let’s face it, as excited as you may be about the campfire, there comes a time when you’d get tired of all the campfire snacks, like corn fritters, sweet or salty s’mores, sandwiches, baked apples or bananas, and you’d just want to enjoy not having to prepare a fire for every tasty meal. Well, you’re in luck because there are plenty of camping kitchen equipment pieces you can bring along on your trip.

Other than choosing a portable stove that would make your cooking piece of cake, you could find the compact cooler essential in keeping your food fresh when you’re out camping for more than a weekend, and a sturdy stainless steel foldable pantry with various shelves, sink and mesh pockets for extra storage to make cooking, cleaning and kitchen organisation a breeze; easy to assemble, easy to pack up, just what you need for a hassle-free adventure.

Think about it, when there are no hangry campers, there are no awkward situations and everyone’s happy which is why having the help of portable stoves and the needed space to prepare the meals is of essence as you’d get food served in no time!


The Bedroom

Same as with the camping kitchen equipment, there are bedroom items that are mandatory for some individuals, particularly those who find it difficult to get a good night’s sleep in the middle of all the noise from wild animals, or camp neighbours. If this sounds like you, then earplugs are the basics you can’t embark without on such adventure, and a sleeping mask would also come in handy when you want to sleep in.

As for the bed, there are various inflatable mattresses you could choose from that offer as much comfort as you have with your own mattress at home; besides, they’re lightweight and don’t take up much space. Why compromise on your sleep when you can catch the z’s with the right mattress? You need the energy to explore the surroundings, after all camping is nothing if not for nurturing your bond with nature!

In case you need an extra dose of cosiness, just think what it is that makes your bed cosy: is it the sheets, the pillow, or both? If the answer is yes to both, then you might as well consider packing up your favourite bedding and pillow(s); you’d be surprised how much of a difference a great pillow makes. Likewise, don’t forget to keep up with your bedtime routines as much as you can to trick your mind into getting ready for sleep!


The Bathroom

Bathroom in the woods? There’s no bigger no-no for many than the thought of having to do number one and two in the middle of nature. If this is you, you can have the peace of mind even when not going camping in an RV that’s equipped with a bathroom, you’d still get your much needed privacy from bathroom equipment, in the likes of portable toilet camping and bathroom tent. Along with the camping kitchen equipment and bedroom, this is another one you should have among your list of priorities.

Best of all is you can pair that with a portable hot water system, that comes with an instantaneous heater, shower head and hose, and you get the much-needed space where you can enjoy your morning and evening hot showers; let’s face it, the thought of a hot shower can get you in camping mood even in those colder days of the year. Apart from being a handy solution, it’s one that’s eco-friendly too given that the water heats up immediately so there’s no water waste.


The Essential Extras

It goes without saying the adequate clothing can save you from a camping trip disaster, and sometimes even when you’ve done your homework and checked the weather forecast, the weather can still surprise you which is why it’s important to bring along clothing suitable for both warmer and colder days. By all means, choose your apparel carefully, focusing on the properties such as waterproof, breathable and moisture-wicking!

Insects can be party-crashers anytime, because hey, you’re in nature after all, so it’s advisable to pack up any supplies that would help you prevent bites, from repellents to insect nets for you to cover up doors, windows and awnings. Last but not least, make sure you pick detergents and cleaning supplies that aren’t harmful to nature, so your trip wouldn’t be at the expense of the environment.