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Steps To Picking Your Ideal Coffee Table

A living room without an occasional table is pretty much like a supermodel on a magazine cover without makeup. The living room makes no sense without its main item – the coffee table. Drinking coffee is one of the main reasons you spend so much time in it, isn’t it? Okay, one of the reasons.

Coffee Table

However, occasional tables are not just for living rooms. For instance, since I so much love having my morning coffee on the balcony while enjoying the chilly sunny weather, or in the silence of my bedroom while my man is still asleep, I have one in my bedroom and on my balcony. What can I say, I love coffee.

And since the occasional table is a much needed furniture element, picking the right one is more than important. The coffee table should blend with the rest of your room design both in terms of style and colour, and should be placed in the right spot so you feel comfortable while serving yourself a cup of coffee, tea or a glass of wine.

So, how to pick the right one?


Which room you need the occasional table for? Your bedroom? The balcony? Or for the large living room where your kids will run and play? If you need it for the space where kids spend a lot of time, go with a round one as it does not have sharp edges. And if you do not have children, pick anything you like that complements the room design.


I probably should have mentioned the material first, but having an occasional table of the best possible material in the wrong colour is just unacceptable. So, colour first. Whatever you decide to get, make sure it matches your furniture, your walls and the colour theme of the room décor. Imagine your interior is all beige and you place a black coffee table in the middle. Doesn’t make sense, does it?!


When it comes to choosing the ideal material for your new occasional table, you have several choices. You can find anything, from wood to plastic and metal, it all depends on the effect you want to achieve. You can achieve a sophisticated look by combining either brass or steel with glass. Whether oak, walnut or maple, wood in general will give your space more warmth and coziness.


By now, you have probably decided what style you prefer; contemporary, trendy, antique, vintage, formal or informal? If you want something to complement your country design for example, choose a rustic oak table. Similarly, opt for a round table if you want to give a touch of romance to your room.

There are more elements to pay attention to when you are picking a new coffee table, of course, but these few are the basic ones, and being careful about basics is a job half done.